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January 31, 1922

Tuesday, January 31 1922   it has cleared off   we arose at 7-30 & had a good breakfast of pancakes & I recd my papers & set by a good pleasant fire   it is quite cool   after dinner I read the Advance of June 26   Ioa [Iowa] Savings Bank consolidated with Wellman Saving Bank under name of the latter   Clark Wiman & Harvy Simons Dead & Lyman Bradford in Jail in Washington   another good man gone wrong   after dinner we went in auto to Aron Palmers an hour or 2   then Roy came with auto & took us to his home an hour or so & Ralph came & we went back to Isabels   had Supper & I read in the Pathfinder [1]

[1] Arizona – The State Magazine and Pathfinder, Vol. 11 No. 8 January 1921,  http://azmemory.azlibrary.gov/cdm/ref/collection/asabooks/id/105

November 2, 1920

Tues 2   Colder dark Cloudy   a little snow   I made a fire in the furnace & wrote to Ioa City Citizen   sent chek for 1,00 & to stop the paper   I paid Hicks boy 1,00 thru 26 Apr & the delivery has Not been Satisfactory  many papers missing   this carrier business is unsatisfactory to say the least   I went to the polls in Shraders Hotel at Noon & voted the straight Republican ticket   I think the Election wil be close   I am very much opposed to war but have little to no faith or confidence in a league of Nations to prevent war   I got mail  letters from Leslie & Ollie   saw Ezra Bradford down town & after dinner he called a little while & seemed all brok up & I deeply sympathize with him [1]   I saw Anderson Turnipseed & he will haul out my manure & plow our garden tomorrow.

[1] Ezra’s son, Lyman, left his wife and family.

October 13, 1920

Wednesday October 13 1920   warm & dry   S wind   it thunderd & Sprinkled rain a little last nite   Sun rose brite & clear & Staid so   I got mail at Noon   No letters & Main St was very very dry & dusty   I never saw it more dusty   I got hamburg steak 25c   Pm mother went with C C Gardners to Pierces to a LAS [perhaps Ladies Auxiliary Society?] & she heard that Lyman Bradford town marshal & JP & our Nephew my Sisters Boy had left town   left his family under a cloud   oh the evils of Beer whiskey & women   while mother was gone I lookd over old letters & old pictures of long ago   I went to Snidr creamry & got cream   pd 1,00 & I churnd twice 15 min each time & got a fine mess of butter but quite warm   Mrs Marner Brot us some fine apples & pears & mother took her some butter milk

April 12, 1919

Saturday April 12 1919   A nice clear warm day   Arthur girl came & workd for mother & our house looks well   I paid her $3 & Frank fixt toilet & a fawcet & I pd him all I owe him $3,75 & Emet White pd me $3 for last years pasture   Kopoch came & workd all day mowing lawn & raking   I pd him 2,25   painter Smith called this eve said I owed him $2 for painting Dr Wells kitchen   I pd him one $ & will pay another $ later   I went to lawyer Bells & he drew a deed to James Aggison for the Shiller house & 50 ft lot   Mother & I signed the deed & left it with Bell who also fixt up my income tax papers & Sent to Louis Murphy Dubukue [Dubuque, Iowa] & I settled all accts with Bell for fees & commission & gave him a check for $45,00 & Aggison gave me a check for $2000,00 for the Shiller house & I took a certificate of deposit in the W S Bank [Wellman Savings Bank] for $3000,00 one yr at 6%   I sheard $52,62c off my Bonds & got the cash   I pd Louis Gardner 3,35 for sak flour & J W Oldakr 50c for 11 lb brown sugar   I signd insurance on Shiller house to Aggison til next Aug   I was by Lyman Bradford & gave in $25000,00 moneys & credits

June 27, 1918

Thurs 27  Warm mostly cldy & showers   We arose a little early Expecting Nellie from Oklahoma via Washington & she came about 7 before we had breakfast & I gave E C Goodwin a check for $4 for bringing her from Washington  Nellie is poor in flesh & looks sickly  I hope her visit home will improve her health   she is taking a serum treatment & Dr. Wills came & injected the serum in her arm   John Fleming & wife were coming to spend the day but rain Kept them away  we also lookd for Sylvia from Keota   I got 68c meat this morning for beef loaf   had our first new Beans   Ralf came before dinner   Florilla Longwell came by invitation & spent the day   I got the mail at noon   I got our washing & pd Carrie 1,25 & I pd Lyman B one $ for city water to June 26

April 1, 1918

Mon Apr 1st  A most beautiful dry warm da   I stretchd 4 wires on my grape arbor & put fire in grate   I made rows & mother planted sweet peas  2 painters came & finished up stairs & bedroom   insurance adjuster calld this Eve representing the Natl Life   he will call again tomorrow   all 3 girls went to Lymans this eve   have fire only in grate  our bedroom is newly painted & mother & I will sleep in the parlor to nite

December 26, 1911

Tues  Dec 26   Snowy damp nearly a rain   real dark   I done the chores   we Slept rather late   Emma came on the 10 AM train   I got 20c pork for dinner   also 50c ground beef for veal loaf   the boys & I cleared the Snow off the walks twice morning & Evening   it has Stopt Snowing this Eve but looks & feels like a deep snow   Ezra Bradford Lyman B & wife [Cora] & Ruth & Maude Bradford Luthers girl[s] were all here to Supper by invitation   Leslie run the graphophone awhile & then left   Vic didn’t Stay a minute after Supper   we passed a very pleasant Social Evening & our visitors went home a little after 9   Bank meeting PM