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January 10, 1900

Wednesday Jan 10 A very moderate & muddy winter day I went to Jones & bought a dressed goose & chicken both very fat & young & nice Dave helped me carry cheese celery Sausage &c home we Called to see Holden He gains very slow I was called to the telephone this morning & informed that Sylvia has a 9 lb boy [Ray C. Green] & they will send right away for Mother when I told them we had fixed for & invited Co [company] for tomorrow Said they will Send tomorrow PM


November 14, 1897

Sunday Nov 14  A very fine warm Spring like day  it rained a little last night & seems like a Spring day  our girls are visiting as fast as possible  we had buckwheat cakes & honey for breakfast & baked Chicken & hickory nut cake for dinner  J W Ashton & family here visiting  Willard & Harriet & all children went to see Roys baby [1] PM  Bell & Maude went to Keota to Church Eve with Hix & Jones  Bell will go to visit Harriet & Sylvia this week  Harriet & Willard left for Keota at dark  tis thundering & lightning  is warm & looks & feels like rain

[1] Lillian Hazel Carr

September 16, 1888

Sunday September 16 1888   Rained steady from 2 ½ in morning til 8 am Mag & I started at 8 am in buggy   went to Stapeltons & then to the Liberty Catholic Church to Julia Stapelton McMahons burial   it cleared partly off & dried some  we got home at 3 ½ PM   Josh Squire & Wm Kirkpatrick called   I went to Jones to see about threshing & Roy went to Carris’s & Joe Englands to see about hands  we want to thrash tomorrow if weather permits

September 27, 1885

Sunday Sept 27  A fine day   I went to see Jones’s about thrashing   they had promised to thrash for me tomorrow   I met Ed & he told me they couldn’t come till next Thursday   I think they have used me real mean  Roy went to see Joe Romine   he can thrash also next Thursday   Rash Hull & family & Josh Squire & wife came visiting   we had a good visit   we saved 100 Ears big speckled seed corn   have 200 in all   my new pig weighed 135 lbs

August 26, 1885

Wednesday Aug 26   very fine day   I went down east to look for hired girl  got none   Den finished spreading manure & PM he & Roy both plowed   a cloudy cool PM   I helped start the plow & done very little else   Mrs. Joe England Called to see Mag   I mowed hazle brush in the road East of house   Jones’s brought Cattle here to weigh & let them run most all over my farm   I wrote a letter to Belle Poland

May 7, 1869

Friday  May 7th   Went to Washington   took old sow   weighed 350 lbs  got 7,65 per lb   Jones Paid me $100,00   bought Hand Planter for 4,50  tbl [table] salt for 3,50   groceries & other articles to the amt of $46,00  Paid Wellington $300,00 three dollars   roads very rough   Farley rode Home with me   Hauled trees for Jones   Mag & Harvey finished Planting North piece of corn