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September 24, 1901

Tuesday September 24th 1901  pleasant warm & Sunny  Messenger & I worked all day at tile plumbing &c & he dug a tile drain north of kitchen & my bedroom & we will put tile in to carry off the Surface water of the north hill in a wet time  Craig & his man Weiser came & both worked all the AM putting iron pipe & Craig finished in the Eve & we got the ditches partly filled  I am very tired this Eve  I worked to long & too hard tho I havnt done much  we recd a letter from Mother & a Birth Card from Nora & Allie announcing the birth of a fine black headed boy named Leslie Carr Schwimley born yesterday about 9 AM  Mother & child doing well  I paid Messenger $1,25

September 23, 1901

Monday Sept 23  A pleasant warm Sunny day  I went early & got N Messenger to Come & do some work  we took all the tile out in the basement that connected with both water closets & will put in iron pipe  we found the tile all in good Condition & doing the work as well as any pipe can do it but I wasn’t fully assured of this till we dug them out  Craig came & disconnected the air pressure tank & helped move it & also helped move the Stove  we got along well with the work tho I haven’t felt well all day  Dan Bolding Called  wants to be Co Treasurer

September 20, 1901

Friday September 20th, 1901 Cool & real cloudy  no frost last night  tho it was quite cold & I almost wished after I had gone to bed that we had covered & brought in the plants  we recd a letter from Mother & Nora & wrote to them  drayman brought 4 in iron pipe from Craig  I went to see N Messenger about working for me  not at home  Vic called Roy by Hamiltons telephone to keep our colt up