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September 14, 1915

Isaac and Margaret traveled to Des Moines, Iowa for the 1915 Grand Army of the Republic Encampment.

Tuesday September 14th 1915  Vic Isabel & Dave went with us in my car to Iowa City & at the Depot they left Mother & I  & were to come home by Philip Schwimleys & bring Nora who had phoned me this morning  we Started for Desmoines  fare 4,84 at 3,45 past  Tiffin & Oxford [train stops on route] car crowded & hot  past Marengo at 4,30  Victor 4,50 Brooklin at 5 & cooler  Malcom & Grinnell first stop Kellog & Newton 5,50 Colfax 6-8 min  lights burning & looks Sundown & arrived in D [DesMoines] 6,45  pd 75c for a jitney ride to the Savery house [1] & while at Supper recd a telephone from Martin Scranton in Desoto that John Brewer is laying at the M E Hospital with a broken arm caused by Auto accident  yester [yesterday]  Elen is with him & they were to come home with us from Desmoines  Mother & I took Street car & by much inquiry found the hospital & on the 5th floor room 516 found John & Ellen  he is not Suffering but both feeling blue  we staid awhile to encourage them  came back to the Savery & have a splendid parlor room with bath and supper  cost 1,43 to bed at 10-30

Renaissance Savery Hotel, Des Moines, Iowa (Photo credit: Marriott Renaissance)
Renaissance Savery Hotel, Des Moines, Iowa (Photo credit: Marriott Renaissance)

[1] The Savery Hotel is now owned by Marriott and is undergoing renovation.  The hotel’s website states:  “Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Renaissance Savery Hotel stands as an elegant architectural landmark in the heart of downtown Des Moines.”


December 29, 1912

Sun 29  A very fine day  light S wind   we all but mother went to Church AM & heard a very appropriate Sermon at the close of the year   when we got home we found Martin Scranton & wife Ed McCauley Ollie & Marie from Washington in an Auto   they Staid till near Sundown   Roys & Nellies [families] came after dinner   none here but Isabel this evening  Mother is feeling quite poorly with a cold   I am still putting peroxide of H [hydrogen] on my right big toe   the nail is all loose & it hurts me Some at nite

October 19, 1905

Thurs Oct 19  Cooler Cloudy looks much like rain & did rain some  Enough to Stop the mixing of plaster for the new house  however they Commenced again after dinner & Allie & I went to see the new house  Mart Scranton & wife went to Holdens for dinner  we all took back chairs dishes &c  Early AM & I went to the new house after dinner & in the Eve we all went to Aron Palmers to a reception but he made it a point to be absent & Mart Scrantons wife got Sick about 8 in Eve  I came home with her & Mart & went to bed

October 18, 1905

Wednesday October 18th 1905  A fine day  cleared off about 8 AM fine & this is Nellies Wedding day  Bell Messenger came to help & is good help  I borrowed $500,00 from the bank on demand & got $100,00 in gold $20 gold pieces for our wedding present & we were all busy all day  I paid Ed Smith $7 for red paint  Topping bros [brothers] $2 for bananas Celery &c & I pd Maude 2,40 for Chickens &c   Oldaker & Romine I pd 1,25 sak flour Mart Scrantons came from Washington  Roys came & Nellie & Warren Palmer were Married by Rev Willard Deyoe at 7 in Eve assisted by Rev W. A. Schwimley  Rev Clapp was here  Many Palmers & others  they brought many nice & useful presents  had a grand wedding Supper & all went off fine  my lights bothered some but I finally got them all right  we had a good Social time & Singing & guests gone & got to bed near 12 am  I hauled 3 loads of plaster 40 sax this morning & Hofer & 2 hands commenced to plaster my new house  Nora & Allie came this AM with Leslie from Iowa City  I pd Bell Messenger 1,50c

October 18, 1901

Friday Oct 18  A very extra pleasant fine day  we all went to Bells visiting  Roy & Cora came  I waited for the mail & drove Willards Single horse down H. Blumenstine[1] called & wanted to put up wire for my telephone but I told him I had a visit [visitor] on hand & we put it off till next Monday  Bell had taken great pains with her dinner & it was real nice  She is a good cook & a neat housekeeper  I wish She more of a chance to do & a good house to keep  Leslie Stayed at home & went to School & done the chores  the 3 Scrantons are here yet with their team  Jap & Sylvia stayed with Bell to night  Most of us went to M E Church this Eve  Scrantons went to Roys this Eve

[1] Probably Charles H. Blumenstine who was a traveling salesman per the 1900 U. S. Census  Lime Creek Township, Washington County, Iowa, T623-464, Enumeration District 0117, Sheet 8B

October 16, 1901

Wed Oct 16  Clear Sunny & Cool  Maudes wedding day  We arose in good season & put in the day getting ready  on the 10 oclock Express Nora & Allie came  I & Harriet met them with Carriage & we had a glad & joyful meeting  I got grapes cheese & cooked ham 5 lbs  we had a lap supper & a good one  Willard Deyoe Married Maude & Otto at 7 PM  Eve [evening] Martin Scrantons 3 Children here  I got Lindauers Stable also Hamiltons & we have 3 Stables well filled with horses  Mother & I got to bed at 11 PM  over 40 here  Many nice presents  Mother & I gave $100,00 in gold.