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January 30, 1923

Tues 30   Dark foggy & rainy   we arose at 8   I slept fine   was Not up till 8  I ate 2 pancakes   Huckster [1] Calld   I told Maude to by all she wanted   I pd the Bil only 1,45   I addrest a letter to Nora in Escondido   we Sat around & read & visited & it raned a little & Slow all day   Isabel Called up from Pamona this eve   they will not go to the Wellman Picnic Thurs   too wet

[1] Huckster is defined by Dictionary.com as a retailer of small articles, especially a peddler of fruits and vegetables



December 16, 1922

Sat 16  Not So Cold  fine winter day  we arose at 7 & ate good pancakes  I read the morning lesson in Luke  we have a Nice fire in the grate  we wrote to Dave in Pomona and Sent him & Ruth a 5$ Bil for Christmas & we wrote to Nora in Escondido & sent $10,00 to her for her & the Boys  a Christmas greeting  after dinner I went to PO & maild Noras letter  got a 20,00 Bil changd  got Shaved & home at 3  we got mail at Noon  No letters  the jury in the Adams Shillar Murder Case was 6 for conviction & 6 against & were dischargd at 10 am  after Supper Willard & Harriet gave me a pair of Nice Brown gloves & we gave Harriet 10,00 Willard 5,00 & Paul 1,00 for Christmas  tis turning colder to Nite

December 15, 1922

Friday December 15 1922  At Harriets in St Francis [Kansas] Moderated mostly clear  Rising temporatur  we arose at 7  all able for Harriets good buckwheats  H & W [Harriet & Willard] are washing  a good day for it  Willard has a Nice fire in the grate  I read the scripture lesson  Luke 23  we got mail at Noon  letters from Nora in Escondido Calif & one from Maude & Fred K in Ontario [California]  Mother & Harriet went calling & Shopping til dark  we ate good Delicious apples & to bed after 9  I finished reading Brewsters Millions [1]

[1] Brewster’s Millions is a novel written by George Barr McCutcheon in 1902; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brewster%27s_Millions


March 20, 1922

Mon 20   A very fine warm day   we arose at 7 not feeling well   I took my old Brown suit to the cleaners & a shirt 4 collars & 1 tie to laundry   we took breakfst at Delmar 25c   Neither of us wanted any   I bot a paper  we walkd to Ocean park & thru it & sat & rested   came back by the chamber of Commerce & rested   decided we Neither want dinner  Amos Hull & wife called PM & Brot mothers hand bag from Isabels   a card from Isabell   letter from Ellen B & Nora   also card from Harriet   Willard improves slowly   I am uneasy about Willard   I sent a card to Harriet   I bot 2 big apples & we ate 1   we took supper at the Advent 67c

January 23, 1922

Monday January 23 1922   At Noras in Oakland   More moderate   we arose a little before 8   Nora & Allie washd   I wrote to Isabel in Pomona telling her we will leave here Next Thurs 26 & probably be in Los Angeles Fri Noon   we recd letters from Leslie in Clermont & from Sylvia  Mrs Marner Hila Foster & from Isabel  Mother is tieing a comfort[er] & Hila Foster wrote that Martha Capens Address is Atlanta GA USP Hospital No 48 care [of] Maj C W Williams   right aftr supper we drove acrost the estuary to Berkley & called on Max & then went to a lecture by Montreville Wood [1]   a good & interesting lecture combining Electricity the Gyroscope the Monorail Ultra violet rays with talks stories &c   was very interesting & we had front seats   home & to bed at Eleven   recd a letter from Dave in SW

[1] Montreville M. Wood, was a scientist and lecturer.  He has been associated with Thomas A. Edison, per The Arizona Republican, April 20, 1919, page 6.

January 12, 1922

Thurs 12   Clear Cool lt N wind   we arose at 7-30   I slept uncommon well last nite & ate a good breakfst of pancakes   I took a short walk before dinner   No mail   PM Allie went to Lodi 100 miles in his auto to conduct a funeral   Don went along   Mother went with Nora to a womans meeting & I am alone   we recd letters   2 from Dave in SW   1 from Maude & 1 from Ollie   wil send Daves letters to Maude & Sylvia   I took a long walk this Pm out NW towards SF Bay

January 11, 1922

Wednesday January 11th 1922   At Noras in Oakland Calif   Cool & fair  we arose at 7-30 feeling good   we ate a breakfst of good pancakes & at 10 we all went down town   I pd $2,07 for 9 gals gasoline to fill up Allies car   went to the markets where everything good to eat is for sale reasonable   I got celery 25c & after dinner mints 15c   I shaved as it was not extra warm & pleasant   I didn’t go out much   we wrote to Dave in SW [Stillwater Prison].