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February 4, 1923

Sunday February 4 1923   I arose at 11 feeling very Poorly   Roy came & helpd me put on clean unders   Mother washd me face & feet   I had a long talk with mother how I want things fixt when I am gone & I feel I am going evry day   Dave came with Ralphs from Church   Warren P called   Dave & Row [may have meant Ruth, Dave’s wife] were here most of the Pm & I layd down & aftr 6 I ate a little soup   Amos & wife here til after 8


February 3, 1923

Sat 3   Cold morn but clear Sunny day   I arose before Eleven feeling Poorly   rested poor   I ate some Strawberries & Beef Soup for dinner   we heard John Romine Died 27 Jan   I gave Ralp 5,00 to get changd so I can pay Him 40 cents for 2 Box of strawberries    aftr dinner Dave Came & shaved me & brot me 2 boxes Strawberries   I gave Him 1,00   Amos wife & Roys [wife] came & stayed the eve   Dave gave me some Brandy   I took a dose

February 2, 1923

Fri 2   Cold bright & Sunny   I arose Near Eleven feeling very poorly   Max S called & gave Ralph a check on the American Bank & he brot me 35,00   I gave Isabel 15,00   I laid down awhile after dinner   Dave came awhile & aftr supper he & Roy came & stayed the eve   also Amos Hull & wife Ruth & others calld while I was laying down   I wrote to L E Wilkins of Belknap Iowa about $1100,00 intrest due Mar of Inst [instant] next