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February 13 and 14, 1923

[Feb. 13 & 14]  Nora staid constantly & rest [of family] all in often.  I was up little while Tues. Feb 13 & went in to see him, & O, how he had failed.  He was conscious to the last & passed away at 3 o,clock Wednesday p.m. Feb. 14th.  O, how hard it is to know we will never again have our dear father with us, but he wanted to go & made all his funeral arrangements, his songs to be sung, his pall bearers ect. 

O, how we shall miss him, he was always so generous, so kind & just always made the best of every thing & we always tho’t [thought] what ever father did was just right. 

His life has truly been a most wonderful one & he certainly has always had such high ideals & tried so hard to raise his family right.  We certainly have much to be thankful for such a life as he [has] lived, always so truthful & such a good neighbor & his kind deeds shall long remain in the memory of every one who knew him. 

It is so hard for mother, but they have had a long life together, with very few separations. 

 Father was born May 28 -1836.                                                                                       Died at our home in Pomona                                                                                                           Feb. 14 -1923                                                                                                          Age 86 yrs. 8 mos & 14 days.             Written by Isabelle.

Isaac’s death certificate stated that he died of “marasmus accompanying general arterio sclerosis”.  Marasmus is generally known as the gradual wasting away of the body due to severe malnutrition or inadequate absorption of food.

According to Isaac’s wishes, his body was returned to Iowa.  The funeral service took place in his Wellman home.  Isaac’s obituary was long and descriptive.  It appeared on the front page of The Wellman Advance. Isaac was buried in the Taylor Cemetery, just south of town.


February 10 and 11, 1923

[February 10 & 11]  Mother was nearly sick & Nora just took charge of things & cared for father.  Dr. K. came twice a day.  Maud came & spent today & Sunday.  Father wasn’t up any more from this time & seemed to grow weaker each day.  Really was not in pain all the time but really just worn out.

February 8, 1923

Thursday Feb 8   Father said he was so much better this morning & said he could get up & get breakfast & could run a foot race.  He got up at 11 & ate quite a little.  Dave came & staid for dinner. 

Father laid down in p.m.  Roy & Winnie, Dave & Ruth came & spent eve & father was up all eve & they had just gone when Nora & Allie came & O, how glad we were to see them.

February 5, 1923

Mon 5   Cold morn   Sun Shines Bright   I aros aftr 9 feeling Poorly  Mother washt me   I rested well fore part of Nite   Mother talked with Maude  Ralph got me fresh side meat for dinner   Dave cam & brot me Beef tea cubes   Isabel went to D of Vet [Daughters of Veterans?] meeting   She is President   Mrs Roup & Mrs Boyd called & we had very Pleasnt visit   We sent Leslie Box oranges 3 doz & 1 doz Tangerines by Parsel Post   I pd the Post 2,51   we got mail after dinner   letter & sessmt Blank from C Livsey  Leslie Nora & John & Mrs Fleming

January 30, 1923

Tues 30   Dark foggy & rainy   we arose at 8   I slept fine   was Not up till 8  I ate 2 pancakes   Huckster [1] Calld   I told Maude to by all she wanted   I pd the Bil only 1,45   I addrest a letter to Nora in Escondido   we Sat around & read & visited & it raned a little & Slow all day   Isabel Called up from Pamona this eve   they will not go to the Wellman Picnic Thurs   too wet

[1] Huckster is defined by Dictionary.com as a retailer of small articles, especially a peddler of fruits and vegetables


December 16, 1922

Sat 16  Not So Cold  fine winter day  we arose at 7 & ate good pancakes  I read the morning lesson in Luke  we have a Nice fire in the grate  we wrote to Dave in Pomona and Sent him & Ruth a 5$ Bil for Christmas & we wrote to Nora in Escondido & sent $10,00 to her for her & the Boys  a Christmas greeting  after dinner I went to PO & maild Noras letter  got a 20,00 Bil changd  got Shaved & home at 3  we got mail at Noon  No letters  the jury in the Adams Shillar Murder Case was 6 for conviction & 6 against & were dischargd at 10 am  after Supper Willard & Harriet gave me a pair of Nice Brown gloves & we gave Harriet 10,00 Willard 5,00 & Paul 1,00 for Christmas  tis turning colder to Nite

December 15, 1922

Friday December 15 1922  At Harriets in St Francis [Kansas] Moderated mostly clear  Rising temporatur  we arose at 7  all able for Harriets good buckwheats  H & W [Harriet & Willard] are washing  a good day for it  Willard has a Nice fire in the grate  I read the scripture lesson  Luke 23  we got mail at Noon  letters from Nora in Escondido Calif & one from Maude & Fred K in Ontario [California]  Mother & Harriet went calling & Shopping til dark  we ate good Delicious apples & to bed after 9  I finished reading Brewsters Millions [1]

[1] Brewster’s Millions is a novel written by George Barr McCutcheon in 1902; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brewster%27s_Millions


March 20, 1922

Mon 20   A very fine warm day   we arose at 7 not feeling well   I took my old Brown suit to the cleaners & a shirt 4 collars & 1 tie to laundry   we took breakfst at Delmar 25c   Neither of us wanted any   I bot a paper  we walkd to Ocean park & thru it & sat & rested   came back by the chamber of Commerce & rested   decided we Neither want dinner  Amos Hull & wife called PM & Brot mothers hand bag from Isabels   a card from Isabell   letter from Ellen B & Nora   also card from Harriet   Willard improves slowly   I am uneasy about Willard   I sent a card to Harriet   I bot 2 big apples & we ate 1   we took supper at the Advent 67c

January 23, 1922

Monday January 23 1922   At Noras in Oakland   More moderate   we arose a little before 8   Nora & Allie washd   I wrote to Isabel in Pomona telling her we will leave here Next Thurs 26 & probably be in Los Angeles Fri Noon   we recd letters from Leslie in Clermont & from Sylvia  Mrs Marner Hila Foster & from Isabel  Mother is tieing a comfort[er] & Hila Foster wrote that Martha Capens Address is Atlanta GA USP Hospital No 48 care [of] Maj C W Williams   right aftr supper we drove acrost the estuary to Berkley & called on Max & then went to a lecture by Montreville Wood [1]   a good & interesting lecture combining Electricity the Gyroscope the Monorail Ultra violet rays with talks stories &c   was very interesting & we had front seats   home & to bed at Eleven   recd a letter from Dave in SW

[1] Montreville M. Wood, was a scientist and lecturer.  He has been associated with Thomas A. Edison, per The Arizona Republican, April 20, 1919, page 6.

January 12, 1922

Thurs 12   Clear Cool lt N wind   we arose at 7-30   I slept uncommon well last nite & ate a good breakfst of pancakes   I took a short walk before dinner   No mail   PM Allie went to Lodi 100 miles in his auto to conduct a funeral   Don went along   Mother went with Nora to a womans meeting & I am alone   we recd letters   2 from Dave in SW   1 from Maude & 1 from Ollie   wil send Daves letters to Maude & Sylvia   I took a long walk this Pm out NW towards SF Bay