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January 17, 1919

Fri 17  Cloudy & Cool   48 above zero   it seems there is no time now that fire is not needed   morn & eve   I feel fairly well & ate 5 pancakes for breakfast   I took a walk west & it commenced to rain & I hurried back   it didn’t rain much   Nora recd a letter from Nellie   as she didn’t mention her health I fear she is not feeling well

January 1, 1919

Wednesday January 1st 1919   At Noras in Lodi Cal   Cold   The Coldest day so far this winter in my experience & it seems more of an effort for folks to keep warm here than in Iowa   here the people depend on the weather & the weather don’t come acros   we had a fine new years dinner  5 or 6 Neighbors were invited to enliven the day   we are getting very anxious to hear from our boy Leslie over the sea   also we are anxious about our youngest daughter Nellie   I wish her health was better   a Mr Taylor called this morning with a donation of milk olives &c   he said he pict an orange this morning & it was froze   Nora & Allie went to prayer meeting this eve at 9   I ate a good appl & went to bed

December 19, 1918

Thurs 19   at Isabels   A brite sunny cold frozen morn   Marjorie got a Nabers paper in the yard for me to read   we recd letters from Dave Roy & Allie Carris   all are well   we wrote to Nellie in Cal [California]   I sent her a draft for $8 her & children   also wrote to Roy in Promise City Ioa & sent him $9 for him & Kids   we had dinner a little early & Jap & Sylvia came in their auto   Ralf awoke & with us we all went to the Beet Sugar factory   a wonderful 2 acres of machinery where dirty frozen beets go in at one end & in 6 hrs emerge at the other end the very finest whitest granulated sugar   but steamy hot bad smelling disagreeable & I should say unhealthy work   we got back at 3 pm & I feel very poorly   the sugar factory did not agree with me at all

December 16, 1918

Mon 16   dark cloudy as usual   moderate   I slept well last nite & feel good to day   about 10 Mother & I took our satchel &c & went to Isabels    aftr dinner I went down town to Japs office & bot 6 or so Christmas cards 75c Marjorie most well   I found Leila & Lois in town   I bot Candy 25c   went to the Bank & got 5 dfts [drafts] Maude $6 Nora $8 Lavanda $6 Roy $6 & Nellie $8 & I sent Dave in St Paul $5 by letter   all Christmas presents  we got a letter at last from Leslie on board Ship in the Atlantic Ocean near France   is well & was some sea sick   said the trip wasn’t for pleasure   we were sure glad to hear from him

December 12, 1918

Thurs 12    we found it white with snow   lookd snowy   I went to Isabels awhile   Marjorie a little better   toward noon it cleard & snow melted   we got letter from Nellie   she continues weakly   recd letter from Maude   Mrs Fred Klockenteger died last Sat   also letter from Lavanda   this is a nice pm but not under foot   No news from Leslie   it seems a long time since we heard from him   towards eve I felt bad   head sore & dizzy & I took a bromo quinine & Mother & Sylvia helpd bathe my feet in hot water & gave me hot ginger tea    I feel very poorly   I ate no Supper

November 16, 1918

Saturday November 16th 1918   at Harriets in Olathe   Cloudy warm S wind   we are all well   many new cases of influenza reported   I walkd down town with Willard   I got shaved 15c   Mother & Harriet are doing much cooking   Harriet is a good cook & Willard is a good provider   he took my shoes to be ½ soled   we recd letters from Nora & Nellie  the latter gaind 7 ½ lbs [1]   it looks & feels like rain   warm  Willard brot my shoes neatly ½ soled & heels fixt & I pd two dollars

[1] I think Isaac is talking about Nellie, who was not well.

August 7, 1918

Wednesday August 7 1918   Another hot dry day   I mowed the alley & cut with the sickle & raked up a heaping basket full for the cow   I got the mail at noon   no letters   I had one forward to Nellie   Mother & I sat in the E porch most of the PM   fairly comfortable   Mrs Zimmerman Mrs Ruby & Mrs Gale Hamilton calld   Ruby called to grind his sickle   I ground my scythe & sickle   we sat on the porch & coold off