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April 10, 1919

Thurs 10   Arose Early in Muscatine   Paid our bill $2,00 at the hotel & soon took the train for Wellman   a dull cool cloudy day   we arrived nearly on time at 10-30 & Dr Gardner was at the train & asked us to their home for dinner & of course we gladly accepted   we had eaten no breakfast & Mrs Gardners dinner was exceptionally good & we appreciated the kindness   first we came home & started 3 fires   found things all as we left them near 6 mos ago only mice had got in & made some havoc but Lavanda had got some traps & had caught the most of them with Mr & Mrs Rupe to help   Mr Rupe also invited us to dinner & we were sorry we couldn’t accept both invitations   after visiting with Gardners & reading a letter from Leslie in Desmoines we came home & oh how we missed our dear boy Vic   he allways met us at the train but he is gone never to return   we will allways cherish his memory   I bot bread meat tea coffee flour & Frank Arthur had put our plumbing in shape & we are glad to be at home once more


September 21, 1918

Saturday Sept 21st   A very fine cool day   quite a frost   this is our 53rd wedding anniversary   how fast time flies & how thankful I am that we are both well & have plenty to live on but oh how we do miss our dear boy Vic I think of him many times evry day   I got sweet corn for dinner & mother took Mrs Ruby a mess [of corn]   Bert Steninger calld to rent my Shiller House & Frank Adams & wife calld but mother had gone down town & they didn’t stay long but [mother] came home soon after they left.

August 20, 1918

Tues 20   A fine warm sunny day   we went in Ollies car to the Taylor Cemetery & I cut grass & weeds & put flowers on all our graves & I thot much of my dear boy Vic   we then went to Rach Hulls   he is very sick & wil die   he is very low   got meat for dinner 40c   aftr dinner Virl & McGuire girl went to young Seth Carris   we all went to Chantaugua this eve & the whole program was simple dull & uninteresting & I was disgusted with the whole thing   A manager was present & made a talk & tried to get people to pledge themselves to a Chan [Chantaugua?] for next year  Tom OFlaherty tried to get signers to that effect   he got 3   I maild letter to Leslie

August 4, 1918

Sun 4  A very warm day  100 deg in the well house   Mother & I went to the Baptist Church   Many present   no preaching at M E Church   3 were baptized by immersion & a good sermon by Rev Dewy   Mother & I took little comfort   we set around PM & talked about our dear boy Vic & about making over my will   not pleasant contemplations & the heat was oppressive even at dark   as we sat on the east porch we took little comfort   Mr & Mrs Rupe called awhile at sun down

July 13, 1918

Sat 13  A very fine comfortable da   we went Early Roy Leslie & I went to the Taylor Cemetery & fixt Vic’s grave & leveled all the dirt  we then went to the Wellman Cemetery to see how graves were fixt   aftr dinner I went down town & got beef 9 1/2c coffee 60c & for dinner I bot 50c ham & 10c weneys  I dug a bucket of new potatos   old ones all gone   I gave Roy $10 to help him home   Dave Roy & Leslie went to see Rach Hull & later Effie & Rach called an hour & I rode down town with them & got shaved

June 15, 1918

Sat 15   A comfortable mostly clear da   I mowed some lawn   we have pict the last strawberries & how I shall miss them but from earliest to latest I guess I have had my share  the girls got the mail at noon & i recd a letter from Mapelthorpe wanting pay that Vic owed at the clothing store   poor dear vic   he has paid all his debts with his life   when will this cease   I cut a coupon off 2nd liberty loan & drew 8,75 intrest   Sylvia pd me 1,50 for Vic’s picture Leslie sent   I went down town PM & got beef to boil 1,05 oleo 2 lbs 68c   I got shaved 15c   E Bradford called on the porch eve   Ralf & Marjorie came to stay over Sunday I suppose   I met Rach Hull in the barber shop   he is very very poorly & weak not long for this world   the eve train came on time the first for a week or more

June 14, 1918

Friday June 14th 1918   A fine warm day mostly clear   I made a good picket fence in the alley where the barn stood at Zimmermans   Esther Carr went away on the train at noon   we 6 of us wrote to Leslie in Clermont   Joe Albion called & got the gas drum   Shultz from Washington with a Lawyer Wilson called with a note for $275,00 Signed by my dear misguided boy Vic & wanted me to pay it & they threatened me with legal proceedings & they evidently will make me all the trouble they can   even when I might become reconciled to the loss of my dear boy something occurs to deepen the gloom in my old age