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January 17, 1919

Fri 17  Cloudy & Cool   48 above zero   it seems there is no time now that fire is not needed   morn & eve   I feel fairly well & ate 5 pancakes for breakfast   I took a walk west & it commenced to rain & I hurried back   it didn’t rain much   Nora recd a letter from Nellie   as she didn’t mention her health I fear she is not feeling well

January 16, 1919

Thursday January 16 1919   At Noras  Lodi Cal   damp Cloudy & light rain at times   we recd a letter from Ellen & John   good sleding & cold in Iowa & Flu about gone   date 12 inst   I wrote to E I Coffey [editor, Wellman Advance] that I will take $70 for my 20 a [acre] pasture from 1 of May to first dec 1919 for pasturage only   he to keep up fence   I furnished a needed new material at my home in Wellman & I reserve the priveleg of going in to cut holes or wood any time & to send Adv [Advance] to Long Beach Cal   I also wrote to Hawkeye to send paper to Long Beach 3153 E 4 st   A Mr Ruff & wife called & spent the evening   Sociable pleasant folks   he has plaining mill   38 states have ratified the prohibition amdtmt to constitution  the wets[1] are trying to hold it up in California by the initiative & referendum

[1] The Wets Plank opposed Prohibition

January 14, 1919

Tues 14   Cool & Cloudy foggy in the morn   Nora & Allie washed & mother made Noodles for dinner   I sat around & read all the am   California & 4 other States ratified the prohibition amendment making 29 rattified  only 7 more to make us bone dry   see hurrah   after dinner I went to Stockton 14 mi with Allie on auto business   had a fine ride   went to the top of a 12 story bdg & had a fine view of the city and Mormon Channel   tide water from San Joaquin   river boats come to Stockton  I got a waffle iron & a pancake griddle for Nora  pd $3,75   home at dusk   Mother recd a letter from Mrs Joe England   I was taken by Police to hdqrs & told to buy & wear a mask in Stockton which order I complied with    order for all to wear masks in Stockton    a boy selling masks followed me up & grinned his satisfaction when I pd him 10c for one

January 12, 1919

Sun 12   Cool & rather a dull day   Churches ordered closed again as Influenza seems to be on the increase   I partly wrote a letter to Mr & Mrs C C Gardner in Excelsior Springs MO   Nora took mother & I all thru their Congregational church many rooms   3 organs a piano & a large pipe organ   a long gallery   I am taking Doans Kidney pills according to directions I am not feeling well & after going to bed felt worse & was badly physiced [1] til after midnite   A Mr & Mrs Culbertson called with a donation of milk   I took a bath

[1] Physicked, see http://www.dictionary.com/browse/physicked?s=t

January 9, 1919

Thurs 9   at Noras   dark gloomy  Cold   Left Noras Allie Nora Mother & I at 8,30 in Allies new Carr   I wore my over coat in the closed carr all day & was chilly  good cement roads   looks like rain   took dinner in Pleasant on poor hotel & poor dinner   I pd 2,60 for the 4   thru Stockton Tracy in San Joquin Co & took supper in Paloalto in San mateo co   went to camp & found Max & he took supper with us   I pd 2,50 for the 5   we drove around some   went to Leland Stanford University & Allie & Nora took Max back to camp & we put up at University hotel & had a Small Kerosene Stove for heat

January 7, 1919

Tues 7  A very fine moderate day   frost this morn & lay on in the shade after noon   I took a walk AM & the Washington Democrat came   we all went in the new auto for a ride   called at Culbertsons & rode on extra fine cement roads & saw men picking olives for 6c a lb to make oil  they had been froze & not fit for pickles   we have them on the table at Noras & I am getting to like them   5 or 6 miles of straight roads between rows of palms & other trees   large grape fields & peach olive prune & other orchards

January 6, 1919

Mon 6   A fine da   not so cool   frost this morn   I read awhile & then put on overcoat & fur cap & went with Allie to Lockford to see about a funeral  nice ride   saw nice orange trees & fine large cactus & talked with a pleasant well informed girl   home to dinner   PM we wrote to Leslie in Lemans France & I went to the PO & maild the letter   mother & Nora went to the church & helpd make bed comforts   Allie went to Stockton & traded for a new car & the boys are in high glee   Trustees of Congregational Church 4 of them held a meet here this eve