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May 31, 1921

Tuesday May 31 1921   warm & mostly clear   we arose a little early & had breakfst & Roy is hurrying getting his Auto loaded to Start to California   I wrote him a check on the Security Savings Bank for $5000,00 which I am lending him for 5 years   tis hardly probable that I will live to see it paid   Lillian & Mrs England called to see them off   also Perry Ayers & Mrs Roup   about 8 am they started on their long trip   the 3 children highly [excited] over the Prospect of camping & travel   I don’t envy Roy his trip with that woman of his   I got mail at Noon   No letters   I went to Nichols & tried on a fine dark suit & an extra pr of gray pants I had ordered   they fit well & I gave Nichols a check on Wellman Savings Bank for $60,00   aftr dinner at 12-30 Ed Jones our city Mayor & wife called in auto & took Mother & I SW 8 or 10 miles to the funeral of an Old friend Ike Young  preached at the home & buried at Keota   we met many of our old friends & acquaintances of former years   the day was ideal & we had a pleasant ride   Mrs Wm Carris rode with us from the cemetery & we Stoped at her home & had lemonade   reached home at 5  roads fine   a Nice Car & we appreciate the kindness of Mayor Jones  Rupe brot 2 boxs strawberries   I pd him 60c  Jay Nichols brot home my GAR coat I lent him to decorate his window


July 27, 1920

Tuesday July 27th 1920   Cool  Pleasant   A cool pleasant perfect day   I got 17 ears sweet corn for dinner & got 9 & mother took to Mrs Marner  Roys came from Ayers [1] & got things ready & soon after 8 they left for their home in Corydon   I have enjoyd our visit with Roy & shal miss him  Jap & I split some wood   I cant do much at it but my back is better than last spring   the wood is Elm hickory & oak & most of it splits good & is extra wood   Mrs Rupe brot us one box blackberries & I pd her 20c   took a ride to our old farm down the creek   fond memories   stopt at the old Leighton place & here memories of the long ago when I lived with Leightons & Steve Charlotte  faithful honest hard working   Charlotte & Marne & Allice & kind hearted Mr & Mrs Leighton   they were Father & Mother to me   the reality all gone   only a fond memory still lingers

[1] Perry and Julia Ayers, LeRoy’s wife, Winnie’s parents.

August 22, 1919

Fri 22 Warmer & dry SW wind  I borrowed Pery Ayers saw & sawd my pine log in the alley & it was very hard work for me tho it didn’t take long my strength is fast failing & my breath getting shorter  my working days are over  about 11 am a flying machine came over & sailed around awhile  I got mail at Noon  No letters at 2-15 we went to Chautaugua & heard a very loud band more noise than music heard an extra good talk on Patriotism Americanism &c [etc.]  I took Salts this morning & feel poorly & tired  Eura Taylor Weidlein is very sick & we hear is losing her mind  has a baby 1 mo old  we heard Herb or Ed Ash got badly hurt with auto

July 12, 1918

Fri 12  A very fine day & I only visited   done no work   Dave & Roy here all day til eve   Roy went out to Pery Ayers in Leslies auto   Leslie & Lavanda came from Clermont this PM & Lavanda went out to Dr Gardners at Lex [Lexington, Iowa]  Mame Store called this eve & mother & I went out to the auto & saw her  Rierman folks from Oskaloosa

December 27, 1917

Thursday 27 Colder & cloudy  Dave & Roy came from Ayers at 10-30 Ethel brot them in auto & she came here to dinner  Roy took my car & we went to our timber to see the 3 choppers  found them working away  I showed them some post trees & we got home to dinner & then Ethel took Roy to Washington to go home & mother & Dave went along & I went to Bank meeting had a good meeting & I got 1,50 as director & 2% div gives me $25,00 & I got my 1st Bond & sheard off the 1st coupon [?] 8,75 & I put my $500 bond in my deposit box & Roy has gone his visit was all to short mother & Dave got home at 5 Ethel stopt a little & warmd & went on home  Mother got her a new pair of shoes  Vic came in at 10

December 26, 1917

Wed 26 A fair like winter day Arose rather late Roy went down & got the mail letter from Jap & Sylvia  Vic not home to dinner  visited with Dave most of AM  Chris Miller brot 1/2 cord good oak & hickory furnace wood I split part of it & part all in the cellar  Roy helpd me some  I gave Miller a chk for $5 & we are square  middle PM Dave & Roy went to Perry Ayers with Ethel in auto & will stay to nite  Mrs Newt Turnipseed calld an hour or 2 I lent my maul & iron wedge to Rupe