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January 12, 1922

Thurs 12   Clear Cool lt N wind   we arose at 7-30   I slept uncommon well last nite & ate a good breakfst of pancakes   I took a short walk before dinner   No mail   PM Allie went to Lodi 100 miles in his auto to conduct a funeral   Don went along   Mother went with Nora to a womans meeting & I am alone   we recd letters   2 from Dave in SW   1 from Maude & 1 from Ollie   wil send Daves letters to Maude & Sylvia   I took a long walk this Pm out NW towards SF Bay


December 25, 1921

Sunday Christmas Dec 25 1921   at Sylvias in Grand Junction Colorado & moderate [temperature]   we all arose late & found Santa Claus had been here & was very liberal   Sylvia & family were so well remembered   I cant near enumerate them   I recd 2 Nice shirts from Leslie & Sylvia   fine worster sox from Isabel   Book Border Legion [1] [from] Leila & Ray & a picture of Leila & a picture of Lois   also a very fine box of fruit & Nuts from Nora & Allie   Nice pkgs of Stationery from Maude & Otto   Mother was also well rememberd by all our children Except Roy   we have not heard from him as yet   the Christmas cheer took our time   So we had a late breakfst   I gave Mother 5,00 Sylvia 10,00 Leila Ray & Lois each 1,00   I gave a total of Christmas money $69,00   we all but Jap went to Church & heard rather poor Christmas Sermon   Ray took us in the Auto  Next came our Christmas dinner with the 20 lb turkey as the largest if not the chief attraction   Sylvia & the girls had prepared a wonderful Christmas dinner   2 kinds of pie   2 kinds of cake   Cranberries & many other fruits with much candy & Nuts   towards eve Jap took us all a ride out NW on a New Smooth cement road   then over the Colorado river on a fine long steel bridge   we were home at dusk & supper servd at 7   I didn’t eat supper thinking I would be better with out

[1] Grey, Zane, The Border Legion, Grosset & Dunlap, 1916

September 21, 1921

Isaac saved a postcard sent by his daughter, Isabelle.

September 21, 1921

Mr. and Mrs. I. N. Carr, Wellman, Iowa

My dear Parents,  Will write you a card on this “our wedding anniversary”  Your 56th and our 22nd.  We are all well.  Maud phoned me [that] you said in letter you would be with us this winter & we are sure delighted.  I am going to Mauds tomorrow.  With love,  Isabelle

May 28, 1921

Sat 28   A fine warm day & my 85th Birthday & I am very thankful for the health & strength & the many blessings that I enjoy   yet I fully realize the age is telling & I am failing but am thankful & have No complaints   I mowed some lawn & went to Wards? & paid $1,00  for 2 tickets to class Play   I went to Sniders & got cream & pd 75c & we churned 3 times & got fine butter   I got mail at Noon & got letter from Maude & birthday cards from Lamont Harriet Paul & a very fine Angelfood cake from my good girl Sylvia   after dinner Mother & I sat on the porch til 3 or 4 Pm  when Roy & Arden drove in from Corydon & we are glad to see them   I have some lawn yet to mow & they helped me finish it   I took my watch to Millers with broken mainspring   he put in a New one & I am to pay him 1,50

May 27, 1921

Friday May 27 1921   Warm & showery   lots of threatening   I replanted a few pole beans   I piled quite a lot of manure   McConnel still keeps his horses in my Barn & doing nothing   I think they would be better on pasture   I got mail at Noon   cards for my 85 birthday from Maude Marjorie Margaret & from Isabel   I appreciate the remembrance   I got pork & liver 33c   after dinner Mother & I called at Wm Wade & took a nice boquet of roses   Wade is a very sick man & failing fast   I went down town & it looked so like a shower   I didn’t stay long   I tied up a few grape vines  it rained a little shower last nite

October 16, 1920

Sat 16   A fine cool morning   I carried 5 pails water to scrub front porch   I don’t feel well   Wellman has 875 people & with Lime Creek TP [Township] 2075 & in 1910 we had 2032   I fixt some trap triggers & got mail at Noon   Card from Dave   I got $34 intrest on Bonds & depos it   Fred K gave me a letter from Maude   I wrote to Lincoln Woolen Mills Co dpt 554-208-214 Chicago & I maild the letter this eve & aftr dark C Rowe wife & 2 kids came & Staid an hour   they brot us a gal sweet cider & a qt New Sorgum   they are nice clever people   I bot a nice 4 lb chicken of Zelmers  pd 80c

July 29, 1920

Thursday July 29   Warm dry dusty   Jap & I Split a little wood   then drest in our best & went by invitation to Fanny Stephen in Keota  Stopt on the way at the old Bil Carris home & got Gene [Jean Alean Stephen] [1]  adopted daughter of [William Alexander] Stephen & reached Keota before Eleven   I went down town & met Warren Stewart  Joe Romine & called on Allice Leighton Wolf   went back to Stephen to dinner & an extra good one   calld twice at Theodore Greens   no one at home   a small fire in west part of town   Konklins out bdg nearly total[ed]  Jap & I went   the fire co soon put it out   I met Tip Dayton & went back to Stephen’s & near 6 Eve we had lunch & came home   were delayed Near Fosters by a blow out & got to the PO at 7-50 & found it lockd & my Ioa City daily faild to come   I gave F Klockenteger paper Maude sent & Fred gave me a letter from Maude  this is a beautiful Eve   Keota has improved much since our girls attended school ther & Main St is a nice thorofare & I enjoyd the sociability

[1] Jean Alean Stephen is William Alexander Stephen’s niece. Jean lived with William Stephen and his wife Fanny after her mother died when she was a child.  Jean’s parents were James Samson Stephen and Nellie Jean Nichols, Stephen(s)/Boice Family Tree, Ancestry.com