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October 1, 1897

Friday Oct 1st dry Calm warm & dusty we visited with Jap & Sylvia in Winfield all day & Jap had a very long day with dental work a man fainted & a woman took chloroform & had quite a time in the Eve we went to Mr Shearers & took T & spent a very pleasant Evening back to Sylvias by 10

September 30, 1897

Thurs Sept 30 dry warm dusty Nora & Al & Mother & I went by Keota Stopped a few minutes at DeYoes & at Sanders Store & went onto Windfield at 11-15 found Harriet & Willard Comfortably fixed & very glad to see us we took dinner with them & I left my team in livery barn & we took train for Winfield fare 1,90 for 2 one way arrived at Winfield at Sundown Sylvia & Jap at the Depot & glad to see us passed a very pleasant evening Mr Shearer called & wife & invited us all to T [tea?] tomorrow evening I paid Harve $7