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February 7, 1919

Fri 7  Cool & partly cloudy   wrote to Harriet   both feeling well   took breakfst in Delmar Cafe  20 c for both   I got a 3c paper & read awhile in the Parlor   recd letters from Fred Klockenteger & Emma Carr   Fred K has paid my GAR dues & mothers WRC dues   I got shaved  15c  a poor shave met A Palmer & gave him $5 to buy gasoline & he came to Hotel at 11 & mother went home with him   took Nellie candy   I took Min [Minnesota] library book back & went to Advent Cafe for dinner 38c   I wrote long on my Advance letter & then took jitney out to see Dear Nellie   she was not up today & grows weaker   recd letter from Nora & C C Gardner & roll of papers from Nora


January 3, 1919

Fri 3   frost & cool all day & clear   All the people are telling this the coldst spell   never saw any as cold   Allie came from down town & said we are all invited to joint installation of GAR post & WRC   (I had been invited before)   we all put on our best clothes & went   found a goodly assemblage  20 or more GAR & 65 to 75 WRC & all very friendly & social  had a good dinner   then Allie Mother & Nora left as Allie had a church business meeting   I staid to all the services & it was real good   I was asked to occupy the Chaplains Chair as he was absent   the WRC was especially interesting & the president asked me to make remarks which I did & came home 3 or 4 pm   Leslie faild to get home   a wrong with his auto   he phoned for money

December 21, 1918

Saturday December 21st 1918   at Isabels in G J Colo  [Grand Junction, Colorado]   Shortest day in the year   I am feeling fairly good this morning   Mother & I wrote to Fred Klockenteger & sent a check for $2 to pay our GAR & WRC dues   I took a bromo quinine tablet   I went to Sylvias PM & shaved   took a bath & put on clean clothes & aftr   I came back   mother went & Staid til aftr 9 in the eve   Isabel went to sing practice & I was here alone til aftr 8

June 1, 1918

Sat June 1  cooler partly haz  lt wsw wind   too wet to hoe   I piled some manure   Joe Albin came & brot the GAR WRC drum home   I got the mail at noon only the Hawkeye [newspaper]  Isabel pict a qt of fine strawberries for dinner  Johnson from Keota calld   he will reset our electric stove Monday   after dinner I took a bath   Marjorie went down town & got 2 lbs butter 45c raddish seed 85c   I gave her 1,00   Mother & Isabel pict a very extra fine lot of Strawberries for to day & Sunday & I hoed my early corn all over & it look fine   tis over 1 ft high  Tom Kirks in auto stopt this eve to see Isabel   this is a fine cool eve & it dont look a bit like rain the ground dried fast & was fair hoeing this eve

May 30, 1918

Thurs 30 damp warm foggy dark & cloudy in the morn but cleared   warm & fine SW wind & dried fast   Isabel helpd me put out 6 or 7 flags   E Bradford J Albin Ralf & Alfred Hull ate dinner here   I got the mail & E Bradford & J Albin came home with me   at one PM Mother Isabel & Ralf took Hulls horse & buggy & went to the Taylor Cemetery & put the KP flag & flowers on his [Vic]  grave I went to GAR Hall at one PM & marchd to the Baptist Church escorted by 25 of the gun club in Khaki & guns   we had fife & drumms   Rev Barker made a fair address   went to Wellman Cemetery & Mrs Turnipseed Pres WRC read Lincolns G [Gettysburg] address   I then went to Wassonville Cemetery & put flags & flowers on a few graves   rode with Art Dodds   Amos Hulls wife here to supper

May 29, 1918

Wed 29 Warm & rain a little AM sunny PM   It rained much last nite & Evrything is wet wet   I piled some manure   I got the mail at noon & bot 2 boxs strawberries pd 50c   I got hair cut & shave by Amos Hull   it cost 50c Isabel & Marjorie take supper at Amos Hulls   I went down town aftr dinner & got cheese 25c & crackers 25c 1 box strawberries 25c   I finished mowing all my lawn & it looks well   Mrs Turnipseed Pres WRC calld to talk over Decoration program & concluded to decorate Wellman Cemetery instead of Wassonville as has allways been the custom   I recd a large box containing a flag & flowers from the Elk lodge for the grave of our dear boy Vic   god bless his memory

May 26, 1918

Sunday May 26th 1918   partly cloudy & warm   Sultry   looks & feels like rain   mother fell down the cellar steps yester & to day she is quite lame   I drest & at 10-30 went to the Hall & GAR   7 GAR marchd with the WRC to the Baptist Church & listened to Rev Dewey in his memorial Sermon which was real good & a large attendance   Mother went to the church & after dinner we heard Rash Hull died in CR & I went down town to find out about it but I found out nothing & came home & was called to the fone & it was Isabel at Hulls   came from Colorado & got with Hulls at CR & Rach came home is very poorly, but not dead   in an hour or so Isabel Marjorie & Ralf cam & we were glad to see them   Ralf & Marjory only staid an hour & went back to Hulls   Isabel will stay here at least to nite   tis very warm & muggy this eve   I went down & Engaged Ed Goodwin to take us to the Taylor cemetery to fix the graves in the morning & then we sat on the porch awhile & visited with Isabel