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July 30, 1920

Fri 30   A warm sunny day   I got 17 ears sweet corn & our first ripe tomatos for dinner   I went over to Rupes & he will go to Goodwins for Blk berries   Jap & I Split some wood & I carried some down   Rupe brot us 2 boxes blkberries & I pd him 40c   we got mail at Noon   letter from Dave & I got good beef steak 60c  loaf bread 15c bonami 10c soda 10c   this pm thermometer reg 93 in wellhouse   Sylvia washd & irond 3 ties for me   we wrote to Leslie in Clermont


December 25, 1919

Thursday December 25th 1919 Christmas at Harriets Another dark cloudy dismal day & I am allowed the blest priveleg of spending another Christmas day with my Children Harriet & Willard Mother Dave Roy & Paul & we are sure having a merry Christmas & recd letters & cards from Florilla Longwell Sylvia Jap & Lois  card from Woodberries Hattie Darbyshire our Harriet is most sick & Willard & mother cookd the turkey & we had a most Splendid dinner which we all enjoyd & Harriet ate some & seems better & we all got many presents  I gave Each a $5 bill to Mother Harriet Willard Dave Roy & Paul one $  I got from Leslie an Electric warm pad & Hdkf from baby Lavanda  from Jap & Sylvia a Book & Hdkfs from  Dave a fir hat? & Hdkfs from Harriet & Willard  a very nice pr of grey dress Kid gloves  after dinner we visited & ate some apples in the eve & none wanted Supper  Mother & I went to bed after 9 Willard Dave & Roy visited til 10-30 or more

July 8, 1919

Tuesday July 8th 1919   Leslies 30th Birth day   Mostly Clear   I trimmed up some Sycamore limbs for Stove wood & cut with sickle along the alley & both sides of the grape Arbor & hoed some & pulled weeds in the potatos   I got the mail at Noon & 25c Bacon   letter from Leslie   card from Sylvia & one from Lois [of] Glenwood Springs Col   they are having an outing & Leslie is busy as ever & doing well   Mrs England & Lillian Carr called awhile PM

May 30, 1919

Fri 30  Decoration day   a fine warm da  90 at the well house 3 PM   I was very poorly all last nite   my head hurt   was a little sick & had Slight Diarhea   I got up late  ate no breakfst   took a light dose of Salts   near Eleven I went & got Shaved at Hulls   I had no money   the Bank is closed & I got trusted   I got mail   a Birth da card from Sylvia   I ate a lite dinner & mother heard Roy has Sold his 280 acre in Wayne Co   no particulars   I heard fife & drum while down town but it failed to awaken in me the usual life & patriotic feeling   Mother got Mr Rupe to take her Early to the Taylor Cemetery & She put the Elk flowers on Dear Vic,s grave   PM mother went to M E Church to Decoration day exercise   I am home alone & poorly   the first time I have taken no part in decoration day exercises  WRC ladies called early for me to go & help them decorate with flags & flower the graves at Wassonville   I couldn’t go   Dr & Mrs Gardner called a little while this Eve but were hurried off as it thundered & sprinkled & the Dr had a newly painted car

May 28, 1919

Wed 28 & my 83 Birth day   a fine warm day & I have failed much in the last year in strength & my eyesight has failed & my back has lately been lame & weak   Leslie has prescribed for me & my back is maybe a little better   on the whole I have got much to be thankful for & I wont complain   many are worse off   Mother & I planted 4 rows of shoe peg  Mrs Lindsey sweet corn seed soakd 19 hours   the ground is getting quite dry   I hoed som   got mail at noon   Birth da card from Sylvia   letter from Sec WRC Riverside with 6 certificates of identity for reduced fare on rr to CR [Cedar Rapids] to the dpt Encampmt   I signed & sent to Riverside   I was down town AM & Pm   this is a good corn day   Mother went to Missionary meet at the church PM   I wrote letter & thankd Dave for Birth da greeting

May 27, 1919

Tues 27   warm Hazy   good growing da   I hoed a row of beans & beets & raddishs & got the mail at Noon & 25c liver   I recd a Birth day card from Dave & a Shoe set brush & blacking complete for my 83 birth day gift  Dave rembers his parents better now than in his younger days & we appreciate his kindness   recd letter from John & Ellen asking us to visit them soon   John is very feeble   also letter from Leslie   he is busy as ever & has bot [bought] 106 acres of land at $83,25 an acre   good for Leslie   I cut some of my brush in the alley   Florilla Longwell & Sade T called to get tomato plants   Mrs P Ayers called   I helped Mother set tomatos and cabage   Flora Snider called & borrowed Extension ladder   Dalas Zimmerman called with a plant   good corn day

March 24, 1919

Mon 24   Warmer   Mostly cloudy pleasant   we are both well   took breakfst at Delmar 25c   I took a walk to the pier then read Hawkeye  letters from Dave Nora Allie & Willard   he is slowly gaining but had the flu real bad   Harriet came from Los angeles AM & we took dinner at ywca  pd 90c for 3   I went to pike & got 12 picture folders for 1,00 & sent on to each Willard Mrs Lindsey Allie Roy Isabel Nora Maude Mrs Doc G Sylvia Dave & Mrs England   I went to PO & got 15 1c stamps & 5 2c stamps pd 25c   I got an Eve paper 2c   we took Supper at Delmar Cafe   I pd 75c for 3   I sat in the mens room & talkd till near 8 when I came to our room & wrote & read