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November 16, 1918

Saturday November 16th 1918   at Harriets in Olathe   Cloudy warm S wind   we are all well   many new cases of influenza reported   I walkd down town with Willard   I got shaved 15c   Mother & Harriet are doing much cooking   Harriet is a good cook & Willard is a good provider   he took my shoes to be ½ soled   we recd letters from Nora & Nellie  the latter gaind 7 ½ lbs [1]   it looks & feels like rain   warm  Willard brot my shoes neatly ½ soled & heels fixt & I pd two dollars

[1] I think Isaac is talking about Nellie, who was not well.

August 7, 1918

Wednesday August 7 1918   Another hot dry day   I mowed the alley & cut with the sickle & raked up a heaping basket full for the cow   I got the mail at noon   no letters   I had one forward to Nellie   Mother & I sat in the E porch most of the PM   fairly comfortable   Mrs Zimmerman Mrs Ruby & Mrs Gale Hamilton calld   Ruby called to grind his sickle   I ground my scythe & sickle   we sat on the porch & coold off

August 1, 1918

Thurs Aug 1st   A fine pleasant day  partly cldy   I got our laundry from Carrie A & pd her 1,25   I hired E C Goodwin to take Nellie & kid & W & Harriet to Washington this morning & they will go to Olathe, Kansas  Harriets home this eve   I got Crackers Oranges for some lunch & gave Nellie $65,00 & Harriet $25,00   Nellie looks bad & is weak   we are uneasy about her   I got 2 suits underwear & cuff at K Bakers chk 3,00   I dug & put in the cellar 2 bu potatos   Mother & I are alone again   the first since last spring   Mrs. Ruby called this eve   our army in France & the Huns are about at a standstill after 2 weeks fighting   many reported Killed but nothing decisive   we fumigated & disinfected the N [north] room up stairs where Nellie has slept the last 6 wks with formaldehyde starch for 7 hours   Dr Wells advised this as did Leslie for fear of Tuberculosis germs

July 28, 1918

Sunday July 28 1918   fine warm day  quite warm & I got sweet corn for dinner   we all but Nellie went to the Baptist Church & heard a good sermon by Mrs. Rev Dewey & we met many friends & Nabors   Leslie drest in his uniform & lookd much like a Soldier   PM & eve it thundered & lookd much like rain   only sprinkled   Dr & Mrs. Gardner called a while & Willard came from Keota   None of us went to church this eve

June 27, 1918

Thurs 27  Warm mostly cldy & showers   We arose a little early Expecting Nellie from Oklahoma via Washington & she came about 7 before we had breakfast & I gave E C Goodwin a check for $4 for bringing her from Washington  Nellie is poor in flesh & looks sickly  I hope her visit home will improve her health   she is taking a serum treatment & Dr. Wills came & injected the serum in her arm   John Fleming & wife were coming to spend the day but rain Kept them away  we also lookd for Sylvia from Keota   I got 68c meat this morning for beef loaf   had our first new Beans   Ralf came before dinner   Florilla Longwell came by invitation & spent the day   I got the mail at noon   I got our washing & pd Carrie 1,25 & I pd Lyman B one $ for city water to June 26

April 19, 1918

Friday April 19th 1918   Considerable cooler   a real cold NE wind   I kept good fire in the grate   Maude got the mail   we 3 wrote to Leslie & I went PM & Maild the letter & got draft cashd from Nellie & Roy 1,50 each for Vics picture   I got tea coffee soap oleo   too cool to stand around   the streets were deserted   Maude came from Lewis’s last nite after we had gone to bed

March 22, 1918

Friday March 22 1918  Cooler dark cloudy  the funeral day of my beloved boy Vic  his last day in his home  our children are all here Except 3  Sylvia Isabel & Nellie  we dont know why they dont come  Many many friends & Nabors assembled to attend the funeral  the boys got 41 chairs from the Baptist church  Mother & I went up stairs with all our relatives & our house big as it is & the porch was full & 32 families sent flowers  I never saw as many flowers at a funeral  Dutton & several Nabors lent their auto  the roads were fine & we buried Dear Vic in the old Taylor Cemetery with our little boy Ezra [1] & father & Mother Taylor Holden & Laura  Many Many friends went to the cemetery  the largest crowd I ever saw in that cemetery  Rev Barker preached a short sermon in our home & with heavy hearts we left our Vic boy & came back home & Willard left for home  the rest stay with us to nite  Clem Greig a friend of Vic is with us to nite  we gave Roy all Vics clothes a big box full & his watch & other trinkets  I put our auto in our own garage

September 21, 1915
              September 21, 1915


[1] Ezra Delos Carr died on his 5th birthday, January 17, 1879.