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February 21, 1923

Newspaper articles stated that Margaret’s sons, LeRoy and David, accompanied her on the journey back to Wellman, Iowa. They left California by train on Saturday, February 17th and arrived in Wellman three days later.

Isaac chose the following songs for his service.  His favorite, The Wonderful Country, was sung by Mrs. H. B. Knight.  A quartet, composed of Mrs. Nichols, Mrs. Knight, and Messrs. Huntsberger and Love, sang Will the Circle Be Unbroken and In the Sweet By and Bye.

Isaac asked his sons-in-law, Reverend Schwimley and Reverend DeYoe, to deliver the eulogies. They traced his life from birth to the end.  Isaac was warmly remembered by them for his home life, his service to his community and church, as well as in defense of his country during the Civil War years.

The funeral service took place in their Wellman home, also at Isaac’s request. Many floral arrangements and a silk flag were placed on his coffin. The funeral procession made its way to the Taylor cemetery where Isaac was laid to rest.


October 19, 1901

Sat Oct 19  A very Extra fine warm pleasant day  an Ideal day & we killed the last of the 8 roosters I got of Roy   Scrantons came from Roys & then went home  we had Rev Adam Schwimley here for dinner  he came from Ioa City with horse & buggy  we spent most of the PM having pictures taken  the artist Bruce Moomey came & took pictures of our house with all Standing on & near the porch & then we all went to the picture gallery & we had our family group of Eleven taken  6 girls 3 boys Mother & I & then our 5 Sons in law & Roy had their pictures taken in a group  I got 5 lbs of Beef & some Sausage for tomorrow   in the Eve we all Except Nora & Leslie & Vic went up to Amandas & Spent the Evening & Sylvia & Jap will Stay there all night


Note:  The above photo is on display at the Wellman Historical Society, Wellman, Washington County, Iowa.

Standing:  Harriet, Isabelle, Nora, Roy with Leslie in front of him, Maud, Nellie and Sylvia; Seated are Isaac, Margaret and Victor
Standing: Harriet, Isabelle, Nora, Roy with Leslie in front of him, Maud, Nellie and Sylvia; Seated are Isaac, Margaret and Victor

My thanks to Susan Turk Charles for sending me this family photo.


September 24, 1901

Tuesday September 24th 1901  pleasant warm & Sunny  Messenger & I worked all day at tile plumbing &c & he dug a tile drain north of kitchen & my bedroom & we will put tile in to carry off the Surface water of the north hill in a wet time  Craig & his man Weiser came & both worked all the AM putting iron pipe & Craig finished in the Eve & we got the ditches partly filled  I am very tired this Eve  I worked to long & too hard tho I havnt done much  we recd a letter from Mother & a Birth Card from Nora & Allie announcing the birth of a fine black headed boy named Leslie Carr Schwimley born yesterday about 9 AM  Mother & child doing well  I paid Messenger $1,25

September 21, 1899

Thursday September 21st 1899 Thirty four years ago to day Mag & I went to Washington in my two horse wagon with a board for Spring seat & were married by Judge B F Brown Alice Leighton Wolf & Sister Amanda & E Bradford went along & to day our daughter Bell was married to Ralph B Hull only relatives were present a most delightful day & all went off well W A Schwimley performed the marriage Ceremony & Willard Deyoe prayed & we had a fine dinner & the young folks got Several fine & appropriate presents Mother & I gave one hundred dollars in gold which I drew from the bank this morning I have taken five more Shares of Stock in the Wellman Savings bank & now have ten Shares worth $140,00 a share Rach Hull & Wife went home Early most of our guests Stayed later & Holden & Laura spent the Evening Jap went home about 9 in the Eve & left Sylvia & baby here Martin Scranton girl & boy will Stay all night

September 20, 1899

Wednesday Sept 20 An Extra fine Sunny Cool fall day Roys hand Frank brought one load of hay & the barn is nearly full Vic helped me mow it away Nora & Allie came on the 10-26 train this AM & little Max & he has improved wonderful & can walk Harriet & I met them at the train we had a big rooster for dinner & a boiled beef heart Willard DeYoe also Came across from Keota & he took our Organ all apart & Cleaned it & it now Sounds as nice as new PM Allie & I went down & got his & Noras trunk I bought 3 big watermellons for 25c & ½ bu Sweet potatos for 35c I got 3 lbs butter 54c Jap Green came in the Evening & he played second on the organ & I fiddled

September 30, 1897

Thurs Sept 30 dry warm dusty Nora & Al & Mother & I went by Keota Stopped a few minutes at DeYoes & at Sanders Store & went onto Windfield at 11-15 found Harriet & Willard Comfortably fixed & very glad to see us we took dinner with them & I left my team in livery barn & we took train for Winfield fare 1,90 for 2 one way arrived at Winfield at Sundown Sylvia & Jap at the Depot & glad to see us passed a very pleasant evening Mr Shearer called & wife & invited us all to T [tea?] tomorrow evening I paid Harve $7