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November 19, 1918

Tues 19  Cool a Fine sunny morning  Arose at 7  I took a dose of salts  Harriet & Willard are washing  I am reading the morning paper  reconstruction in Europe going on fast & satisfactory  at 3 PM  a couple came unateded [unattended] to be married Allen Eastland & [Miss] Dunham age 18 & 21  Willard soon tied the knot & recd $5  gave them an engraved certificate  we congratulated them & they Embarked on the matrimonial sea for better or worse  I went with Willard to enquire after several cases of influenza  found all improving but one  we took Mother & Harriet to call on Mrs. Woodberry  recd Advance & letters from Nora & Sylvia  I went with W to engag Andrew Jackson  colored to work tomorrow

November 13, 1918

Wed 13   A very fine day   this AM we got the 3rd Wellman Advance of Nov 7   will soon know it by heart   I went with Willard   several short rides  a lady Mrs Kirkpatrick called & wanted to meet mother & I   an old soldier of 11 Kas [11th Kansas Infantry] I met down town a Mr Fenn told her we were here   I sent a card to Leslie  Hoboken NJ

October 26, 1918

Saturday October 26 1918   Dark foggy misty drizzly all day   I went to the mail box & got mail   letter from Dave & Roys got the Advance [Wellman newspaper]  Andy Moore Cloyd Adams [son of Ira & Ida Adams, born November 1899], and others have died since we left   Roy & Arden got 2 loads of corn for the hogs   Mother was sick all AM but is better this eve

October 17, 1918

Thurs 17   A very fine sunny warm da & I have felt sneezy water eyed & feel like taking cold   have a sore place in my throat & neck but a fair appetite   I looked around some to get a load of cobs hauled from Siglers farm but didn’t make it   I got the mail at noon   letter from Sloan SE [South English, Keokuk County, Iowa]   he will make foundation for our monument next mon   I phoned him this pm  Mr Dutton called to buy my Shiller house   wanted me to take govt Bonds  we didn’t trade   I went down town PM & heard Agnes Topping died of influenza at 2,30 PM   A bright pleasant healthy little girl   she will be greatly missed & her mother will be lonely   I carried a large fern in a pot to Florilla Longwell & I pd her 40c that she had pd for me on Strawberries  I pd D Kirkpatrick our PM [postmaster] 35c for PO box to Apr 1st 1919 & I pd Editor Coffey for the Advance to Jan 1st 1920   I soakd my feet in hot water & drank hot lemonade & went to bed 9-15

October 16, 1915

In Clermont Oct 16 1915 Sat [Saturday] Cool & Cloudy   I got Shaved & went to see the work on the river & then Leslie & I went in his Auto to see gravel beds   they were removing dirt with a big electrically worked scraper carried on a big Steel cable   I feel dizzy at times   we recd letter from Isabel   card from Vic & the Advance [Wellman newspaper] with act [account] of Mrs Fetrows death[1] & act of my meet with Ioa City man wanting damages from me for Teets cow abusing him in my pasture  Leslie made 2 calls to nite & Some office calls   we past a pleasant Eve   I bot apples twice for 10c & then pie for 60c & got to bed at 10 oclock

[1] Ancestry.com, “Iowa, Deaths and Burials, 1850-1990”, Mary J. (Pannebecker) Fetrow, born October 31, 1842, Pennsylvania, died October 14, 1915 in Wellman, Washington County, Iowa.

December 17, 1912

Tues 17 dark cloudy cool SW wind I chopt very little wood in the alley & I wrote an account of our day Spent last Thurs the 12th at Henry Fosters & took it to the Advance office Vic has gone to Washington with V Siglers auto to bring Vernon out I wrote to Maude at Idaho falls Idaho & Sent her draft for $6 Christmas gift for her & Carrol I drew 5 from bank & $6 draft $11 in all Dave & Harvey here this Eve & we had oysters for Supper F. Arthur came this morning & fixt light plant & took Smoke pipe off the furnace & cleaned it & took cold air pipe off & got Mothers cuff button & 2 whips Carrol had probably poked down