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January 6, 1900

Saturday Jan 6  Warm Cloudy misty thawing  I wheeled out much manure for lawn & one tree & terrace  Dave T[aylor] G Sigler Vic Carris all here for dinner & fed Siglers & Carris horses  Roy Called & took away Calf  is to pay me $4 when he sells oats  he brought 2 ½ butter & I paid him 85c  Mart Slocum came this Eve to get lodging & supper

April 10, 1898

Sunday Apr 10  Easter Sunday  a nice cool dry day  We went according to turn as usual to our annual Easter dinner to Joe Englands  we had a good dinner but I have Enjoyed myself better than I did to day  Vic Carris & wife were there  I took Nellie Vic & Joe  we came home early to Chore

March 26, 1898

Sat Mar 26  Warm cloudy misty damp South wind  I mixed 2 bu clover & 2 bu timothy & Roy commenced sowing it on oats sowed this East of the orchard  I let him have 3 horses & harness  in the PM I helped Harve husk 5 Shox of yellow Corn & I fixed some hog pasture fence  PM I went to Nira to Horse meeting  took cobs & kindling & made a fire in the Hall & Swept it out  nice & clean  we had a good meeting  I spoke to Vic Carris to pay me some interest  he said he couldn’t do it but made fair promises  he now owes me 25 months intrest on $600  Harve has worked 174 days & drew 39,30  bottle Vaseline ointment  Roda & Red 2 more Calves  letter from Mag Sylvia has a baby girl [Leila M. Green]

September 24, 1897

Friday Sept 24  A dry warm day  Allie Nora Mother & I went to Joe Englands visiting by invitation had a good dinner  off went Joe Allie & I to Vic Carris few minutes & then Came home  both hands cut corn  I tied some corn sax in the morning  Bell rode Jim to School  I tied up some yellow seed corn

December 11, 1896

Friday Dec 11  A very Extra fine Sunny day  we arose Early & the hands soon got to Sawing wood & I stayed with them most of the time & we made it go finished by noon & I pad Carris’s $5 & paid Snider $2,25 & Sam $1,50 Vic Carris came to dinner & brought me $105,00 interest money from Hervey Carris  this comes very handy & Hervey is very prompt  the Dr & Holden came at 10 AM & Mag is no better  PM I went to Keota & brought Bell  I got Mag oranges pears & crackers but she has no apetite  Harve split some wood & chored  we have an extra fine pile of sawed wood to do the next year & lots of dry wood in the wood house

September 2, 1896

Wednesday Sept 2  A nice day  rained a little  Our School commenced   our Children went  Maude Nellie Vic & Joe Hattie foster teacher  Mag & I Harriet & Bell went to Vic Carris’s visiting & as usual had a real good visit  it rained a Small Shower PM & we borrowed Carris’s umbrella to come home  Harve & Sam cut corn  I did 2 rows this morning & 6 Shox sweet corn  the hands rode frank & tom to Wellman this Eve

June 20, 1896

Sat June 20  Warm Still & dry  Harve plowed corn west of the barn  finished the little piece 3rd time  I went to J Thomas’s quarry & got a big load of flat stone & I think that will finish the job  Roy & hand here haying & helped unload the big rock  after dinner we found the hay Carrier broke  I think Vic Carris broke it last fall  I went to Wellman & got it fixed  paid Lewis King 50c  I went to the Wellman bank & bought 5 Shares of Stock in that bank & gave H. S. Moore a time certificate for $800,00 on the Farmers Savings bank of Keota & King paid me Eight dollars due on the Certificate  I gave Moore my note for 300,00  6 months 7%  I paid for 5 Shares  the Capital Stock is $10000,00 & Surplus   Moore told me $12000,00 making the Stock worth what I paid $2,20 on the ___?___   I got shrewd   I have studied a good deal on buying this stock & I do really hope for my family’s sake it will prove a Safe & paying investment  Harve has worked 287 days & drew 98,70