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July 31, 1918

Wednesday July 31st & last  a very fine da & cool  53 in the well house  this morning I dug & put in the cellar 1 ½ bu potatos & a bucket full to use  I got sweet corn for dinner & we had corn pancakes for dinner & supper  Willard took Isabel & Marjorie to Ioa City this PM   I gave Isabel $50,00  Willard came back Early & took mother & I for a ride past our farm to Keota  Crops look fine  we called at Mrs Deyoes  She looks poorly  Mary Willards sister looks in fine health & fleshy  home after sun down & I milkd by electric lite  Edith Weller here & spent the eve

July 30, 1918

Tues 30   A very fine comfortable da   I dug & put in the cellar 2 bu potatos & mowed some lawn   I got a doz ears sweet corn for dinner   Willard came this morning from Keota & got Harriet & they went back to Keota to stay til eve   we recd a card from Leslie   has got as far as Chicago  drayman Liebe came & got Isabels trunk & box & took to the depot   I am to pay him 25c   Lavanda & Ellen called this eve & it is quite cool   it was 56 this morning at the well house   Ash read our light meter but not the stove   war news continue to favor the allies

June 28, 1918

Fri 28  Warm & mostly clear   I tied up some grape vines & made another Cat hole in the barn house stable floor & now I think the cats can get under the barn all round   we all 4 wrote to Leslie in Clermont   Ralf got the mail by going the second time   him & Isabel are at Amos H for the nite I went to PO & maild 3 letters this PM & got 2 lb sugar 20c & salt 10c & mowed some lawn   Sylvia & her girls came from Keota this eve   I hoed a row of Navy beans

June 25, 1918

Tuesday June 25 1918  Warm & cloudy all the AM with glimpse of sun now & then   near 11 I went to the depot & got 24 qts blk raspberries from S W Harve riverside   I pd 27c ex   I got letters 1 from Leslie well & doing fine   still expects to come home 10 or 12 July   Ralf came this morn & Isabel went to Hulls but her & Marjorie came back this eve   I met Moore on the street & he pretended he didnt want me to resign as director but his talk didnt change my mind   I think I know H S Moore

June 20, 1918

Thurs 20  A fine day & warmer   It raind several small showers last nite Isabel Mother & Marjorie finished picking & canning our cherries this am 32 qts caned we 3 wrote to C C Gardner & wife in Lake Land Florida I got the mail before dinner was news favorable to the Allies all round Itallians & all   I made a cat hole yester so my cat can go under the barn for rats this pm   I put 5 baits of rat mix near the Barn   I done no work

June 19, 1918

Wed 19  Cool rain  Easy & steady all the AM & I done no work   I got the mail at noon & got 2 lb sugar 20c yeast 5c 3 doz can rubbers 25c 2 doz covers 60c 2 rolls toilet paper 25 c small rod   I went down town pm & to G & G lumber office & to Olda Kerr & got 25 lbs sugar for canning   Mother Marjorie & Isabel pict & seeded a lot of cherries   the PM has been warmer & pleasant & the rain is considered favorable to crops

June 10, 1918

Mon 10   a very fine day the warmest yet   I mowed some lawn & hoed & raked some   I went down town after dinner & got my Bank book   it was Balanced   Mother & Sylvia pict a fine mess of strawberries   Geo King called at the front door before we were out of bed   he wanted to know about fence   I mowed grass for my cow Eve & morn   I set 4 big tomato plants in the barn garden   the girls got the mail after dinner   train late & now at 9,25 it has not come this eve   Isabel & Sylvia washd   I took our wash to Carrie   I filld rat holes with glass & cement & put much dirt filling around the barn & in rat holes   I have been poisoning rats & am in hopes I have our place free of the pests