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November 14, 1923

In the “Wellman News” column published in the Iowa City Press-Citizen newspaper, dated November 14, 1923, the following was printed:

Mrs. I. N. Carr has sold her house to Mr. Tom O’Flaherty, the consideration being $4,500. Mr. Flaherty is to take possession on March 1st.  Mrs. Carr and her son, Roy, will come here from California to transact some business after which Mrs. Carr will return to the west to make her home with her children, all of whom reside there with the exception of one son, Dr. Leslie Carr of Clermont, Iowa.

Note: Two of Margaret’s daughters were not living in California yet.  Harriet Carr DeYoe lived in St. Francis, Kansas. Harriet would later move to Pomona, California after the death of her husband, Rev. J. Willard DeYoe, in 1927.   Sylvia Carr Green lived in Grand Junction, Colorado, but later moved to Orange County, California.


December 20, 1922

Wed 20   A nice clear moderate winter day   we arose at Sylvias aftr 8  slept well   I wrote to Roy Maude & Isabel & sent Christmas greetings 10,00 to Roy 6,00 to Isabel & 6,00 to Maude   I got Sylvia & Jap to change a 20,00 Bil   I have a poor appetite & feel poorly   I ate little dinner & less supper   we recd a pkg from Dave  will open it Christmas   I sent & got a tube of zink paste & mother doped my back this eve   my back in spots has burned & itched most of the day   I also put 2 one dollar bills in a letter Sylvia sent to Margaret Palmer   the Bills were for a Christmas greeting to Dear Nellies children

December 19, 1922

Tuesday December 19 1922   on the train & at Sylvias   Cold fine day   we arose at 8 at Leadville  12000 ft high & I feel very weak Short of Breath & poorly   we Stoptd 20 min for breakfst at Minturn [Colorado] & had an extra good meal   I pd 50c   Mother 1,00   at Glenwod Springs snow was less & altitude less & by 3 pm were Speeding along Headwaters of the Colorado or Grand river & Snow all gone   we arrivd in Grand Junction at 4 pm & found Sylvia & Jap & the 2 girls there to welcome us & we Surely was glad to see them & were soon at their Nice Comfortable Home & in due time a good Supper & then Jap went & got our Suit cases   we visited awhile & after 9 went to bed in an extra good Bed

March 23, 1922

Thursday March 23 1922   At the Delmar Long Beach Calif   fine Morn  we arose at 7-30   later than common & as we both have poor appetites we decide to dispense with breakfst   I addrest a letter to Maude   we are both well as comon   tis 9 am & we haven’t been down stairs   I also addrest a letter to Sylvia   we went to the Beach on the Pike   came back & had a phone call from Los A [Los Angeles] Gardners   askd us there to dinner & we accept with thanks   recd a card from Isabel   also a letter enclosing a US Bond intrest chk $31,85 & a letter from Dave   also letter from Sylvia   I walkd to Ocean Park to Market & bot 9 good Belflower apples for 10c   had dinner at the Advent 57c   Sat in the sun parlor   PM we took supper at Delmar 85c   we sat in the loby awhile & packd our Napsax

January 23, 1922

Monday January 23 1922   At Noras in Oakland   More moderate   we arose a little before 8   Nora & Allie washd   I wrote to Isabel in Pomona telling her we will leave here Next Thurs 26 & probably be in Los Angeles Fri Noon   we recd letters from Leslie in Clermont & from Sylvia  Mrs Marner Hila Foster & from Isabel  Mother is tieing a comfort[er] & Hila Foster wrote that Martha Capens Address is Atlanta GA USP Hospital No 48 care [of] Maj C W Williams   right aftr supper we drove acrost the estuary to Berkley & called on Max & then went to a lecture by Montreville Wood [1]   a good & interesting lecture combining Electricity the Gyroscope the Monorail Ultra violet rays with talks stories &c   was very interesting & we had front seats   home & to bed at Eleven   recd a letter from Dave in SW

[1] Montreville M. Wood, was a scientist and lecturer.  He has been associated with Thomas A. Edison, per The Arizona Republican, April 20, 1919, page 6.

January 12, 1922

Thurs 12   Clear Cool lt N wind   we arose at 7-30   I slept uncommon well last nite & ate a good breakfst of pancakes   I took a short walk before dinner   No mail   PM Allie went to Lodi 100 miles in his auto to conduct a funeral   Don went along   Mother went with Nora to a womans meeting & I am alone   we recd letters   2 from Dave in SW   1 from Maude & 1 from Ollie   wil send Daves letters to Maude & Sylvia   I took a long walk this Pm out NW towards SF Bay

January 2, 1922

Mon 2   Much clear Sky shows & bids fair to be a clear day   we arose on time feeling able for our pancakes   Mother & Sylvia are washing our few clothes to have them all clean for our journey Wednesday   we get no mail as this is taken for a holliday by Banks & mail   I wrote & sent a letter to Nora a card telling her to expect us Friday morning near 7 & I went to the PO this pm & maild card to Nora   I also wrote to Isaac Lindsey asst Pm [postmaster] in Wellman to forward our mail for 2 wks to Oakland then to Pomona   we ate some Nuts pear & apple & went to bed at 9-30   Jap took pocket knife to his office & sharpened it