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September 25, 1922

Isaac and Margaret attended the 56th Annual GAR Encampment in Des Moines. 

September 25, 1922   left Wellman at Noon   In Ioa City 1-15   I paid Singelman 3, 35  Geo Glider 1,65   Mother & I took dinner at Hotel 80c  I bot 2 round tickets to Desmoines pd 8,72   arrived in Des at 7   A large crowd at depot & long train and free autos took us to 1339 forest ave  Crawford nice folks   there at 8-30

GAR National Encampment Brochure



October 1, 1898

Saturday Oct 1st Warm & misty all day damp A good day on my Sod Bell & I went to Wellman went by the road over north & posted 5 Sale bills & found Mag hard at work Cleaning house Sowing Carpet &c I found Clem Mahaffa in Wellman & Settled with him & he paid me $230 for my corn at 29 ½ per bu I paid Crawford for 620 yards of Sodding at 9c per yd & he allowed me $12,00 for hauling I paid R. S. Whetstine $8 for Crawford I paid H, S, Sample $100 on our furniture & window Shad bill & I deposited $50 in bank I paid Amanda all up for Maudes board & mine to date $7 we all took dinner at Amanda’s Heller finished painting the inside of the house I built the first fire in my grate & it burns well Harve 309 days & drew 134,50

September 30, 1898

Friday, September 30, 1898 Harve went & got Joe England to help haul corn & Harve Hauled Sod for Crawford & they finished Sodding my lawn I helped Harve load his first load of sod & Roy & Sam hauled corn & Roy now owes me 4 days I went to Nira & took Vic & we both throwed back corn in the Car & PM I went to Wellman & brought Maude Mag stayed in Wellman at Amanda’s I got Sale bills [1] 60 & paid Reeds boy $2,00

[1] Isaac had farm sale notices printed to post around town and on the major roads.

September 27, 1898

Tuesday Sept 27  A real warm dry day  I went Early to Wellman  Crawford commenced sodding my lawn & Harve & Roy both hauled Sod  I helped at the Grate all day & we got it set but I am not Satisfied with Dagles work  he is smart &c but knows little about setting a grate  Holden helped  Roy now owes me 9 days  Dagle came home with me  I took dinner at Amanda’s