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September 21, 1865

At 18 years of age, Maggie apparently was her own woman, as Isaac relates in the next journal passage.

Thursday, September 21, 1865  Went to Washington [county seat] to get married to Maggie Taylor  did not marry her because she would not have me unless I would raise chin whiskers 

Isaac and Maggie did get a marriage license that day.  Maggie’s brother, David Taylor, declared that he was personally acquainted with both Isaac and Maggie and that Maggie was 18 years of age. [1]

Evidently, Isaac and Maggie came to terms because they were married later that day at the home of Capt. Wilson. [2]  After what appears to be a bumpy courtship, Isaac and Maggie began their long, loving life together.

[1] Application for Marriage, Washington County, Iowa, FHL Film # 969340, pg. 22

[2] Declaration for Widow’s Pension, Margaret Taylor, dated Mar 1, 1923

September 4, 1865

Monday, Sept. 4, 1865   thrashed   Had altogether 122 bus [bushels] wheat   my Share 40 2/3 bus   I paid $2.00 for thrashing    rained in fore noon but we finished   Sun an hour high and I hitched up my team and went over to Taylors to go after Maggie down to Scrantons

August 25 – 30, 1865

During this period, Isaac worked his farm, but continued to room with the Squire family.

Friday, August 25, 1865  Plowed in the forenoon and mowed for Squire in the afternoon. 

Saturday, August 26, 1865  Paid Mrs. Squire two dollars fifty cents for making a shirt and $1.50 cts for washing at 25 cts per week  three weeks paid in advance 

Sunday, August 27, 1865  Went to Dayton for meeting  N Austin [probably Nels Austin] was baptized   went to Taylors in the Evening but as Maggie was absent only stayed a few moments  the place looked lonesome. 

Monday, August 28, 1865  took a load of wheat to Washington  17 bus [bushels] got 90 cts per bu  spring wheat No. 2  bought 100 ft of barn siding to fix Stable  paid $2.50 

Tuesday, August 29, 1865  took a load of wheat to Washington  19 bus  got 90 cts per bu  spring wheat No. 2  got a bbl of salt $4.10 

Wednesday, August 30, 1865  Paid Robert Squire ten dollars for board  this pays for five weeks board from the 7th of this month

August 15th and August 20th, 1865

Isaac had a thirty-day furlough during late February 1864.  He returned home for a much-needed visit.  It may have been at this time that he became interested in Maggie Taylor, the younger sister of Isaac’s first wife, Elizabeth.  Isaac’s journal entries started to periodically mention that he and Maggie corresponded.  Once Isaac was mustered out of the Army and was home, it was clear that he was very interested in Maggie.  However, their courtship would go through some rough patches — right up to the day they married.

Tuesday, August 15, 1865  Went to Leightons to a Surprise party   the house was crowded and I did not enjoy myself well

Sunday, August 20, 1865  Went to G. B. Squires and to see Maggie in the evening   passed a very pleasant Eve and Effected a Satisfactory reconciliation of difficulties that came near putting terminus to our meetings


August 12, 1865

Isaac harnessed his horse to his new wagon and set out for the Harvey Taylor residence on August 12, 1865, where he overnighted.  The next day, he brought Maggie, Stephen, Allice, Amanda and Abigail out to his farm where they “had a gay time”.

Stephen and Allice were probably the children of Isaac Leighton, the farmer Isaac worked for when he was about 18 years of age.  Amanda was Isaac’s sister who married Ezra Bradford.  Abigail’s last name is not known.

July 1, 1865

4 miles S E of Louisville K.Y.   Saturday, July 1, 1865   Some appearance of rain throughout the day but only sprinkled a little and was quite pleasant   I washed up my clothes in the forenoon and wrote a letter to Laura   She is an odd child   I don’t know how this correspondence will end but I guess I can hold my own   I should like to See her   I still get no letter from Maggie   I guess I might as well slip that from my mind   there’s no great loss but ther’s some small gain   all quiet in camp   Sutlers still doing a good business in the way of beer &c&c but the boys have got their appetites somewhat appeased   had dress parade this evening   the first for some time   the brigade band was in attendance   our reg looked small but neat