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October 14, 1901

Monday Oct 14  A pleasant day  Mother & I went down town  I got a fine lamp for Vic & Leslie  a wedding present for Maude & we got Nellie a nice dish for the same  I got pension Chk cashed & kept $20 & deposited $10  I got butter $1,55 at Reaneys  Mrs. S E Topping called & gave me $10 for Post to apply on rent

October 13, 1901

Sunday Oct 13  Cool light NW wind Cloudy & rain a little  we all but Maude went to ME Church  heard a rousing Sermon on Hell by Stryker  the Children & girls Except Maude went to Sunday School  Bell went home this PM  Mother & I called at Klockentagers & invited them here Wednesday Eve

October 12, 1901

Saturday Oct 12  Cool drying  a pleasant day  I got butter & toilet soap at Beardsleys 71c  I got port for dinner & in Eve part basket of grapes a lamp top & a flue  Maude & Otto went to Keota & brought Harriet at 10-30 in Eve  we had just gone to bed  Nellie McKinley Carney came for me to make a short talk at WRC the 26th

September 29, 1901

Sunday Sept 29  Cooler & Cloudy all the AM  light NW wind  all went to Sunday School but me  I killed a rooster for dinner  very fat  I washed & dressed my little colts wire cut leg with green mountain Salve  it is doing well  I feel better to day than yesterday & fiddled some & read Some  Leslie took an Early hunt for Wallers Cow  Maude went to Bells  Walt Liverzy 10 year old boy Mervin was Shot & instantly killed  I heard the report

December 25, 1899

Monday Dec 25  Christmas  Colder cloudy & froze all day  I killed 2 dux [ducks] Roy gave & we had them roasted for dinner  Bell & Ralf were here for dinner  our girls took dinner over for Holden & Laura  Holden is about the same  he improves very Slow  I am better to day  this has been a rather Slim Christmas day for us & our home will be apt to have fewer children each returning Christmas till they are all gone  we miss them  Even now Maude got home late last night from Keota & left Nellie there for a week’s visit with Sylvia

September 23, 1899

Saturday Sept 23  An Extra fine Cool fall like day & Mag has a bad headache  we are all invited to Hulls to Bell & Ralphs infair [affair]  all went but Mag & I & Vic  he tended to his laundry & then went down on his wheel [possibly a bicycle] [1] & told Maude that Mother was better so her & Otto Klokenteger drove my team & Carriage back & we arrived Safe about 1 pm & had a real good dinner & good visit & Rach gave us a mess of green corn & we came home & Roy hitched to my old buggy & took Harriet & Nora & their husbands home with him  Jap Green came this Eve from Keota

[1] Bicycles were a popular mode of transportation at this time.