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September 21, 1918

Saturday Sept 21st   A very fine cool day   quite a frost   this is our 53rd wedding anniversary   how fast time flies & how thankful I am that we are both well & have plenty to live on but oh how we do miss our dear boy Vic I think of him many times evry day   I got sweet corn for dinner & mother took Mrs Ruby a mess [of corn]   Bert Steninger calld to rent my Shiller House & Frank Adams & wife calld but mother had gone down town & they didn’t stay long but [mother] came home soon after they left.


August 22, 1916

Tues 22  Cooler  a very pleasant morning  NW wind  I carried some chairs from the Baptist church for our use  Mr Shiller called to pay his respects & offered us his auto for the day  C C Gardner took the pallbearers in his 7 seater & would take no pay  at 10 AM Rev A M Smith preached a very good sermon at our home & the house & porch well filled & some on the yard  several came here to dinner  Mrs Lindsey & Ura Taylor came & worked till 2 pm & I pd them each one dollar  Ollie & Herve & Verl went away after dinner & I went down town & Settled with Editor Coffey for 100 obituaries & settled with Bidwell a wreath  check $5,00 & now Holden is laid to rest & he has had a life of trouble & misery  May his soul rest in peace

September 21, 1915

Isaac and Margaret celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary in grand style on September 21, 1915.  Ten of their children attended.   Isaac’s oldest son, Harvey Taylor Carr, who lived in Minneapolis, did not attend, but Harvey’s daughter,  Estermae (Jean) Carr traveled to Wellman, Iowa for the celebration – probably with her uncle, David Arthur Carr, who also lived in Minneapolis at the time.

Jean wrote about her visit to Wellman in a letter to me, saying “I had no contact with the Carrs while growing up – until their golden wedding.  I was 21 at the time – went to it without an invitation and was treated royally.  Many of them kept in touch with me after that.”  It is because of Jean that I have the original photos taken that day.

Isaac’s account of this special occasion follows.

Tuesday, September 21, 1915  Our 50th Wedding Anniversary & a most beautiful day   our children all at home except for Harvey   we past a most pleasant day   our good children presented us with a most beautiful mahogany Hall clock 8 day with chimes for every quarter hour   Willard  [DeYoe] fixt it in complete running order & it is a fine ornament for any home & every time it strikes the hour it brings the memory of our beloved children   Leslie came early this morning from Dr. Gardners & he & Lavanda staid all day   Our photographer came at 11,40 & took Negatives of the whole group in 4 different settings 

Isaac and Margaret's Wedding Anniversary Photo with their siblings (seated) and their children and grandchildren .  Jean Carr is in the back row, second from the right.
Isaac and Margaret’s Wedding Anniversary Photo with their siblings (seated) and their children and grandchildren (standing) . Jean Carr is in the back row, second from the right.

Then all but Mother & I were called in the parlor & lastly mother & I were escorted in & Willard made a touching & interesting address & presented us with the clock   I responded as best I could  my feelings touched as never before    Several boquets of greenhouse roses   Mr. & Mrs. Shiller sent us a small gold enamel clock   Mrs. McFarlane sent me a very nice Innitial tie holder & mother a nice gold nut spoon & sent a letter expressing her friendship & regards   Mell [Melvin] Squires [Margaret Taylor Carr’s first cousin, once removed] sent fine roses  & a letter with all good wishes  Ezra Bradford sent me a nice gold GAR pin   Mr. & Mrs. C. C. Gardner a nice letter Expressing their regards & friendship   Ellen & John [Brewer] & Add [Addison Taylor] a nice table cloth   we all went to the photographers this pm & sat for pictures & mother & I for one by ourselves   we gave Esther Carr $6 to buy a ticket home to St. Paul & she went at 4-45   Mary went to the train with her  we all had ice cream & cake this eve 



January 1, 1912

Mon Jan 1st  New years & real cold  clear & quiet  Leslie helped wash while I got Warren Palmer over & helped me build a fire in Shillers base burner  the fire went Entirely out last night & all her plants are froze  Shillers are away since Sat Eve & I have charge  Warren got a sak of charcoal & I got kindling & we soon had a fire  Rev Boatman Came this Eve & I went with him to church & after church we held quarterly conference  when we got home we had some apples & to bed at 10,30  a cold night  I went to the church to funeral of Girty Downing Jones  I have enjoyed Excellent good health all of the past year for which I am very thankful  I raised only about 15 or 20 bu of Small potatos  a very poor crop of corn on my truck patch but fine pole beans & lots of Sweet corn & lots of Sweet punkins & fed them to the cows & have 72 large squashes in the cellar  I buy apples as we need them 50 to 75c bu  I have $9000,00 on time deposit 21,160,00 notes  My 4 rent houses bring me 52,50 a mon[th]  I get $20 mon[th] pension 130,00 bank div per year  I have 5 fine shoats 1 big fat hog 2 horses 2 cows  Vic went moonlight hunting got 4 rabbits

December 31, 1911

Sunday Dec 31st & last of 1911  The year goes out like a lion  much colder  high NW wind  the boys & I Shoveled much Snow off the walks  I gave Geo Stewart a check date 30th for $15 & he went away  he wanted more  he wanted me to Pay a drayman for bringing his little engine from Frank Hamiltons but I persuaded him that $15 was pretty good pay for what he done  I went to church  had communion Service & used the individual service for the first time in our church  Mother didn’t go to church  She is not feeling well & this is a disagreeable cold day  Emma tried to help me fix a fire at Shillers  it looks weak to night

January 1, 1911

Sunday January 1st 1911  Rain Some morning & Evening   New years day finds us all in our usual good health Except I am takeing Some kind of sore Eyes  it is going the rounds & is called Pink Eye  Ralph has it  Leslie went with me to church & I gave him one $ for New years gift  we made a New years dinner  Mr & Mrs Shiller Ralph & Isabel Nellie & Warren Ezra Bradford Roy Arden & Lilian & Leslie all here for dinner & we had a fine dinner  Mother made Some of her best Buns & Evrything Else in proportion & all seemed to Enjoy it  Leslie took T P McReynolds a good dinner  he is about the same  Some times a little better  we have had the best of health the past year  I weigh 145  that is more then for Several yrs  I raised 70 bu of rather small potatos  a light crop of corn but 20 Shox fine fodder in the barn  plenty pole beans  plenty Sweet corn  few punkins  all in all I am satisfied with my truck patch from my farm  I had my barn full of good hay & Sold $85 worth  I got $10 for Stalk pasture  I Sold 300 bu corn for $120 & I put in crib about 1050 bu of good corn  I have pd to date for Leslies Schooling this term $250  I have in bank on demand time certificates 8 or 9 thousand dollars  Notes Mortgages &c $16800,00 bank Stock par value $1550,00 actual value $2950,00  I have 5 good houses  I have 128 acres of Iowa land 2 cows 2 horses wagon Spring wagon one buggy plenty wood ready to burn to last a year  very much to be thankful for