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November 19, 1918

Tues 19  Cool a Fine sunny morning  Arose at 7  I took a dose of salts  Harriet & Willard are washing  I am reading the morning paper  reconstruction in Europe going on fast & satisfactory  at 3 PM  a couple came unateded [unattended] to be married Allen Eastland & [Miss] Dunham age 18 & 21  Willard soon tied the knot & recd $5  gave them an engraved certificate  we congratulated them & they Embarked on the matrimonial sea for better or worse  I went with Willard to enquire after several cases of influenza  found all improving but one  we took Mother & Harriet to call on Mrs. Woodberry  recd Advance & letters from Nora & Sylvia  I went with W to engag Andrew Jackson  colored to work tomorrow

November 16, 1918

Saturday November 16th 1918   at Harriets in Olathe   Cloudy warm S wind   we are all well   many new cases of influenza reported   I walkd down town with Willard   I got shaved 15c   Mother & Harriet are doing much cooking   Harriet is a good cook & Willard is a good provider   he took my shoes to be ½ soled   we recd letters from Nora & Nellie  the latter gaind 7 ½ lbs [1]   it looks & feels like rain   warm  Willard brot my shoes neatly ½ soled & heels fixt & I pd two dollars

[1] I think Isaac is talking about Nellie, who was not well.

October 14, 1918

Mon 14   An extra fine da   frost this morn   I arose a little early & fed & milkd my cow for the last time & I never milkd a gentler cow   some after 10 am John Fleming & son Everet [came]   I rode in auto with them to my pasture   I put a good halter on my cow & sold her to John Fleming for $100, & he gave me a check which I had put to my acct   I got mail at noon   rec a letter from Leslie in DC   he is well & very busy  much influenza in the hospital in camps & City   Lavanda & baby are in Clermont   I took plants to Florilla Longwell & went down & maild 5 letters to Roy Maude Nora Sloan in SE & B Reece Jones Secy insurance Desmoines [1]   boy brot 2 boxes strawberries & Florilla Longwell pd for them   I took laundry to Carrie   I went [to] Mrs Crossets this eve & pd her 1,50 for boys taking cow up to 17th

[1] Rees B. Jones, Secretary, Fire Insurance Company, Des Moines, (Source Citation – Ancestry.com, Year: 1920; Census Place: Des Moines Ward 1, Polk, Iowa; Roll: T625-507; Page: 8B; Enumeration District: 86; Image: 1011)

May 28, 1918

Tuesday May 28th Hazy & partly cloudy & my 82nd Birthday & that seems to me very old & I have failed much in the past year yet I am very thankful for the health & strength that I have  I mowed a part of the lawn & went for the mail near noon   recd a birthday card from Nora & a very nice tie in a box   Ezra Bradford called & ground a little ax & staid an hour or two   I had sweet corn soakd 30 hours & I planted corn between rows of potatos   14 rows  it has lookd like rain all day & as we sat on the porch after milking it commenced to rain & now at 9-15 tis raining hard & we dont need it a bit   the ground is too wet to hoe & we are having to much rain

March 24, 1918

Sunday March 24 1918  heavy frost this morning but a bright fine day  the 3 girls Dave & I went to Church AM but Ellen & Mother staid at home  I went to Cady & Jones garage & engaged a man to drive our car to the Taylor cemetery   this PM at 3 we started for the cemetery with Arthson? Jones driver & were soon there  allways a melancholy spot  it seemed much more so to day  when I thot of the many times Vic had taken us there & now he lies there for all time I could harly control my feelings  we found vics grave covered with flowers & went around & saw other graves of relatives & friends & were soon back home & put our auto in the Shiller garage & I pd Jones $2 for 5 gals gasoline & driving  Chas & Hattie Darbyshire calld & Ellen went with them to Keota & will go home  Dave Nora Harriet & Maude went to church this eve  a beautiful nite

March 23, 1918

Sat 23  partly cloudy & cooler lt E wind  we arose at 6-30 & soon Ellen Gardner came with her auto & took Roy to Washington to go home & Clem Greig left middle AM to visit friends up west  I made a fire in the furnace & burned the many many flower boxes  our 3 girls Nora Harriet & Maude with Dave are having a good visit & with their Aunt Ellen  Mother is feeling more reconciled to day & was around the Kitchen some  I finishd spreading manure on my garden & I think all the time of my Dear Boy Vic & why oh why must he do this rash act  how lonely we will be & oh how he must have suffered while contemplating this sad ending of his bright & promising young life  a week ago this PM he clerkd a sale there in town & now lies cold in the Taylor Cemetery  farewell Dear Vic  Mrs Myrtle McReynolds & family sent us a fine boquet of hot house flowers

March 21, 1918

Thurs 21  Hazy warm smoky pleasant   Maude came on the AM train & we were glad she arrived safe   Ura Taylor came & workd a little while & I pd her 50c   Mother is nearly prostrated all day   Carrie Ash brot our washing this eve & I pd her 1,25   we had almost a steady stream of callers   many I don’t know   Roy is seeing about getting Autos for tomorrow & our friends & nabors are all kind and helpful  Ella Weller Mrs Carter Mrs Morrow Mrs Manrens? & many many others all seemingly anxious to do or help do something to the memory of Vic   Dave & Roy went this eve to Ioa City & met Nora from California & they arrived some time in the nite with Nora safe  Geo Berry Jake Trieschman & Mr Hambright staid last nite  the last nite Vic will stay in his old Wellman Home & we have our parlor where Vic lays [in] a wilderness of flowers  Many organizations & the business men & Nabors all sent flowers & mostly the very nicest our family got [was] a large wheel of flowers   cost $20,00