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September 21, 1919

Sun 21  Cool cloudy & misty  Our 54 Anniversary  we arose late at 8 & it rained most of last nite tho not hard  we went to church am & took umbrella for all the time it lookd dark & threatning  I got a book from My dear Boy Vic’s room this morning  a history of the burning of Iroquois theatre Dec 30, 1903 in Chicago  3 girls came to borrow ancient clothes to tog up for hard time party [1]  this has been a gloomey lonesome day  Mother called at Florilla Longwells  I gave Crosset boys a string to fix their home made auto

[1] A Hard Times Party was described in a newspaper article in The Waupaca Republican, dated February 19, 1897, see: http://www.mainstreet-marketplace.com/pages/Misc/party,%20hard%20times.htm


August 8, 1919

Friday August 8, 1919   Mostly cloudy   I dug 2 bu potatos & finishd the south patch   I got mail at Noon   letter from Isabel   she is real well   I gave Enos Miller a chk for 3,50 for My Dear boy Vic   we wrote to Leslie in Clermont   I was down town awhile Pm & we sat on the porch   After watering the flowers Mother pulled some beans in the barnyard & we are drying them on the walk

July 26, 1919

Sat 26   Another warm da   South hot wind   we arose late   Mrs McConel called to buy ½ bu potatoes   I dug & took them to her at 2,50 per bu  to apply on our milk bill   I borrowed Aggsons razor oil stone & Sharpd my razor & Shaved   I got mail Noon & 10c salt   card from Harriet & Corydon  also 2 Dunns[1] from Dr Braden for 3,50 for seeing my Dear Boy Vic after he shot himself 18 Mar 1918   I will refer this acct to my Dr boy Leslie & pay it if he says I ought   Mrs Aggson  brot us apple pie & her & Mother went down town to trade PM & a boy brot a package from K Bakers store  Rupes came over & we sat on the porch & visited til 10 oclock

[1] Notices from Dr. Braden for payment of a debt, www.dictionary.com.

May 30, 1919

Fri 30  Decoration day   a fine warm da  90 at the well house 3 PM   I was very poorly all last nite   my head hurt   was a little sick & had Slight Diarhea   I got up late  ate no breakfst   took a light dose of Salts   near Eleven I went & got Shaved at Hulls   I had no money   the Bank is closed & I got trusted   I got mail   a Birth da card from Sylvia   I ate a lite dinner & mother heard Roy has Sold his 280 acre in Wayne Co   no particulars   I heard fife & drum while down town but it failed to awaken in me the usual life & patriotic feeling   Mother got Mr Rupe to take her Early to the Taylor Cemetery & She put the Elk flowers on Dear Vic,s grave   PM mother went to M E Church to Decoration day exercise   I am home alone & poorly   the first time I have taken no part in decoration day exercises  WRC ladies called early for me to go & help them decorate with flags & flower the graves at Wassonville   I couldn’t go   Dr & Mrs Gardner called a little while this Eve but were hurried off as it thundered & sprinkled & the Dr had a newly painted car

May 29, 1919

Thursday May 29 1919   A very fine dry day   we wrote to Leslie & I maild the letter when I got mail at Noon   3 Birth day cards from Dr Gardners  letter from a Mrs Cooper Grinell wanting Willard & Harriets address   I sent it   I phoned Marble man Sloan at S English about Vics stone & I got 3 boxs extra fine Strawberries 35 [cents] box   PM Agson took us to Taylor Cemetery & I mowed grass & weeds off the graves & mother put flowers on & we went to Wellman Cemetery awhile & this eve Lindsey brot a large box of flowers from Elks for Dear Boy Vics grave & Lindsay Staid quite a while   Harriet sent me a fine Birth day greeting in a frame

April 10, 1919

Thurs 10   Arose Early in Muscatine   Paid our bill $2,00 at the hotel & soon took the train for Wellman   a dull cool cloudy day   we arrived nearly on time at 10-30 & Dr Gardner was at the train & asked us to their home for dinner & of course we gladly accepted   we had eaten no breakfast & Mrs Gardners dinner was exceptionally good & we appreciated the kindness   first we came home & started 3 fires   found things all as we left them near 6 mos ago only mice had got in & made some havoc but Lavanda had got some traps & had caught the most of them with Mr & Mrs Rupe to help   Mr Rupe also invited us to dinner & we were sorry we couldn’t accept both invitations   after visiting with Gardners & reading a letter from Leslie in Desmoines we came home & oh how we missed our dear boy Vic   he allways met us at the train but he is gone never to return   we will allways cherish his memory   I bot bread meat tea coffee flour & Frank Arthur had put our plumbing in shape & we are glad to be at home once more

September 21, 1918

Saturday Sept 21st   A very fine cool day   quite a frost   this is our 53rd wedding anniversary   how fast time flies & how thankful I am that we are both well & have plenty to live on but oh how we do miss our dear boy Vic I think of him many times evry day   I got sweet corn for dinner & mother took Mrs Ruby a mess [of corn]   Bert Steninger calld to rent my Shiller House & Frank Adams & wife calld but mother had gone down town & they didn’t stay long but [mother] came home soon after they left.