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September 27, 1915

Mon 27  Cloudy misty wet  Isabel went to Nellies to put up plums  I wanted to mow some lawn but it was too wet all day  W P Gardner phoned me to come & help him fix a wardrobe to send to Leslie & Lavanda  aftr dinner I went over & we got the thing down stairs & he had nothing to work with so we came over here & got lumber & tools & finally got it well fixt   this eve I went down town & got Cheese boiled ham & buns & bread to fix lunch for John & L [Ellen] & Ad & Holdn as they go tomorrow at 7-30  I went to official church meeting  hired same Janitor Joe Yoder at increased Salary & Had a controversy over cleaning up the church after outside associations meet & Settled it by requiring each association to pay janitor  I wrote to Mrs. Woolen & Mr Gaddis about mortgage on land in Okla  we had a fire in the grate Eve & past a pleasant eve  apples & graphaphone