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January 28, 1923

Sun 28   Cool Clear & Sunny   Ralph Isabel & Marjorie went to Sunday School   Came home at Eleven   We were drest for Sunday & all went to Ontario to Maudes & had an Excellent dinner & some Idaho folks came & sayed [stayed] awhile & more Idaho folks came & the room is full   about 3 Palmers all came in 2 autos & brot Mrs Roup & Jennie Boyd  old Wellman Iowa friends & Nabers & we were sure glad to see them   they only stayed a short time   with callers all gone nice fire in the grate we past a very pleasant Eve   Maude gave me a cup of strong hot ginger tea & a hot iron to my feet as I have Symtoms of taking cold


January 27, 1923

Sat 27   Quite cool & frosty this morning  The sun shines Bright   we arose at 8  I feel fair  I finishd & mailed letters to Leslie   Mother & Isabel also wrote mail at noon   we got No letters   after a late dinner when Isabel gave me Straw Berries & very fine & ripe   I got Ralph to Send to Rice of NY for a double truss 14,00   we went down town   I got shaved 15 cents & met Dave & Roy   we had a good visit at Ralphs RE [real estate] office  they brot me home & stayed awhile   my 3 collars sent 2 wks came this eve 12 cts

January 26, 1923

At Isabels & Maudes

 Friday January 26 1923   Sun rose clear   we arose about 8   Isabel starts a nice gas fire in our room & brings us hot water to wash    my cold is better but I don’t feel good   I ate 2 pancakes   soon after 10 Ralph came home from land trip to Arizona   tis cold   don’t warm up fast   Roy & Dave called awhile after dinner   all but me went to school   Margaret P graduates    we gave her 2 silver dollars   I commenced a letter to Leslie   I gave Marjorie 50 cents

January 25, 1923

Thurs 25   Cool cloudy rainy   Peeps of the Sun   I arose before 8 feeling Poorly & rested Poorly thru the Nite but am thankful I am No worse  Carol went home this morn on the trolley   Mother & Isabel are quilting   Near noon Florence Hull came & spent the day   it rained by spells all day & as I am taking cold I was Not out of doors & took Aspirin & Small bitter heart Medicine   we have lookd a little for Ralph & Roy home from their Arizona land trip this eve   got mail after dinner & recd specks I sent for

January 24, 1923

Wed 24   Dark Damp & rainy    we arose before 8   I am Not feeling well   just after 8 Carrol came from Ontario & took Ralphs car & took Marjorie to school & will Bring Maude & Fred from Ontario for the days visit   Dave wil also Come    Rain don’t stop visiting in California   at 10 Maude Dave Carol & Fred K [Klockentager] came & spent the day & tho it rand [rained] most of the day & I feel poorly   yet we past a pleasant social day & all but Carol left for their homes   No letters

January 23, 1923

Isaac continued to write in his journal up to February 7, 1923, a week before he died.  As he grew weaker, his spelling suffered even more than normal.  Though he used a pencil, his handwriting was strong with firm strokes.  The remaining journal entries cover Isaac’s last weeks.

At Isabels & going to Daves 

Tuesday, January 23, 1923   Damp dark & rainy   We arose at 8   I feel poorly   I wrote to S H Huntsberger & Priced our Wellman Home to Jacob Gunden  5000,00 with carpets 3 stoves telephone &C [etc.]    about 9 Florence Hull came with her car & took us to Daves for dinner & visit   Ruth got us an excellent dinner with strawberry shortcake & cream    as I am not feeling well Ruth fixt me a bed & I took a sound nap & at 4 Florence came & took us back to Isabels & we have past a fine social day  Ralph & Roy with 2 other men started Early this morning to Arizona  300 ms [miles?] land viewing

March 1, 1922

Wednesday March 1st 1922   At Isabels in Pomona   Cool fair   we arose at 7 bright sunshine   I saw No frost   we ate a good breakfst of pancakes  I went out & got the morning paper & read awhile   after dinner we recd a letter from Dave   he is still hopeful of being at liberty this month   after dinner Alfred Hull came from Long Beach & Ralph went in Auto & brot his 2 suit cases & then we made another trip down town   the air has been quite cool all day   61 was the maximum temper[ature]   Near sunset Roy came to Isabels & Mother & I went home with him for a few days & we ate a good supper