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September 20, 1919

Sat 20  warm too warm  91 at well house at 2-45 pm  I shaved & changd all my clothes  I geathered a bucket full of fine tomatos  mail late again  I went down town at 10-45  recd a card from Dave & left my papers til aftr dinner  I took laundry from Jones boy & pd 37c  1 shirt & 5 collars  Pm Mother went to Ayers & Mrs Rupe called on the porch awhile this eve  I got pork 54c & Bread 15c


July 25, 1919

Friday July 25, 1919   hot & dry   Now at 4 Pm tis 98 at the well house  we arose a little early & I called Ora Turnipseed & he will help me with his truck & I engaged Aggson & we went to my pasture in his auto & got a load of dirt on the truck & went to the Taylor Cemetery & fixt the 7 or 8 graves by leveling with 2 loads of good fine soil   I pd Ora $2 & he left about 9 am   Aggson & I leveled & fixt the graves in good Shape but left the load of manure til it rains & we can level the dirt some more   Geo Sigler came to the cemetery & we straightened the monuments to Joe Newlands & Chas Wilsons graves   Aggson & wife both took dinner here  She helpd Mother   this am I pd her 1,00 & him 1,50 by giving him a chk for $2,50   I got mail after dinner   it was late   I got 35c pork for dinner  recd a card from Mrs Shille r  after supper at 7-30 we went with C C Gardners to John Flemings   Mrs Rupe & Florilla Longwell also went   we had a nice Social Eve & calld at Dr Gardners in Lex   home at 10  a very warm Eve   I took John Carter basket gren Husks cobs

April 11, 1919

Fri 11   Cold dark Cloudy & light Showers   Frank Arthurs girl came & worked for us all day & Frank came & fixt some plumbing   mother & I both feeling well & able to work some   we recd a fine typewritten letter from Leslie in Desmoines & he expects to come home soon   Mr & Mrs Rupe called & Mrs Lindsey called & spent the eve & we had a good visit   I went to see Kopoch & pd him $8 for shoveling snow off my walks last wintr & spreading manure   I cashd pension chk $120,00 & depos in Bank   I got shaved at Hulls 15c

April 10, 1919

Thurs 10   Arose Early in Muscatine   Paid our bill $2,00 at the hotel & soon took the train for Wellman   a dull cool cloudy day   we arrived nearly on time at 10-30 & Dr Gardner was at the train & asked us to their home for dinner & of course we gladly accepted   we had eaten no breakfast & Mrs Gardners dinner was exceptionally good & we appreciated the kindness   first we came home & started 3 fires   found things all as we left them near 6 mos ago only mice had got in & made some havoc but Lavanda had got some traps & had caught the most of them with Mr & Mrs Rupe to help   Mr Rupe also invited us to dinner & we were sorry we couldn’t accept both invitations   after visiting with Gardners & reading a letter from Leslie in Desmoines we came home & oh how we missed our dear boy Vic   he allways met us at the train but he is gone never to return   we will allways cherish his memory   I bot bread meat tea coffee flour & Frank Arthur had put our plumbing in shape & we are glad to be at home once more

February 8, 1919

Saturday February 8th 1919   Delmar Hotel   Quite cool & clear all day  we took breakfst at the Delmar Cafe   I got a paper 3c & read   Mother wrote to Mrs Rupe   I went to the market to get strawberries & green beans for Nellie   got neither   Met Mr Palmer   I finishd writing to the Advance & now I must copy it   went to dinner with Oklahoma folks, Crumley,  pd 76 for 2   at 1-30 Palmer came & Mrs Boyd   her sister Mrs Britton  mother & I went with him to San Pedro 6 or 7 mi SW & saw many ships & boats   extra fine cemt roads & a pleasant ride   only too cool   I wore my overcoat & gloves   home at 4   we sent Nellie a Carnation boquet 40c   took Supr at Delmar Cafe   we sat in the parlor awhile & got warm   I have headache   it has ached a little all day

February 1, 1919

Sat feb 1st & rainy dark & gloomy   we had breakfast at Delmar Cafe 25c for both   we wrote to John & Ellen   Mother wrote to Lavanda   I have headache & feel poorly all day   took dinner at ymca  pd 61c both & went to a store & bot a skirt for Nellie & stockings for Margaret   pd 1,15   read awhile in Minnesota book   bot LA paper 3c   Mother & I walkd to Chamber Commerce & look over the Iowa register [1]  found Mr & Mrs Rupe reg [registered] 2 yrs ago & Vern & Geneva Sigler reg last summer   we took supper at Delmar Cafe  30c for 2   to bed at 8-30   have heat & we need it   we sat in the Sun parlor awhile but too cold

[1] In addition to visiting his children out West, Isaac was in California for a reunion of Civil War soldiers that was held every year and sponsored by the Grand Army of the Republic.

January 26, 1919

Sunday January 26 1919   in Long Beach Calif   very fine & warm   I wrote & sent a card to Leslie in France   had a letter from him yester   also from Mrs Lindsey & Mrs Rupe in Wellman telling of death of our old friend & Neighbor John McKinley of 3 strokes paralysis at 11 am   A Palmer calld at Hotel with auto & took us to his home to dinner   Nellie was glad to see us & tried to be cheerful & is very weak   after dinner Warren took Nellie Mother & I for a short ride over smooth cement roads & in the eve Aron & Mrs P [Palmer} brot us back to Hotel Delmar   feeling we had spent a pleasant day if Dear Nellie was only better