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May 26, 1919

Monday May 26 1919   A warm Hazy growing day   partly clear   I took over washing to Carrie Ash  [James] Ageson  helpd me trim my hard maples here & at Dr Wells & we piled the brush in the alley & I pd him 50c   good job   I have a lame back & cant do much   I hoed 5 rows potatos   I have them all hoed & raked once   I got mail at Noon   letter from Samson in Cal   I hoed a row of beans   Mother gave Rupe tomato plants

February 25, 1919

Tuesday February 25th 1919   A fine cool day   we took breakfst at Del Mar 50c for 3   Harriet ate none   we all went to the market   I bot Winesap apples 15c & Bellflowr 25c & 1 doz Oranges 15c   at 10-30 Mr Palmer took us all to his home & Warren took us to Whittier 25 miles   a beautiful drive thru orange & Lemon groves & little Lamont Dear Nellies youngest boy went with us & enjoyd it   we took dinner in Whittier   I pd 2,10 for 5 & mother & girls went to call on Mrs Snavely  Noras Aunt   we got auto fixt   I pd 60c   we lookd at a small nice park & then went & calld at Samsons Neighbors of our younger days   Mr S was not home but I had a pleasant call with Bell as we used to call her   we then found mother & girls at Snaveleys  a sister of Rev Adam Schwimley   a pleasant faced woman   we then drove to Mr Fredely nee Birdie Zimmerman   made a nice call   lookd over their home & made arrangmts for a visit & picnic next Sat & got Harriets Satchel from Fredeleys   went to Los angels & drove thru the city for miles when it seemed we couldnt get thru & at 7 eve arrived at Del Mar & I wanted Warren & Lamont to take supper with us but they went home   thus ends a busy & pleasant day   I got a room at our Hotel for Nora & Harriet   pay $8 for a week

November 1, 1871

Wednesday Nov 1st 1871  Geathered corn  I took up an Estray yearling steer  Samson & Singerman appraised him at $11,00  John Adams Agt [Agent] for the Farmers Ins [Insurance] Co of Freeport, Ills [Illinois] Called  I sent application for ins on Barn $1,000  on grain $100,00   on house $200,00  on furniture $75,00  on wearing apparel $35,00  making $1410,00 in all for which I am to pay in yearly installments  first year now $8,05 cts & $7,05 each succeeding  4 years  Finished geathering the ridge west of the Barn