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April 5,1930

There is no information about Margaret’s life in the intervening years until the 1930 census was taken. It showed Margaret as the head of her household. She owned her home, valued at $4,000.  It was located at 445 Main Street, Pomona, California.  Newer buildings have replaced the homes in Margaret’s neighborhood since then.

Living with Margaret was her widowed daughter, Harriet Carr DeYoe, and Margaret’s grandson, Paul Palmer DeYoe. Paul was adopted by Harriet and her husband, Willard, after Paul’s mother, Nellie Carr Palmer, died in 1919.

Other information on the census form stated that the family had not yet purchased a radio set. Radio broadcasting was still in its infancy. The National Broadcasting Company (NBC) began in 1926; followed by the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) in 1927. [1] Evidently, the government wanted to know how many people could receive radio news broadcasts as of 1930.

Margaret was 82 years old, Harriet was 51 years old, and Paul was 20 years old. None in the household worked. Paul was attending college, so they must have had sufficient resources to live on and provide Paul with a college education.

[1] Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_broadcasting

December 16, 1922

Sat 16  Not So Cold  fine winter day  we arose at 7 & ate good pancakes  I read the morning lesson in Luke  we have a Nice fire in the grate  we wrote to Dave in Pomona and Sent him & Ruth a 5$ Bil for Christmas & we wrote to Nora in Escondido & sent $10,00 to her for her & the Boys  a Christmas greeting  after dinner I went to PO & maild Noras letter  got a 20,00 Bil changd  got Shaved & home at 3  we got mail at Noon  No letters  the jury in the Adams Shillar Murder Case was 6 for conviction & 6 against & were dischargd at 10 am  after Supper Willard & Harriet gave me a pair of Nice Brown gloves & we gave Harriet 10,00 Willard 5,00 & Paul 1,00 for Christmas  tis turning colder to Nite

December 6, 1921

Tuesday December 6, 1921   At Harriets in St Francis Kans   Cold frosty morning but Sun Shines Brite   Several are working on the Parsonage   we arose at 7   Paul read his History lesson to me   the parsonage frame was partly raised   Harriet & I wrote to Dave in Stilwater   tho this has been a fine day it thawed but little & there is plenty Snow yet   Several bldg. committee [members] met here to select the built in pieces doors & windows for the Parsonage   after 6 in the Eve we all went by invitation to Banker Willets fine home for Supper & spend the eve & we had a most excellent supper & a very pleasant Social Eve   home at 10 oclock

November 25, 1921

Fri 25   A pleasant frosty morn   partly cldy   we arose aftr 7   we set a stove in our room   had a good Breakfst  pancakes & cream of wheat & whipt cream   Paul rode his pony to the country   I addrest a letter to Ollie  No work doing on Parsonage   mail at Noon & 4 PM No letters   in the eve I went with Willard 4 miles S thinking to meet Paul coming home but mist him & on return found him Safe at home Skining a skunk   after Supper talkd of going to Christian protracted meeting   finaly None went   we ate good apples & to bed at 10   Mrs Dr Pearis Calld

November 24, 1921

Thursday November 24 1921  very fine day   Thanksgiving at Harriets  Mother & I arose late   Willard & Paul arose early & went over to the church yard where many young people met & held thanksgiving services at 6 oclock & Breakfast at 7   I went over to the church to get Harriets rolling pin & kneading Board they had borrowed   they seemed to greatly enjoy themselves with a service & Breakfst   long to be remembered   they invited me to a breakfst of warm biscuits & honey but with thanks I returnd to the Parsonage & we had toast & coffee   we got mail at Noon  No letters   at 1-30 we sat down to a bountrous thanksgiving dinner  the 22 lb turkey was roasted   a rich brown fine gravy cranberry & whipt cream & the very best mince pie & I ate an uncommon big dinner   at 3 pm we went riding   good dirt roads & fine day   went NW 23 miles to Haigler in Nebraska & 8 miles E of Colorado   home at dark & at 7-30 Willard Harriet & Paul went to prayer meet

May 28, 1921

Sat 28   A fine warm day & my 85th Birthday & I am very thankful for the health & strength & the many blessings that I enjoy   yet I fully realize the age is telling & I am failing but am thankful & have No complaints   I mowed some lawn & went to Wards? & paid $1,00  for 2 tickets to class Play   I went to Sniders & got cream & pd 75c & we churned 3 times & got fine butter   I got mail at Noon & got letter from Maude & birthday cards from Lamont Harriet Paul & a very fine Angelfood cake from my good girl Sylvia   after dinner Mother & I sat on the porch til 3 or 4 Pm  when Roy & Arden drove in from Corydon & we are glad to see them   I have some lawn yet to mow & they helped me finish it   I took my watch to Millers with broken mainspring   he put in a New one & I am to pay him 1,50

December 28, 1919

Sun 28 Dark Cloudy damp mist we arose late & had biscuits for breakfst Harriet Willard & Paul went to SS [Sunday School] & I washed my feet & put on clean clothes & at 11 we all went to church & Willard preachd a good sermon on Eternity then Dave went with Harriet & W to a short funeral service & mother Roy Paul & I came home we had dinner at 1-30 & at 3-PM Roy & I went with Willard to the GAR Hall to memorial services for GAR & WRC who died the past year & Willard made an address I met many Comrades & WRC

December 27, 1919

Saturday December 27 1919 At Harriets in Olathe Moderate & short spells of Sunshine we arose late & all feeling well I went down & got Shaved 20c & a pr of suspenders 75c got $10 changd Dave & Roy went with Willard to KC I gave Paul 2 Nickls the boys came back Near dark & we had Oysters for Supper & it misted & Sprinkled rain all the eve & we are having a good social visit & we ate some good Delicious apples

April 7, 1919

Mon 7   Cooler   fine day   rain last Nite with thunder & lightning   we arose Early   I ate good Pan Cakes for breakfst & feel better   recd a card from Lavanda in Desmoines with Leslie   Expect to be at Wellman soon   a card from Dave   I went down town with Willard to get things   Willard went with Paul to school & he made his first start for school in Kansas  Harriet & W will adopt Paul & give him their name [1]   I went down town with W pm   A boy came & got mothers & my clothes to press   I read awhile in Burns & feel better this eve & played checkers with Paul

[1]  Paul was listed in the 1920 and 1930 census returns as Paul DeYoe.  When Paul married his wife, Eleanor Catherine Brogden in 1935, he went by Paul Carr Palmer and kept the Palmer name for the remainder of his life.