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May 18, 1918

Bro [brother] Sam 80 birth day

Sat 18   Awoke in Ioa city feeling midling fair   washd & slickd up  paid $3 for our room   went to a restaurant & got a good breakfast   I took pancakes & strawberries   pd both 70c   we walked to RJ depot  met Barker Brown & he kindly carried both satchels to the depot & I bot 2 tickets to Wellman   pd 1,20 but the agt wanted 1,26   sent a card to Leslie   we came slow   a most beautiful warm pleasant morning & the sun shone nice   we arrived in Wellman near eleven am   I bot meat 25c 3 boxes strawberries 75c buns 10c   Mrs Rupe sent us pie cake cream & cornbread   we had a fine dinner & enjoyed it & our home so nice & pleasant & our garden looks extra fine but our dear boy Vic failed for the first time in many years to meet us at the depot & mostly with the auto   we will forget his faults & remember his many acts of Kindness   I Pd Croset boy 1,50 for taking Cow   Eve we set tomato plants

January 1, 1908 (Part I)

January 1st 1908  New years day & a very fine day  good Enough for any body & we had a nice new years dinner  Maude & Otto & Nellie & Warren here  the rest went to Rach Hulls  in the Eve I went down town awhile & got Some Salted P nuts 12 papers[?] 43c & later in the Eve a ladies club met here  the unity guild & we had a fine time  Speeches toasts & stories & light refreshments til the old year went out & the new came in  Vic & Some girls Sang good songs  I spoke on the unity guild & at 12-30 we all Separated feeling that we had Enjoyed the time 

I raised the past yr a good garden  plenty of green corn & 16 large Shox field corn  plenty of Sweet punkins & Squashes near 90 bu potatos  light crop Strawberries  few raspberries & few black berries 

Mother & I took a long trip longer than I Ever will undertake again  we Started July 11 & went to Yellowstone Park & thru the park 6 days  then we went to Portland  Stopped 3 days then on to Yoncalla Oregon Expecting to visit a week with my Brother Sam  imagine my Surprise & Sorrow to learn that he dropt dead in his barn the 6th of last feb  we went out to his place & Staid 2 days  his wife used us the best kind & gave me a handerchief a deer Skin nicely tanned & a pair of Spect [spectacles]  all these once were Sams & I value them very much  We are also much indebted to Sams daughter Allice & her husband for kind attentions while there & they went with us 35 miles on our way South  the trip failed to agree with me  I lay abed 2 days at Wayside Inn in Los angeles California & Came back via Sylvias in Grand Junction & Stopt 3 days  Sick most of the time & was very glad to get back to Iowa & home Aug 17 & found all well & I soon got well 

To be continued in the next post.

July 19, 1907

Friday July 19.  A nice day.  But rained early this morning.  Pulled weeds for the pigs.  Went down town early this morning and got meat to boil to make noodels .15c also got 1 doz egg .12  Pulled weeds on the hill this evening. 

[Isaac – July 19] Sunny most delightful day  aftr good breakfast  Started at 7-30 for trip  had a fine drive  Saw several deer & 2 Spoted fawns & took dinner at Swan lake Camp  I wrote to bro [brother] Sam[1] & to Isabel & mailed them at Gardner where we got mail from Vic Isabel & Nora  got Supper at Gardner  then took Cars to Livingston & put up at Hotel at 10 PM

[1] At this point in time, Isaac didn’t know that his brother had died back in February.  Isaac planned to see Sam when they arrived in Oregon.

July 18, 1907

July 18.  Looks like rain this morning but don’t think it will rain.  Pulled weeds for pigs and hoed some.  Bell went down to Jesse Gardners to day.  Bought meat .15 and pineapple .25 to day.  Finished reading my second book on Lincoln’s life.  I think they are fine and will start the third book to day.  Got two cards from the folks to day.  Also got the letter from Aunt Emma Carr saying Uncle Sam died the 6th of Feb.[1]

[Isaac]  July 18  a fine Sunny dry day  arose both feeling well  after a good breakfast Started for grand Kanas Camp  arrived AM & teams took us on farther to see the grand sights  we Enjoyed it  to camp for dinner PM we gave our driver 50c Each & he guides us to most magnificent scenery to very bottom of big falls by uncle toms Cabin  at camp 4 bears enlivened the Eve & 2 deer came  good fire in tent fire out side & [in] camp

[1] Samuel Carr (1838-1907), Isaac Newton Carr’s, younger brother.  Samuel and his second wife, Emmeline Cowan Carr lived in Douglas County, Oregon.

January 1, 1897

Another year has come and gone.  Here is Isaac’s year-end report for 1896.

Friday January 1st 1897  An extra fine warm pleasant day & no frost in the ground  Roy plowed all day over west & killed a large blue racer snake & it was quite lively & showed fight  Harve done the chores & split & piled some wood  Mag is getting slowly better & came down stairs to dinner  PM I went to Wellman & got a harness fixed  Converse Bradford paid me $75,00 intrest money & I Deposited $50,00 in the bank & paid W F Reed $6,55 renewal to the Advance [Wellman Advance newspaper] for myself & Harvey brothers Same & Delos & also the Cincinnatti Enquirer & weekly Interocean  I got a Key for my Hall lock at Palmers 5c  My horses broke a nek yoke Strap & I got a new one  I went to Amanda’s & She came home with me  we got home at dusk & found Mag feeling midling well  the roads dried fast & are getting good in places 

The past year has been probably the best corn year that we ever had in this neighborhood  I had 28 acres & it averaged 60 bu to the acre  Roy had most of the Hughbanks place in corn  equally as good & I have the barn Crib full & the crib out north full & a new crib west of the barn 80 ft long 11 ft high & 9 ft wide full  all of this nice Sound big eared white corn & I have some in rail pen & will probably buy enough to feed & not use any out of my cribs tis selling at 12 & 15c a bu & dull sale at that  Either the local or Shipping demand is slow  oats was a very poor crop  we had better left them in the field & not touched them  I have 600 bu of nice old oats & got 150 bu of poor rent oats  Roy raised 345 bu of nice full wheat on my place  I got 2/5 138 bu a little musty but sound & will make good pig slop  apples were an Excellent crop both in quantity & quality  we geathered at least 200 bu & left a big pile of windfalls out in the orchard to freeze & for the chickens  I buried about 12 or 15 bu to freeze  plenty of Squashes turnips punkins &c  a fair crop of raspberries & blk berries  no plums  our health has been good except the Sick Spell Mag is having now  Many are Complaining loudly of hard times  I have no reason to complain  prices of all farm produce never was so low  Collections are slow & men don’t want to pay their intrest  I have 5 Shares of Stock in the Wellman Savings bank all paid up worth $1135 & 3 Shares of Stock in the farmers savings bank of Keota worth $335  I am not making any money  am just trying to keep even & am thinking very hard about leaving my farm but don’t know what to do with the farm  however I feel that I must leave it some way before long  my farming days are about over  good bye 1896