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October 18, 1905

Wednesday October 18th 1905  A fine day  cleared off about 8 AM fine & this is Nellies Wedding day  Bell Messenger came to help & is good help  I borrowed $500,00 from the bank on demand & got $100,00 in gold $20 gold pieces for our wedding present & we were all busy all day  I paid Ed Smith $7 for red paint  Topping bros [brothers] $2 for bananas Celery &c & I pd Maude 2,40 for Chickens &c   Oldaker & Romine I pd 1,25 sak flour Mart Scrantons came from Washington  Roys came & Nellie & Warren Palmer were Married by Rev Willard Deyoe at 7 in Eve assisted by Rev W. A. Schwimley  Rev Clapp was here  Many Palmers & others  they brought many nice & useful presents  had a grand wedding Supper & all went off fine  my lights bothered some but I finally got them all right  we had a good Social time & Singing & guests gone & got to bed near 12 am  I hauled 3 loads of plaster 40 sax this morning & Hofer & 2 hands commenced to plaster my new house  Nora & Allie came this AM with Leslie from Iowa City  I pd Bell Messenger 1,50c

January 5, 1905

Thursday Jan 5  A Moderate winter like Mostly Cloudy day  Mother & I went down PM to the GAR Hall & helped fix for installation  Set table & got things ready  I borrowed Thos Reaneys step ladder for them to decorate with  I got a 47c nice piece of beef to boil  I went & invited Editor Coffey & wife to come to installation tomorrow  I gave Nellie 3,25 to get Shoes

January 1, 1904

Friday January 1st 1904  New Years day  A bright Cold morning but got cloudy & turned Coldr towards Eve  Post met & we had joint installation with the WRC  The ladies served a most Excellent dinner at the Hall at noon & post met at 11 am & practiced awhile before dinner  I invited Comrade Henderson 2 ms west of here of the 11th Ioa  he came & I got him to join our post  we had 18 or 19 present & a fine time  I was installed Commander the 6th time  I gave Mother one dollar to pay WRC dues & Nellie 2 dollars  we came home in good time to chore  I recd a certificate of deposit from farmers Bank of Keota where I have 3 Shares of Stock for $30 being 10% on my investment  an Extra good bank & good men  the past year was very wet & unprofitable  generally tho I have no reason to complain  I raised 100 bu good potatos at digging time worth 75c bu & 100 bu good corn worth 35c bu  I raised this on the Larew land & plenty tomatos Cabbage Cucumbers punkins & Squashes  here at home we had berries in plenty for near 3 months  first Strawberries about 1st June then Raspberries  then blackberries all in great plenty  Some potatos beans & green corn  we had 3 pieces from Early till after frost near the first of Oct & this last fall was the best fall for grass I ever knew & our cows do fine  Vic & I made a road across the N End of our pasture where before it was impassable & we got much wood  we have all had good health the past year for which I am very thankful  I got between 6 & 7 hundred bu of good corn from the Hughbanks place musty black clover hay enough to do my 3 horses 2 cows & I have 1 sow weighs 400  8 Shoats at least 60 lbs each  I Sold my ½ stalks on the Hughbanks place for $10  I have $2975,00 at intrest & have $3870,00 of time deposits at 6%  I have very little money to my credit on the banks books probably 8 or 10$  My health has been uncommon good So far this last summer fall & winter & I believe berries are the prime cause Especially the Strawberries  we enjoyed a nice visit from John & Ellen Brewer the last Summer & Mother Leslie & I Spent a week at Sylvias in Desmoines while the State fair was on but rain & mud Spoiled Some of our visit  my crops on the Hughbanks places are poor about 200 bu of fair oats & my town crib 2/3 full of good corn & I Sold Roy 325 bu good corn at 35c a bu  I Sent Nellie a term to Mt. Pleasant to Music School cost over $80  I let Vic take a trip to Desmoines to See Sylvia & get teeth fixed &c  he & Nellie deserve all they get & are good children also  Leslie I have no fault to find with him & I am very thankful for all I have had the past year & hope I may get along as well the next year  we have much to be thankful for & little to complain of

December 19, 1903

Sat Dec 19th 1903  Moderate Cloudy  turning Colder  damp & thawing all last night & this morning  snow most gone  Vic clerked for Miller  I went to the 10 oclock train to meet Nellie from Mt Pleasant but she foned from Chester that she missed train at Burlington & is at Chester  Leslie was going for her & Geneva Smith when Warren Palmer volunteered & sure he got the job & he got them here middle pm  Nellie looking fine & glad to get home  I called on Mr Weller  found him poorly & Eyes not improving  I called on Amos Hull & found him Splitting & piling wood  Maude came to Stay all night

December 14, 1903

Monday Dec 14  Cold & partly cloudy  I sent 30c Stamps for GAR ritual to Geo A Newsom & I sent Nellie a dft for $40 to Mt Pleasant  Constable Karr summoned me on a Jury Case of Ed Ash vs Alice & P H Greig  went soon after dinner  adjourned for Supper & finally got home at 11 at night  Jury decided for plaintiff in the sum of $12,50c  I was chosen foreman

September 20, 1903

Sunday Sept 20  An Extra fine warm day  the Children went to Sunday School  we miss Nellie  we went to Church 3 times to ME in the AM and heard the new Rev a Mr. Clapp  I liked him very well  Maude & Otto here for dinner  PM we went to Opera house & heard Rev Evangelist Stout lecture on Temperance  a good talk  Vic & 3 girls Sang a solo  Eve we went to ME Church & heard Rev Clapp & to bed

October 15, 1902

Wednesday Oct 15  A pleasant drying day  we arose late & we gave the presents we had brought   gold rings for Vic & Leslie  bracelet for Nellie  Cup for Isabel & many other little Souvenirs which we distributed around & I got home with $20 in pocket & Started away with $127,50  my cold is better but I done no work  Sent pension papers away  Allie Nora & Mother went to Roys & back