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February 2, 1923

Fri 2   Cold bright & Sunny   I arose Near Eleven feeling very poorly   Max S called & gave Ralph a check on the American Bank & he brot me 35,00   I gave Isabel 15,00   I laid down awhile after dinner   Dave came awhile & aftr supper he & Roy came & stayed the eve   also Amos Hull & wife Ruth & others calld while I was laying down   I wrote to L E Wilkins of Belknap Iowa about $1100,00 intrest due Mar of Inst [instant] next

February 5, 1922

Sun 5   A very fine cool day   we arose late   I slept only fair & ate a good breakfst of pancakes & my cold is No worse   Isabel has a bad cold & cant talk loud   I drest in my Sunday best   only Marjore & Ralph went to church   I ate a hearty dinner & am feeling much better & Now at 1-30 pm the thermometer stands at 59 & the sun shies warm & is a still beautiful day & we had a good dinner   Beef loaf good fruit salad & whipt cream  about 2 Roys [family] came & Max & Ottos [Otto Klockenteger’s family] & Warren & Nellies 2 children Lamont & Margaret & we had a realy good visit   Especially the young folks

January 23, 1922

Monday January 23 1922   At Noras in Oakland   More moderate   we arose a little before 8   Nora & Allie washd   I wrote to Isabel in Pomona telling her we will leave here Next Thurs 26 & probably be in Los Angeles Fri Noon   we recd letters from Leslie in Clermont & from Sylvia  Mrs Marner Hila Foster & from Isabel  Mother is tieing a comfort[er] & Hila Foster wrote that Martha Capens Address is Atlanta GA USP Hospital No 48 care [of] Maj C W Williams   right aftr supper we drove acrost the estuary to Berkley & called on Max & then went to a lecture by Montreville Wood [1]   a good & interesting lecture combining Electricity the Gyroscope the Monorail Ultra violet rays with talks stories &c   was very interesting & we had front seats   home & to bed at Eleven   recd a letter from Dave in SW

[1] Montreville M. Wood, was a scientist and lecturer.  He has been associated with Thomas A. Edison, per The Arizona Republican, April 20, 1919, page 6.

January 19, 1919

Sunday January 19, 1919   Cloudy dark damp & drizzles rain   we arose late & near Eleven Oclock AM   we all except Mother went to the depot with Max going back to his camp   his arm is nearly well & Leslie Schwimley went to school which has been closed on act of the Flu   it drizzled rain as we walkd back from the Depot   to bed aftr 9 & still raining

January 18, 1919

Sat 18   Cool & cldy AM & cleared cool PM   we had good waffels for breakfast   I finishd taking a box Doans Kidney pills & bot another  pd 55c & took quite a walk East & feel fairly well   I think the pills are helping my Kidney trouble   towards eve we all went in the auto to a Mr Owens   a portly nice looking one armed man   he & wife live with son in law   Max came from Camp Freemont but only staid long enuf to fix up a little & went down town to see some youngsters   his folks had sent him $5 to come home   I shaved

January 9, 1919

Thurs 9   at Noras   dark gloomy  Cold   Left Noras Allie Nora Mother & I at 8,30 in Allies new Carr   I wore my over coat in the closed carr all day & was chilly  good cement roads   looks like rain   took dinner in Pleasant on poor hotel & poor dinner   I pd 2,60 for the 4   thru Stockton Tracy in San Joquin Co & took supper in Paloalto in San mateo co   went to camp & found Max & he took supper with us   I pd 2,50 for the 5   we drove around some   went to Leland Stanford University & Allie & Nora took Max back to camp & we put up at University hotel & had a Small Kerosene Stove for heat

January 2, 1919

Thurs 2   Still & cold   below freezing   recd a good letter from Sylvia & I see by this morning paper the cold is general in the US even in S California   in Sacramento colder than had been known before at this time of year   after dinner Leslie took Max back to his camp 100 miles in the auto   his wound arm is doing well   Allie went 12 ms [miles] to conduct a funeral   I took a walk west a mile or more & saw onions & cabbage just set out   I saw Eucalyptus trees   a beautiful tree with body resembling sycamore & long narrow leaves & plenty of them   I saw fig olive almond & pepper trees   the PM was cool & fine for walking & I enjoyed my walk

December 31, 1918

Tues 31   Cool & clear   no wind   we are all feeling well & Slept well   Max phoned this morn from the hospital 75 miles where he has been over 2 weeks from a gunshot in his arm that he is able & wants to come home for New years & Allie sent Leslie with the overland auto   I took a walk & ate almonds cutting the shell with my knife   PM I went with Allie down town & met Several Peopple   was in 2 prosperous looking Banks   in a store I got a hair net for mother 10c   we went to the SP depot & Agt told me our round trip ticket needs no validation   Max & Leslie came at 9 in the eve  Max feeling good   his wound doing well

September 20, 1899

Wednesday Sept 20 An Extra fine Sunny Cool fall day Roys hand Frank brought one load of hay & the barn is nearly full Vic helped me mow it away Nora & Allie came on the 10-26 train this AM & little Max & he has improved wonderful & can walk Harriet & I met them at the train we had a big rooster for dinner & a boiled beef heart Willard DeYoe also Came across from Keota & he took our Organ all apart & Cleaned it & it now Sounds as nice as new PM Allie & I went down & got his & Noras trunk I bought 3 big watermellons for 25c & ½ bu Sweet potatos for 35c I got 3 lbs butter 54c Jap Green came in the Evening & he played second on the organ & I fiddled