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July 9, 1919

Wed 9   Warmer  S wind   Germans signed Peace   I carried all pea brush to the alley & hoed over the ground & removed some weeds   I got mail at Noon   I got pork & liver 33c   Rupes called this evening.


December 5, 1918

Thursday December 5th 1918  At Sylvia’s in Grand Junction  quite cool this morning but moderated & I feel much better & slept well in Sylvias extra good bed  I was ready for Sylvias good pancakes   I took a walk this am & read the papers of which Jap takes 3 dailies   I read this morn Pres Willson left yester for France to attend the peace party & met 2 ship loads of troops returning from Over sea   Mother sent a card to Ray Green at Denver

November 11, 1918

The end of World War I — Isaac described the events in two separate journal entries.

We were here at Olathe when the Armistice was signed & by previous arrangement the fire siren let go at 1-30 the morn of 11 Nov    Rev Deyoe & his good wife jumped out of bed & soon the big bell of the ME Church joined in the chorus & the bdg [building] it self was a blaze of electricity from the basement to the highest steeple & pandemonium broke loose later in the day   the Kaiser was hung in effigy & shot full of holes at $ a shot & the money given to the red cross & he was finally burned 

Mon 11th   cooler  clear a fine day   we were awakened at 2 oclock this morning by the fire siren loud & long ringing of bells & blowing of whistles celebrating the news of peace   Willard rang the church bell  Harriet also went down town   I thot [thought] of my Dr. Boy Leslie & wonder where he is & if he too joined in the peace jubilee   I sent him a card this pm to Hoboken New Jersey   we went down town PM in Olathe & many were there   the town was like 4 of July flags drums & one old chap had his fiddle & in place of fife played with the drums  Kaiser [Wilhelm II] [1] & Hindenburg  [2] were hung in effigy & later burned   many speechs were made & later a cash donation was taken for a soldiers monument in the park   Subscriptions were liberal   I got 10 post cards

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilhelm_II,_German_Emperor

[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_von_Hindenburg

November 6, 1918

Wed 6   in Olathe at Harriets   warm & cloudy   Slept   had 9 oclock breakfast   extra good  pancakes &c   Harriet surely has a fine home   she is the only child of mine that has a finer more comfortable home than father & mother   I never ate & slept in as nice a home   I rode with Willard several times as he attend to his pastoral duties   he has a fine new Lexington car & is very busy   it rained a shower at noon & is warm & looks much like rain   we went to a war meeting to nite in ME Church & heard a man who claimed to be from over there tell some wonderful stories   he was working for a 2 million [dollar] drive for 17 diferent organizations & in my estimation told many lies & was long winded

November 4, 1918

Mon 4  in Corydon at Johns   A very fine morning   I took a dose of salts & have little appetite   John & I went for mail 3 times & I was disappointed in receiving no letter from Leslie   we got word Hervey Carris died Sat Nov 2 & Roy calld   going to the funeral   war news to day was favorable   I got mother a hair net 10c   John & I called awhile at Elias Scales office   I engaged a taxi to call tomorrow 10 min to 12 am & take us to the depot to go to Kansas City & to Harriets in Olathe Kansas

November 3, 1918

Sun 3   A beautiful morning   bright & clear but at 8-30 clouded over dark & looks cold & stormy but soon cleared & was a fine day   NW wind  visitors came   18 here for dinner   Roys  Freds  Walters & we had a good visit   before sun down all went home   we were glad to See Roys again before we moove on   John & I went to the PO this eve   got a Desmoines paper   war news not important   John & I went to church this eve   the rev read his sermon & it was uninteresting

November 2, 1918

Saturday November 2 1918   Corydon at Johns   A beautiful morning   we slept well last nite & arose at 7 this morn   John & I went down town near noon   no mail   we met Roy   he had his auto truck   helpin a Nabor haul coal   we went down again in eve & got a paper   war news still favorable  Austria & Turkey both sueing for peace   George Brewer Called & spent the eve   a social evening