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May 28, 1919

Wed 28 & my 83 Birth day   a fine warm day & I have failed much in the last year in strength & my eyesight has failed & my back has lately been lame & weak   Leslie has prescribed for me & my back is maybe a little better   on the whole I have got much to be thankful for & I wont complain   many are worse off   Mother & I planted 4 rows of shoe peg  Mrs Lindsey sweet corn seed soakd 19 hours   the ground is getting quite dry   I hoed som   got mail at noon   Birth da card from Sylvia   letter from Sec WRC Riverside with 6 certificates of identity for reduced fare on rr to CR [Cedar Rapids] to the dpt Encampmt   I signed & sent to Riverside   I was down town AM & Pm   this is a good corn day   Mother went to Missionary meet at the church PM   I wrote letter & thankd Dave for Birth da greeting

May 27, 1919

Tues 27   warm Hazy   good growing da   I hoed a row of beans & beets & raddishs & got the mail at Noon & 25c liver   I recd a Birth day card from Dave & a Shoe set brush & blacking complete for my 83 birth day gift  Dave rembers his parents better now than in his younger days & we appreciate his kindness   recd letter from John & Ellen asking us to visit them soon   John is very feeble   also letter from Leslie   he is busy as ever & has bot [bought] 106 acres of land at $83,25 an acre   good for Leslie   I cut some of my brush in the alley   Florilla Longwell & Sade T called to get tomato plants   Mrs P Ayers called   I helped Mother set tomatos and cabage   Flora Snider called & borrowed Extension ladder   Dalas Zimmerman called with a plant   good corn day

April 11, 1919

Fri 11   Cold dark Cloudy & light Showers   Frank Arthurs girl came & worked for us all day & Frank came & fixt some plumbing   mother & I both feeling well & able to work some   we recd a fine typewritten letter from Leslie in Desmoines & he expects to come home soon   Mr & Mrs Rupe called & Mrs Lindsey called & spent the eve & we had a good visit   I went to see Kopoch & pd him $8 for shoveling snow off my walks last wintr & spreading manure   I cashd pension chk $120,00 & depos in Bank   I got shaved at Hulls 15c

March 24, 1919

Mon 24   Warmer   Mostly cloudy pleasant   we are both well   took breakfst at Delmar 25c   I took a walk to the pier then read Hawkeye  letters from Dave Nora Allie & Willard   he is slowly gaining but had the flu real bad   Harriet came from Los angeles AM & we took dinner at ywca  pd 90c for 3   I went to pike & got 12 picture folders for 1,00 & sent on to each Willard Mrs Lindsey Allie Roy Isabel Nora Maude Mrs Doc G Sylvia Dave & Mrs England   I went to PO & got 15 1c stamps & 5 2c stamps pd 25c   I got an Eve paper 2c   we took Supper at Delmar Cafe   I pd 75c for 3   I sat in the mens room & talkd till near 8 when I came to our room & wrote & read

January 30, 1919

Thurs 30   very fine morning   we both feel good   I got my shoes   pd 18c  They feel better   breakfast at D Cafe 30c & sent cards of Hotel to Mrs Lindsey & Florilla Longwell & pm to Roy & to Nora   I went to Chamber of commerce & Registered in the Iowa book   Mr Palmer came PM with Nellie & we went with them for a Short ride as it lookd some like rain   we got out at our hotel   then I took a walk down East along the Beach   took supper at the Delmar Cafe 50c for the 2   read awhile on the sun parlor & to bed 8-30

January 26, 1919

Sunday January 26 1919   in Long Beach Calif   very fine & warm   I wrote & sent a card to Leslie in France   had a letter from him yester   also from Mrs Lindsey & Mrs Rupe in Wellman telling of death of our old friend & Neighbor John McKinley of 3 strokes paralysis at 11 am   A Palmer calld at Hotel with auto & took us to his home to dinner   Nellie was glad to see us & tried to be cheerful & is very weak   after dinner Warren took Nellie Mother & I for a short ride over smooth cement roads & in the eve Aron & Mrs P [Palmer} brot us back to Hotel Delmar   feeling we had spent a pleasant day if Dear Nellie was only better

October 21, 1918

Mon 21   Mother is sick   a Taylor girl helpd PM   pd her 40c   I got mail at noon   letter from Sylvia & Isabel   also one from Leslie & he is well   Sloans men started foundation for our monument   I went to cemetery with them we sent our trunk to Willard in Olathe [Kansas]   I drew $640,00 from Bank   400 draft 240 cash   Sold A Turnipseed hay in barn for $17   pay in 2 mos at Bank   Mrs Lindsey called to bid us good bye   also C C Gardner & wife & Sade Topping & Florilla Longwell   we lent her sewing machine  Albert [Longwell, Florilla’s son]   came for it   Frank Arthur shut off our water   I pd him 1,50  I gave treas[urer] M E Church chk for $50 for church & Benevolences 

August 22, 1916

Tues 22  Cooler  a very pleasant morning  NW wind  I carried some chairs from the Baptist church for our use  Mr Shiller called to pay his respects & offered us his auto for the day  C C Gardner took the pallbearers in his 7 seater & would take no pay  at 10 AM Rev A M Smith preached a very good sermon at our home & the house & porch well filled & some on the yard  several came here to dinner  Mrs Lindsey & Ura Taylor came & worked till 2 pm & I pd them each one dollar  Ollie & Herve & Verl went away after dinner & I went down town & Settled with Editor Coffey for 100 obituaries & settled with Bidwell a wreath  check $5,00 & now Holden is laid to rest & he has had a life of trouble & misery  May his soul rest in peace

August 19, 1916

Isaac and Margaret had travel plans, but canceled them due to Margaret’s brother, Holden, being ill.  It is likely that they had planned to attend the National Grand Army of the Republic Encampment in Kansas City, Missouri from August 28th to September 2nd.  Being the 50th anniversary, it was probably important to Isaac because he kept the brochure. 

Sat 19  warm & dry  a hot sun  I got the hose from the barn & attached it & helpt Mrs Lindsey scrub the porch  I got Sweet corn for dinner & I hoed all over my late sweet corn  Roy & Adams here & around all day  we recd a letter from Ollie T Carris that Holden her father is laying sick  very low  liable to leave this world any time  we had thot of going away mon [Monday] now we give our trip up for the present  I got 4 Ears of Sweet corn for Roy to take home  I got loaf bread 10c this Eve & a watermelon 45c  Vic brot Isabel & Marjorie from Rachs this Eve

Program cover for GAR Encampment in Kansas City, Missouri
Program cover for GAR Encampment in Kansas City, Missouri