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February 5, 1923

Mon 5   Cold morn   Sun Shines Bright   I aros aftr 9 feeling Poorly  Mother washt me   I rested well fore part of Nite   Mother talked with Maude  Ralph got me fresh side meat for dinner   Dave cam & brot me Beef tea cubes   Isabel went to D of Vet [Daughters of Veterans?] meeting   She is President   Mrs Roup & Mrs Boyd called & we had very Pleasnt visit   We sent Leslie Box oranges 3 doz & 1 doz Tangerines by Parsel Post   I pd the Post 2,51   we got mail after dinner   letter & sessmt Blank from C Livsey  Leslie Nora & John & Mrs Fleming

March 22, 1919

Saturday March 22 1919   Long Beach Del mar   We arose feeling well & took breakfst at Delmar 25c for 2   A fine warm Sunny morn but soon clouded & the later the cooler & clouder & this eve it looks rainy   we wrote to John & Ellen   I took a walk to the pier & got a paper 3c   Mr Palmer Calld AM   we took dinner at ywca 66c for 2  PM   Warren & 3 children & Mrs Boyd came   we went down on the pike & I got the children p nuts & pop corn   I got cold and came to our room   we took supper at Delmar   pd 30c for both   I sat in the mens room & read awhile & then talked with the janitor & proprietor awhile

February 23, 1919

Sun 23   A fine morn   clouds all gone   we arose at 7 & took a long time to dress   took breakfast at Delmar Cafe 50c for 3 & sat in the sun parlor awhile   we are glad to have Nora with us   at 10-30  Mr Palmer came & took us to grace ME Church & to his house for dinner   Mrs Palmer & Mrs Boyd had a good dinner & we visited til near 5 & Warren brot us to Hotel Delmar & we went to find a flower store to get some flowers for Our Dear Nellies funeral tomorrow   we found stores closed & wil try in the morning

February 13, 1919

Thurs 13   A very fine sunny day   Slept well last nite   took breakfst at Delmar Cafe 25c for 2   got paper 3c   we took a walk to the market   met Mr Palmer & helpd him sack some cow feed   cabbage leaves cheap   he got 3 Sax   I bot Belflower apples 15c   mother wrote to Lavanda   we took dinner at Advent 61c   Mr Palmer & Mrs Boyd came after dinner & we went with them to the emporium & Saw shoes pots & camelshair cloth & skin churn &c   foreign Palestine Jerusalem looking women silent begged for money   I walkd along the pike & bot 3 sax Cracker Jack for Nellies children 15c   took Supper at Advent  40c for 2   I took bread & milk 14c  a man put a pane of glass in our room window   he ate my Bellflower Apple & my sak of pop corn   may he steal nothing larger

February 8, 1919

Saturday February 8th 1919   Delmar Hotel   Quite cool & clear all day  we took breakfst at the Delmar Cafe   I got a paper 3c & read   Mother wrote to Mrs Rupe   I went to the market to get strawberries & green beans for Nellie   got neither   Met Mr Palmer   I finishd writing to the Advance & now I must copy it   went to dinner with Oklahoma folks, Crumley,  pd 76 for 2   at 1-30 Palmer came & Mrs Boyd   her sister Mrs Britton  mother & I went with him to San Pedro 6 or 7 mi SW & saw many ships & boats   extra fine cemt roads & a pleasant ride   only too cool   I wore my overcoat & gloves   home at 4   we sent Nellie a Carnation boquet 40c   took Supr at Delmar Cafe   we sat in the parlor awhile & got warm   I have headache   it has ached a little all day

February 10, 1870

Nora Iowa Carr - 1915

Nora Iowa Carr was born on February 10, 1870.

Thursday Feb 10, 1870   Vic came by & wanted me to go with him to the timber   I couldn’t go   had other fish to fry   about noon we had a Daughter born at the Poor House [1]   Mrs Boyd & Chloe Dodge were the only women here   Mrs Capen Came Soon after   Mother & child both doing fine   Elsie Foster here assessing the working Dutchman   Schrader was here to see about Surveying

[1] This was the first time that Isaac referred to his home as the “poor house” when a daughter was born, but it wouldn’t be the last.