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April 16, 1891

Thursday, April 16th 1891   Warm Cloudy & looks much like rain   we put in Oats over west till noon   I finished sowing Oats 40 sax on the piece over west at noon   it rained quite a hard thunder shower  it will help the grass but I hate to see it as we need to get the Oats in   A Miss Evans came to give Harriet lessons in painting on velvet   PM I went to Nira & got a butter tub & Mag filled it with butter & I took it to Nira & Lewis will send it with 2 tubs of his to Denver Colorado to A L Schwimley   I wrote to Nora & told her to take out of our tub all she wanted & to sell the rest & send me the money   I gave Tucker his tax rect [receipt] & he paid me 2,81 the amt