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December 19, 1918

Thurs 19   at Isabels   A brite sunny cold frozen morn   Marjorie got a Nabers paper in the yard for me to read   we recd letters from Dave Roy & Allie Carris   all are well   we wrote to Nellie in Cal [California]   I sent her a draft for $8 her & children   also wrote to Roy in Promise City Ioa & sent him $9 for him & Kids   we had dinner a little early & Jap & Sylvia came in their auto   Ralf awoke & with us we all went to the Beet Sugar factory   a wonderful 2 acres of machinery where dirty frozen beets go in at one end & in 6 hrs emerge at the other end the very finest whitest granulated sugar   but steamy hot bad smelling disagreeable & I should say unhealthy work   we got back at 3 pm & I feel very poorly   the sugar factory did not agree with me at all


December 15, 1918

Sun 15   Another fine cool day & clear   I slept poorly last nite & my head dizzy & feel poorly all day   Isabel & Marjorie here all da & Ralf came in the eve   Harry Longwell wife & 3 daughter(s) son in law Keneipp   also Ed Thomas wife & 2 daughters came to dinner & spent the day   we knew these folks in Iowa & had not Seen them for years   we had a real good visit   visitors left soon after dark   to bed after 10

December 14, 1918

Sat 14   A nice cool air & clear   I feel midling well this morning   I shaved & at 10 am Mother & I walked to Isabels & spent the day   dinner & Supper extra good   I took a book but only read the papers   aftr Supper Leila & Lois came to return to Sylvias with us   Ralf visited awhile   ate dinner with us   we got home after 9

December 6, 1918

Fri 6   Cool dark cloudy damp   We all feel good   Jap went to work & about 10 we went to Isabels   5 or 6 blox away   She lives in a small neat frame house for which they pay $15 a month rent   Ralf sleeps day & works in the Beet Sugar factory nites   Isabel got us a fine extra good dinner & Ralf got up & ate & the 3 girls came from School   Jap came from his Dental office & we had a good visit & Staid to supper   as we came home to Sylvias it rained a little & froze on the walks making it slipry

December 4, 1918

Wed 4   cold   much snow & Mountains   we rested very poor   I am most sick   we ate no breakfast & at 11 am arrived in GJ & Jap Sylvia & Isabel met us at the train   I got drayman to take our trunk to Sylvias   pd 50c & we took street cars   Jap pd & we soon had a good dinner of which I ate sparing but am feeling better  I visited with my girls all the PM & Ralf came in the PM   he worked nites in the Beet Sugar factory   12 hrs a day 37 ½c an hour   Mother & I have been deprived of Sleep & rest 2 nites and went to bed earlier in an extra good bed   Sylvia has a good comfortable home & everything plenty & seems to want her parents to have the best she has   I sent a card to Harriet in Olathe

June 1, 1918

Mon June 1st   A very nice pleasant da  I took our wash to Carrie Ash   Ralf H started back to Grand Junction   Hulls took him to Washington in auto   I got the mail   I hoed some in the strawberries & I took the weeds all out of my late corn   I got 12 – 10 in tile in the park & Harry Taylor hauled them here & I placed to make a bridge in to my barnyard   I walked to the park twice & look at my fence acros the creek E&W   the hi water didnt take fence out entirely   I put our home policy lately renewd in my deposit box 5 yrs from Noon of 16 inst   I gave a note $200,00 to Geo Treischman to collect on P Livesy & Wm Livest [Livesy] & they want to pay it nxt Sept first

June 28, 1918

Fri 28  Warm & mostly clear   I tied up some grape vines & made another Cat hole in the barn house stable floor & now I think the cats can get under the barn all round   we all 4 wrote to Leslie in Clermont   Ralf got the mail by going the second time   him & Isabel are at Amos H for the nite I went to PO & maild 3 letters this PM & got 2 lb sugar 20c & salt 10c & mowed some lawn   Sylvia & her girls came from Keota this eve   I hoed a row of Navy beans