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August 19, 1920

Thurs 19   warm & mostly cloudy   I finishd mowing my lawn & cut much with sickle   I also ground my sickle   I got mail at Noon   rcd a letter from Leslie & got 25c steak for dinner   at 2 pm we went to Chaut   some girls sang or cried   I harly knew which   very poor if singing & very poor cause if crying   a midle agd woman talkd on Russia & the women & children   a fair talk but I am little interested in Russian afairs   Bert Steninger talkd about buying my Zimerman House   I geathered up some grass & weeds   I cut & put in the Barn  we went to Chaut this eve   I felt rather bore[d] the whole eve   a Chicago boy livened things up some & a Mexican played well on his horn but 3 or 4 girls were bores to say the least

August 18, 1920

Wednesday August 18, 1920   Hazy   A very fine morning to work   I mowd some lawn & cut some with the sickle & stood the work well   I feel good   my back is much better  Joe Schrader called & Rupe brot us butter & buttermilk & brot our churn home   we went to chaut [Chautaugua] this eve & heard the same 3 girls trill & screech & tremble   seemed foolish   Congressman Royal C Johnson of S Dakota made a good talk   Mrs Hik Snider calld by fone & want me to hold the Zimerman house for them at $18 per mo soon as Zimermans vacate  I mowed the terrace & alley this eve

August 9, 1919

Sat 9   A comfortable Nice day   mostly clear   I dug 1 ½ bu potatos in the North patch   I shaved & took a bath   I got mail at Noon   letter from Maude   I got 25c Bacon   Mother went to WRC Pm   I read & went down town a while   depos Zimmerman Chk for 15,00   owe mor[e] rent for August   we shelled some beans in the Eve & while at supper Mrs C C Gardner called & asked us to go in their auto to Kalona to Chautaugua  we declined   tis quite cool & comfortable this eve

June 3, 1919

Tues 3   Cloudy warm damp & rainy   too wet for me to work   I got the mail at Noon   recd a letter from Leslie in Clermont   he is very busy & doing well   I got 3 boxes Strawberries   pd Topping 1,05   I got 25c Bacon   I paid my Electric for May 2,05   I went to Bank PM  Zimmerman pd rent for June $15   I cut 2 coupons off liberty bonds & depos $12 & 15 from Zimmerman   Mr Rupe took Supper with us & visited a while  half our lites wont lite   looks rainy to Nite

February 3, 1919

Monday February 3rd 1919   Long Beach Delmar   After a 3 days rain & gloomy dark weather the sun Shines bright & warm   a cool wind from North   I went to Barbers & got Shaved & shoes shined 20c   we wrote to Flemings Wanrus and Zimmermans   Sat on the sun parlor awhile & went with Mother to a corn Dr & pd $2 to have 4 corns removed   took dinner at Advent Caffatera   pd 75c &  mother got a mess of green beans and this PM she took them to Nellie with a big rool of white cloths Nora sent for Nellies use   I saw mother off then I went to a patriotic meeting near the pier Conducted by GAR & I gave my name reg [regiment]  & Co [company] for registry   a ymca secy spoke & tis well known how the ymca fot well & died for the country & this chap had done it all but he made a good speech   I met A Palmer & went with him to a Dr & he got a tonic for Nellie   I met mother when she came from Nellies & we took supper at the Delmar Cafe   30c for 2   sent some laundry away & I got black coat & blue pants from the presser  pd 1,50

November 18, 1918

Mon 18   Cooler NW wind but not freezing   we arose late but all feeling OK   a good feeling   Chap called wants to be married tomorrow   Willard went to call on some sick    PM we took a nice ride around the town & suburbs   I sent a card to Zimmerman about puttying windows   in the eve Judge Robart wife & daughter calld & spent a late eve   Willard made candy   we had apples   Mrs. “judge” had a mans voice when singing

October 2, 1918

Wednesday October 2 1918   An extra fine day   I got sweet corn for dinner & to feed to cow as most of it is too hard   I went down town early & took adv [advertisement] of my cow for sale to the Advance office & pd Werley 50c for 2 insertions   Mother churned 2 lbs very fine butter & I took H G Moore a small pail full as he helpd me correct errors in my property valuation when I bot $1600 govt Bonds last Sat  I got mail & came home at noon   PM I read awhile   Hull from the rendering plant called & I sold him old papers & magazines   he gave me chk 1,00 on Kalona bank   I carried all my wood just sawd & chopt & piled it handy to get   2 men called while I was milking to buy my cow   one of them Wilson a blacksmith here may buy her   I made a nice fire in the grate   Zimmerman called & I agreed to wait a month for Oct rent of $15   I left 2 ins policies with Lantz to have the Barns canceled

August 8, 1918

Thurs 8  Cloudy & cooler   comfortable   I mowed some lawn  the terrace &c & I cut some along East with my sickle & got a basket full of grass for my cow   I got sweet corn for dinner   I sawd a split limb off a plum tree & pulld a few weeds out of my turnips   they are faring badly   this hot dry weather mostly gone   I got the mail at noon   no particular news   Mrs Carter & her mother called   Zimmerman called & got 2 boards to fix his chicken yard   I dug out some water   grass tis growing fast it is quite a little cooler to nite

August 3, 1918

Saturday August 3rd 1918   A fine warm still day  I finishd digging potatos for this year & have 18 bu fine ones in the cellar  I got 17 to 20 ears sweet corn to cook & dry  I went for the mail near noon  Card from Leslie is located at Hospital in DC & we wrote to him & maild the letter this eve  Lavanda & Ellen calld this PM  I depos Zimmermans chk $15 & kept $5  I got 3 writing tablets & toilet paper at Wards  pd Bertha 50c  our forces are still driving the Germans & take Soissons[1] & many smaller towns  shaved 15c

[1] Soissons, an ancient town in France, was heavily bombed in the war; Wikipedia, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soissons

June 2, 1918

Tues 2   A fine warm day with thundr at diferent times & a light shower at noon   I worked at my barnyard bridge   put in all the Baptist ashes & a lot of stone at the ends & all our old cans & trash   the girls got mail   I hoed some in strawberries   I went down town PM & traded meal for corn flour & pd 20c got saleratus [sodium bicarbonte/baking soda] & crackers 35c Zimmerman gave chk 15,00 for July rent & I got his window screen to put wire on