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July 31, 1918

Wednesday July 31st & last  a very fine da & cool  53 in the well house  this morning I dug & put in the cellar 1 ½ bu potatos & a bucket full to use  I got sweet corn for dinner & we had corn pancakes for dinner & supper  Willard took Isabel & Marjorie to Ioa City this PM   I gave Isabel $50,00  Willard came back Early & took mother & I for a ride past our farm to Keota  Crops look fine  we called at Mrs Deyoes  She looks poorly  Mary Willards sister looks in fine health & fleshy  home after sun down & I milkd by electric lite  Edith Weller here & spent the eve

June 30, 1918

Sun 30 & last of June   cool clear NW wind   It raind most of last nite & much water fell & we didnt need it   we all went to church AM   had communion & home to a good dinner corn bread &c   Leila & Marjorie both away   I wrote to Leslie Schwimley AM   graduation card sent   draft for $2,50   we all went to Church this eve & our presiding Elder preached Rev Gilbert   home 9,18

June 25, 1918

Tuesday June 25 1918  Warm & cloudy all the AM with glimpse of sun now & then   near 11 I went to the depot & got 24 qts blk raspberries from S W Harve riverside   I pd 27c ex   I got letters 1 from Leslie well & doing fine   still expects to come home 10 or 12 July   Ralf came this morn & Isabel went to Hulls but her & Marjorie came back this eve   I met Moore on the street & he pretended he didnt want me to resign as director but his talk didnt change my mind   I think I know H S Moore

June 20, 1918

Thurs 20  A fine day & warmer   It raind several small showers last nite Isabel Mother & Marjorie finished picking & canning our cherries this am 32 qts caned we 3 wrote to C C Gardner & wife in Lake Land Florida I got the mail before dinner was news favorable to the Allies all round Itallians & all   I made a cat hole yester so my cat can go under the barn for rats this pm   I put 5 baits of rat mix near the Barn   I done no work

June 19, 1918

Wed 19  Cool rain  Easy & steady all the AM & I done no work   I got the mail at noon & got 2 lb sugar 20c yeast 5c 3 doz can rubbers 25c 2 doz covers 60c 2 rolls toilet paper 25 c small rod   I went down town pm & to G & G lumber office & to Olda Kerr & got 25 lbs sugar for canning   Mother Marjorie & Isabel pict & seeded a lot of cherries   the PM has been warmer & pleasant & the rain is considered favorable to crops

June 18, 1918

Tues 18   Cool cloudy gloomy sprinkles AM   I went to the pasture & fixt the fence across the creek on the E side & went up thru the pasture   the grass is big & plenty   home to dinner at Noon   Marjorie got the mail letter from Leslie  he has a commission as 1st Lieut in the Medical part of the US Army & Expects soon to take up military life   I am Sorry to know this yet it is the right thing to do   While at dinner it rained a little shower & I went back to the pasture & fixt some fences   moved 4 posts from creek bank & tightened the wire

June 15, 1918

Sat 15   A comfortable mostly clear da   I mowed some lawn   we have pict the last strawberries & how I shall miss them but from earliest to latest I guess I have had my share  the girls got the mail at noon & i recd a letter from Mapelthorpe wanting pay that Vic owed at the clothing store   poor dear vic   he has paid all his debts with his life   when will this cease   I cut a coupon off 2nd liberty loan & drew 8,75 intrest   Sylvia pd me 1,50 for Vic’s picture Leslie sent   I went down town PM & got beef to boil 1,05 oleo 2 lbs 68c   I got shaved 15c   E Bradford called on the porch eve   Ralf & Marjorie came to stay over Sunday I suppose   I met Rach Hull in the barber shop   he is very very poorly & weak not long for this world   the eve train came on time the first for a week or more