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January 1, 1908 (Part I)

January 1st 1908  New years day & a very fine day  good Enough for any body & we had a nice new years dinner  Maude & Otto & Nellie & Warren here  the rest went to Rach Hulls  in the Eve I went down town awhile & got Some Salted P nuts 12 papers[?] 43c & later in the Eve a ladies club met here  the unity guild & we had a fine time  Speeches toasts & stories & light refreshments til the old year went out & the new came in  Vic & Some girls Sang good songs  I spoke on the unity guild & at 12-30 we all Separated feeling that we had Enjoyed the time 

I raised the past yr a good garden  plenty of green corn & 16 large Shox field corn  plenty of Sweet punkins & Squashes near 90 bu potatos  light crop Strawberries  few raspberries & few black berries 

Mother & I took a long trip longer than I Ever will undertake again  we Started July 11 & went to Yellowstone Park & thru the park 6 days  then we went to Portland  Stopped 3 days then on to Yoncalla Oregon Expecting to visit a week with my Brother Sam  imagine my Surprise & Sorrow to learn that he dropt dead in his barn the 6th of last feb  we went out to his place & Staid 2 days  his wife used us the best kind & gave me a handerchief a deer Skin nicely tanned & a pair of Spect [spectacles]  all these once were Sams & I value them very much  We are also much indebted to Sams daughter Allice & her husband for kind attentions while there & they went with us 35 miles on our way South  the trip failed to agree with me  I lay abed 2 days at Wayside Inn in Los angeles California & Came back via Sylvias in Grand Junction & Stopt 3 days  Sick most of the time & was very glad to get back to Iowa & home Aug 17 & found all well & I soon got well 

To be continued in the next post.


December 25, 1907

Wednesday December 25th  Christmas & a nice mostly clear day  we all went by invitation to Bells to a fine Extra Christmas turkey dinner  Rach Hull  Mary Alfred  Amos & Effie 5 Mother & I  7  Vic Leslie 9 Maude Otto & Carrol [Klockenteger] 12  Holden Dave & Add 15 & an Extra fine table was set & Bells house was neat as a house could be  She had a tree for the kids  I gave Arden & Lillian [children of LeRoy & Cora Carr] Each $1 & took my overcoat pockets full of candy

March 6, 1907

Wed Mar 6  Cold E wind froze & thawed none  dark Cloudy  Mariam Leighton Allen died this morning Early at Bid Romines  She had been Sick a long time [she was the] mother of my friends of boyhood days gone  I lived with her folks 2 years when I was 16 to 18 yrs old [1]  I cut & trimmed up a white oak tree on E side truck patch & Enjoyed it  I sawed a little wood in the alley  Otto Klock [Klockenteger] went with others to New Mexico to look at land  Vic milks & does his Chores

[1]  Isaac and his three younger siblings moved to Washington County, Iowa from Portsmouth, Scioto County, Ohio after they were orphaned.  It remains a mystery as to how these young children were able to travel to Iowa.  One theory is that their mother, Harriet’s, brother, George Pinkerton, of Sigourney, Keokuk County, Iowa, arranged for their transportation.

December 25, 1903

Friday Dec 25  Christmas  Stormy blow from S & turned to NW & Colder all day  Cora & kids came with Frank Florang  Roy is not well  we arose about 6-30 & the boys were astir & found many presents  Mother  Silver teaspoons rocking chair dishes & many things  I got hdkfs & ties & hdkf box  the girls got Slippers bread box bonbons laces ribbons boxes & fine things & Candy  we sent old Comrade Hastings a mince pie & buns & Holdens ½ bu nice apples & 1 bu potatos  Bell Maude Ralf & Otto here also  Holden & Laura & Frank Florang  in the Eve Otto took Vic to Chester to go to Des moines to visit Sylvia a week  I gave him $8 & he had $4  they will have a cold trip

September 21, 1903

Monday Sept 21  A very fine day much like it was 38 yrs ago our 38th wedding Anniversary  how fast the time flies & how thankful I am that we are both Spared & in good health  we truly have much to be thankful for & little to Complain of  we have raised a large & nice family of Children that we are proud of all but one [Isaac could be referring to his son, Ezra, who died in 1879]  & we have Saved Enough So we have plenty in our old age & we are both Able to work all that is necissary  We arose Early this morning & I made 2 fires & we washed  the boys went to School & I dug potatos up at the pasture  the boys got up the horses at noon  Bell Came PM & Otto brought us Some Sweet apples for preserves in the AM  I got the wagon all ready for the boys & went up again PM to dig potatos & the boys came up & we hauled home 32 bu of fine potatos

September 20, 1903

Sunday Sept 20  An Extra fine warm day  the Children went to Sunday School  we miss Nellie  we went to Church 3 times to ME in the AM and heard the new Rev a Mr. Clapp  I liked him very well  Maude & Otto here for dinner  PM we went to Opera house & heard Rev Evangelist Stout lecture on Temperance  a good talk  Vic & 3 girls Sang a solo  Eve we went to ME Church & heard Rev Clapp & to bed

September 18, 1903

Friday September 18th 1903  A very fine cool day  I drew $5 from the bank  bought bananas 1 doz 20c eggs 2 doz 35c Cheese 2# 30c Cakes 25c Celery 5c Watermelon 10c cooked ham 25c  Fred Klockentager & wife & Henry Klokenteger & fat wife Came  I took Supper & Spent the Evening  Maude & Otto also Spent the Evening & we had a good Social visit & a fire in the grate