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December 6, 1912

Fri 6 Clear & cold NW wind it turned Cold last nite & Also very hard I got up at midnite & put down butry [?] window I had a good fire in the furnace & house warm all nite Wasson came early to work but failed to come back PM he worked 4 hours I piled some wood in the cellar & chored before dinner Harvey & Dave Carr [sons of Isaac] came from Minneapolis

David Arthur Carr and Harvey Taylor Carr
David Arthur Carr and Harvey Taylor CarrD

PM I went to post meeting no fire or warmth in the hall  6 of us met in the PO [Post Office] [Ezra] Bradford [Thomas] Chandler [Amos or Rufus] Whetstine [Tom] McReynolds & Mayer & [Isaac] Carr & we voted to disband the post  I was very Sorry to be a party to this Step but it had to come Sooner or later & might as well Come now  we were truly Sorry to Sever our relations with the WRC the best Corps in the State & they have upheld & Encouraged our post in a way to command the respect & admiration of evry member & I was authorized to convey to our Sister organization our thanks & appreciation of their many Kindness social & financial  farewell Ed Hamlin Post GAR for Ever


October 3, 1898

Monday Oct 3 A nice Cool day & Extra good roads we arose Early & Joe & I went to Washington drove to Walthers & Beamer Co & they loaded my furnace before dinner and I had Beamer draw up a heating contract and sign it Put up team and dinnered at Benz hotel Started home at 2 PM come by Wellman at dark left the furnace at the house Holden & Ike Bradford helped me un load it Also Rufus Whetstine who was here watering my lawn home after 8 & tired we posted some sale bills Also Willard

September 3, 1898

Saturday Sept 3 Mostly cloudy & Showers at 5 pm Harve & I went to Wellman & took dinner at Amanda’s & I paid her $2 for board to date H I Moore paid me $15 for excavating for Bank & 25c for a sewer pipe connection Whetstine & Goodwin helped us grade the yard & we are putting on the top dirt Mag went with us into Wellman & took dinner at Holdens Albert Taylor & Fred Henry put up my fineal on the tower & I am well pleased with it  it seems just suited to the tower the shower this Eve cheated us out of an hours work I paid Ed Goodwin $2 we got home at dusk Harve has worked 286 days & drew $128,50

June 6, 1898

Monday June 6  A warm growing day partly cloudy  I went to Wellman in the buggy & Harve hauled down a load of well rock in the wagon to level up the cellar wall  I saw Holden about building me a privy on my lots  I hauled my cellar window frames from Ruf Whetstines new house & put them in my barn  home at 10 am & wil built a pen in the shade for nine fating pigs  hoed some in the garden & other bush patches  about 3-30 PM Dave Cole came hungry & we gave him to eat & fed his poor blind horse  he had his out door camera along & took a picture of our house & a family group & went his way to Washington  I took my doc colt to Roy to work  he jumps out of the pasture & is not satisfied anywhere  I took Supper at Roys & cora gave me a big dish of nice Strawberries for my supper  I appreciated them much  we hitched the colt up with old Mae & Roy brought us home

June 6, 1897

Sunday, June 6  A real nice cool day  Several Army Comrades GAR came visiting  E Bradford & wife  Fred Klokenteger & wife John Romine & wife & girl & 2 kids  Rufus Whetstine & wife Jesse Longwell & wife & B H Taylor & wife not GAR  Also Roy & Cora  we had a most splendid visit & a good time  Harve still away