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September 21, 1922

Thursday September 21st 1922   A fine warm Sunny morn   we arose aftr 7   Both well & this is the 57th anniversary of our Marriage & we are truly thankful for the many Blessings that have come to us in our long & happy weded life & chief among all our blessing is good health & the big family of good capable children we have raised   how often in the long years past I have been proud of my 6 good girls  Now only 5 are left   C C Gardners asked us to go with them to the Lexington yearly home coming & we are glad to go & had a very Nice ride & arrived at Lex 11-30 & met comrades & old friends   I pd for 4 dinner tickets 1,60 &   we enjoyed a most excellent dinner in the Basement of the Church & many handsome healthy smiling farmer women waited table & Kindly seen to it that each & all were fully fed   after dinner I calld at the Dr Gardiner home close by & wrote a letter to J Z Benson asst adgt genl [Assistant Adjudant General] gar Des moines for 6 identification papers for different gar & wrc   an auction was held   a Mr McNurlen of Keota sold Squashes mellon apples  all good prices & went to the Lex Church home by J Flemings & Called at their fine farm home   her Sight is failing & she is growing feeble  Gardner & I went to Depot & I telegrapht to J Z Benson Des moines for the papers & I didn’t send the letter  I pd 35c for message  Mother made 14 qts of grape juice yesterday

June 21, 1922

Wednesday June 21st 1922   A very fine still day & I am improving   I dug our first New potatos   they are small   a good rain is what they Need   I shaved   Mrs Lewis Gardner Called   I cut with Sickle in the alley   I got mail aftr dinner   letters from Leslie & Harriet   Ellsworth Palmer called PM & got Garag Key   his auto in our garage all winter   I took 3 books to the library & got 2   this is the second day of the State encampmt in Ioa City of gar & wrc   I don’t feel able  Nor have much desire to attend

May 28, 1922

Sun 28   A very fine Sunshine morning & this my 86 Birth day & I am very thankful that everything is as well with me as it is  my health is fair considering my age & I have No Complaint   we arose at 7 & after breakfst I called up 3 gar & requested them to meet with WRC at the Hall at 10-30 & march to the Baptist Church for the memorial sermon  we drest for Sunday   at 10-10 Mother & I went to the Hall & met WRC & Near 10-30 [there were] 6 gar & the wrc the Legion & Auxilery girl & boy scouts 1 Spanish war [veteran]   we all marchd to the Baptist Church & it was full &   Rev Moore made a good talk

November 14, 1921

Isaac wrote to the Chairman of the Parole Board on behalf of his son, David. This was in response to a suggestion by Isaac’s son, Dr. Leslie Carr, who had recently visited his brother at the Stillwater prison. Leslie thought it might help shorten David’s confinement if Isaac shared David’s family background. 

Nov 14, 1921 – C. J. Swendsen, Chairman, Parole Board, St. Paul, Minnesota 

Dear Sir, 

I take the liberty to write to you concerning my son D A Carr now confined in Stilwater prison No 6621.  My youngest child Dr. Carr from Clermont Ia [Iowa]  called on you lately and he wrote me that it might help shorten David’s confinement for me to tell you just about the kind of family we are. 

I have allways been a farmer now retired.  I am 85 years old last may and my wife 75  we have raised a family of 10 children  2 have died and D A is the only one ever accused of any crime or misdemeanor.  I never sued a man and never was sued.  We are members of the M E Church W. D. Moore pastor.  I have been a church trustee many years.  I served near 4 years in the Civil War 2 enlistments.  I have 2 honorable discharges.  I served the whole time in Co F 11 Ia infty 3rd Brig 4 Divis 17 AC army Tennessee.  Was in the Battles of Shiloh Corinth Vicksburg Atlanta and many skirmishes.  I marched with Sherman to the sea up thru the Carolinas to Wasn [Washington] DC.  took part grandest of all grand reviews May 24, 1865.  Mustered out at Louisville and discharged at Davenport last of July 1865.  

I have no hospital record always ready for duty  slightly wounded twice and a member of Ed Hamlin Post 112 dpt of Iowa GAR.  Wife and 3 girls are WRC.  I have been commander of the post 20 odd years reelected year after year.  I gave D A as good education as our circumstances admitted.  He speaks reads and writes german fluently tho there is no german blood in our veins.  We are of scotch irish descent.  I have 6 sons in law of whom I am proud.  None use tobacco or have ever drank intoxicants.  2 are preachers all are church members and Dave tho not a church member has due respect for Christian religion.  Uses no tobacco and is strictly prohibition and when he is free I am sure he will be law abiding and a useful man generally.  We will be glad to have him come right home and I wil bind myself in any bond that he wil never again deserve a pris [prison?] punishment.  You are strictly honest and upright or you wouldn’t hold the office you do.  The laws must be upheld when your conscience tells you.  Dave has been punished enuf.  Kindly use your influence to send him home to his aged parents Brothers & Sisters and may heaven Bless you is our prayer. 

I. N. Carr

 Note: David would not be released from prison until March 1922.

May 29, 1921

Sunday May 29 1921   Warm and clear   I went to meat shop & got Spare ribs & we drest for Church   Mother & I went to the Hall & marchd to M E church with WRC & heard a good Memorial day Sermon by Rev Dewey   Rev Adam Schwimley made an impressive prayer   home by 12 & thermometer at 90   we heard Ike Young dropt dead yester at his home N of Keota   we pict a lot of flowers for our graves tomorrow   mostly Roses

December 28, 1919

Sun 28 Dark Cloudy damp mist we arose late & had biscuits for breakfst Harriet Willard & Paul went to SS [Sunday School] & I washed my feet & put on clean clothes & at 11 we all went to church & Willard preachd a good sermon on Eternity then Dave went with Harriet & W to a short funeral service & mother Roy Paul & I came home we had dinner at 1-30 & at 3-PM Roy & I went with Willard to the GAR Hall to memorial services for GAR & WRC who died the past year & Willard made an address I met many Comrades & WRC

August 9, 1919

Sat 9   A comfortable Nice day   mostly clear   I dug 1 ½ bu potatos in the North patch   I shaved & took a bath   I got mail at Noon   letter from Maude   I got 25c Bacon   Mother went to WRC Pm   I read & went down town a while   depos Zimmerman Chk for 15,00   owe mor[e] rent for August   we shelled some beans in the Eve & while at supper Mrs C C Gardner called & asked us to go in their auto to Kalona to Chautaugua  we declined   tis quite cool & comfortable this eve