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December 31, 1919

Wed 31 a fine day both feel good & slept good arose at 8 & took breakfst in the diner $1,40 for both went to the observation Car & we crost the Colorado Riv into California & it got warmer past thru a long sandy dreary waste were at Colton at 4 Pm began to see Palms & other warm weath Plants at 4-30 we arrivd in Pamona Calif & Aron Palmer met us with his ford & were soon at his home & Dear Nellies Kids rant to meet us & Kindly Mrs Palmer gave us a good Supper & Warren came at 7 & after a good social visit to bed at 10 good bed


February 25, 1919

Tuesday February 25th 1919   A fine cool day   we took breakfst at Del Mar 50c for 3   Harriet ate none   we all went to the market   I bot Winesap apples 15c & Bellflowr 25c & 1 doz Oranges 15c   at 10-30 Mr Palmer took us all to his home & Warren took us to Whittier 25 miles   a beautiful drive thru orange & Lemon groves & little Lamont Dear Nellies youngest boy went with us & enjoyd it   we took dinner in Whittier   I pd 2,10 for 5 & mother & girls went to call on Mrs Snavely  Noras Aunt   we got auto fixt   I pd 60c   we lookd at a small nice park & then went & calld at Samsons Neighbors of our younger days   Mr S was not home but I had a pleasant call with Bell as we used to call her   we then found mother & girls at Snaveleys  a sister of Rev Adam Schwimley   a pleasant faced woman   we then drove to Mr Fredely nee Birdie Zimmerman   made a nice call   lookd over their home & made arrangmts for a visit & picnic next Sat & got Harriets Satchel from Fredeleys   went to Los angels & drove thru the city for miles when it seemed we couldnt get thru & at 7 eve arrived at Del Mar & I wanted Warren & Lamont to take supper with us but they went home   thus ends a busy & pleasant day   I got a room at our Hotel for Nora & Harriet   pay $8 for a week

February 24, 1919

Mon 24   A real nice cool day   Nellies Funeral   we 3 arose feeling well & took breakfst at Del Mar  50c for 3   Nora & I went & bout $5 worth of pink & white flowers for Nellies Funeral & just after noon Harriet came  brot from Los Angels by Mrs Birdie Zimmerman Freedley   we were very glad to see her & we all went to dinner at Advent 1,46 for 4 & at 2 PM   a Mr Heckman came with a fine car & took us to the funeral of our dear Daughter Nellie   at undertaker Holton sermon very appropriate  Neely intermit Sunset Cemetery   we all lookd at the stone I selected for Nellie & Mr Heckman brot us back to Del Mar & we each thankd him as he would take no pay   women & children Staid awhile & I bot them apples & pop corn   we took supper at Del Mar 55c for 4

Note:  Nellie succumbed to tuberculosis at the age of 36 years.

Nellie Carr Palmer – ca. 1910
15g - FAG - Gravestone - Nellie Carr Palmer
Nellie’s Gravestone at Findagrave.com (Photo Credit: Claudine Burnett) Used with permission.




February 23, 1919

Sun 23   A fine morn   clouds all gone   we arose at 7 & took a long time to dress   took breakfast at Delmar Cafe 50c for 3 & sat in the sun parlor awhile   we are glad to have Nora with us   at 10-30  Mr Palmer came & took us to grace ME Church & to his house for dinner   Mrs Palmer & Mrs Boyd had a good dinner & we visited til near 5 & Warren brot us to Hotel Delmar & we went to find a flower store to get some flowers for Our Dear Nellies funeral tomorrow   we found stores closed & wil try in the morning

February 22, 1919

Saturday February 22 1919   Long Beach Delmar   Mother is better   we took breakfst at Delmar 25c for 2   I got a paper 3c & after 10 lookd evry train from Los angels for Nora & She came Near one Oclock PM while we were gone to dinner at ywca   Warren came in AM & went with us to dinner   I pd for 3  99c   Noras train 2 hrs late   I carried her satchel to our room   she took dinner at Delmar Cafe   in the PM Mr Palmer came & took us all to the undertakers & we Saw our Dear Nellie girl laying there so beautiful & alone   then we went to Mr Palmers & visited awhile & Warren brot us back to the Hotel & we took Supper at Delmar Cafe 75c for 3   it raind awhile this eve   we sat in the parlor & talked real sociable & had some singing & came to our room at 8-30   I got a cot put in our room & I will Sleep on it & Mother & Nora have the bed   we all with many others sat in the parlor awhile

February 21, 1919

Fri 21   A fine morn   we arose after 7   mother is not feeling well   I went to telegraf office & got a message from Nora   She starts today & will get to Los Angeles Sat at 9-20  I got my laundry sent more  pd 43c  got a collar 25c   at noon  Warren came with message from Harriet   She will come    Message from Lavanda to ask if she [should] prepare for the funeral in Wellman   we took dinner at Advent   Mother 36c me 31c   I saw Ady [Addison Taylor] of 11 Iowa [infantry unit] & we had a talk on the pier   we took dinner at the Advent 66c for 2   recd a letter from Nora & 1 from Mrs. Shiller   Mr. Palmer & Warren Came PM & we went North 2 or 3 miles to SunnySide Cemetery & Warren bot a small lot 2 graves & pd $108,00   a beautiful & well kept cemetery   I bargained for a tombstone for Dear Nellie & when properly inscribed & set I am to give my check for $165,00   we called at the undertaking parlors & saw our Dear Nellie girl & she looked so nice   Mr P brot us back to the hotel   our room is cold   a chilly eve   we took supper at Delmar Cafe  30c for 2 & sat in the parlor & got warm & came to our room 7-30 & found it warm

February 20, 1919

Thursday February 20th 1919   I occupied our room alone last nite & took oatmeal & coffee   North on E*W street   only 10c   a cheap breakfast but I wont go there again   too dirty & food poorly cookd   I went out to see Nellie   found not much change only weaker   poor Dear Nellie   I thought of her much last nite   I came to Hotel at 11:30 & took dinner at the Advent   sat in the sun parlor & read the Hawkeye part of the pm   then gave the paper to lady roomer & ate 2 apples   then went to Palmers   found Nellie sinking very fast yet was conscious & suffering   she tried to talk but couldn’t   She died about 7 this eve   our Dear Nellie girl has left us & she was always good and kind   never gave us any trouble or worry   not an unkind word   farewell little Nellie   father & mother will soon follow   Mr Palmer & I went down town on jitney to undertakers & telegraf & I sent message to every child & Geneva Smith Sigler   pd 4,20   Mother & I took supper at Palmers & came back to Delmar