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April 8, 1919

Tues 8   Harriets   Cool   a fine morning   I feel much better & Slept fair last nite & ate 6 good pan cakes this morning & at morning devotion I read 15 verses of the 57 psalm & read the morning papers how Pres [President] Wilson is about to bolt the peace conference   we took several rides in & around town & all ate a good dinner   Willard took his nabors to a funeral  it rained after supper & thundered & lightened & mother & Harriet went to a school play   Now I am up with my diary   wrote this May 25 after attending old Mr Lupes funeral with Mr & Mrs Pery Agers


December 13, 1918

Friday December 13 1918   At Sylvias in Colorado   Clear & cool   thawed some  I rested midling last nite & am maybe a little better to da   Jap got me some Strychnine pellets to take & some quinine bromo   I pd Jap 20c  President Wilson landed in France   I ate no breakfast & little dinner & less supper   Isabel came & staid 2 or 3 hours this pm   I ate a pear this pm one of some Mrs Stinson gave us   it tasted good   I attribute my dizziness & bad feeling to the high altitude   over 4600 ft

December 5, 1918

Thursday December 5th 1918  At Sylvia’s in Grand Junction  quite cool this morning but moderated & I feel much better & slept well in Sylvias extra good bed  I was ready for Sylvias good pancakes   I took a walk this am & read the papers of which Jap takes 3 dailies   I read this morn Pres Willson left yester for France to attend the peace party & met 2 ship loads of troops returning from Over sea   Mother sent a card to Ray Green at Denver