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October 11, 1917

Thursday October 11th 1917  Cool & mostly cloudy  I got a good feed for my cow out of a shok  I found a letter from Leslie on the porch this morning & it rained a little & then got a little colder  All day stiff NW wind  I watered all plants & shaved  I went down town at Eleven  No word from mother  I ate lunch at Lewis 15c  Sat in the bank & read  Came home at 3  I pict a basket of grapes & put in the cellar  Vic came with the auto  We went to Wassonville mill & got grist  5 small gunny sax chop Barley & oats  I pd Fellman for grinding 50c & for a sak Wassonville flour $3,00  Put grist in the Barn  Vic, Miller, Brown went to my timber for hickory nuts  Sade Topping called & got a pint of butter 


August 20, 1916

Sun 20  Another hot dry day & I was called to Lewis phone this morning by Herve Carris telling B H Taylor died last nite or this morning & will start with the body Mon morning & be here Mon nite & I have made all arrangements to that effect & now Eve at 9-15 Ollie phones from Keota that Herve is bringing the body in his auto & will be here yet to nite   about 10-30  we got another phone from Keota enquiring if the auto carrying the body had arrived & near Eleven got word that the body of Brother Hold had arrived in Keota & will Stay there to nite

December 9, 1896

Wednesday December 9th 1896  An Extra fine day  I went Early to Hicks to see if he would go with me on appraiser business but he was gone  Harve chopped a little wood & chored  I put a handle in his axe  I went to Lewis in Eve to see wood Sawyers  Holden came & stayed all night  Roy & Sam finished hauling hay from the other place

April 16, 1891

Thursday, April 16th 1891   Warm Cloudy & looks much like rain   we put in Oats over west till noon   I finished sowing Oats 40 sax on the piece over west at noon   it rained quite a hard thunder shower  it will help the grass but I hate to see it as we need to get the Oats in   A Miss Evans came to give Harriet lessons in painting on velvet   PM I went to Nira & got a butter tub & Mag filled it with butter & I took it to Nira & Lewis will send it with 2 tubs of his to Denver Colorado to A L Schwimley   I wrote to Nora & told her to take out of our tub all she wanted & to sell the rest & send me the money   I gave Tucker his tax rect [receipt] & he paid me 2,81 the amt