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October 23, 1898

Sunday Oct 23  An Extra nice warm Sunny day  the children all went to Methodist Sunday School  Mag & I went to Baptist Church  Ez & Amanda came home with us to dinner  PM  Luther Bradford & his daughter Maude called  it clouded up towards Eve & Mag has a Severe head ache  Louis King & wife called


September 3, 1896

Thursday Sept 3  A real nice cool Sunny day  Mag & I went to Luther Bradfords to Mr. Aaron Lamberts funeral & Sam Carr & Wife My Cousin came home with us also Elsie Pinkerton  we got home to dinner & found Ed Jones wife & kid & Bertha  also Lee Darling here visiting  we had a good visit & made some cider  finished cutting the corn & dug Early potatos

February 8, 1893

In this next passage Isaac writes about a surprise party where he and his wife were the honored guests.  He talks about a silver tea set that was to be presented, but shipment was held up due to the snow. Their 25th wedding anniversary was September 21, 1890, so that would not be a reason for this party.  It’s not known if this was a special occasion or just a special get-together in the dead of winter because, as far as can be discerned, February 8th holds no special meaning for either Isaac or Margaret.

Wednesday feb 8 – long to be remembered – A cold cloudy day  We expected a few of our friends & relatives & we killed a nice turkey & a rooster & about 10-30 a few loads of People that were not invited came & brought well filled baskets pans & steamers & they came thicker & faster till our house was full & our Stables & Sheds full of horses  I suppose Ellen had got this up as a Surprise party for Mag & I & we were most agreeable Surprised  we had a Splendid dinner  3 long tables full & we had a good Social visit with our friends relatives & neighbors  they had ordered a Silver tea set but it got snow bound & will come in due time  to say that we were pleased with this demonstration of good feeling & neighborly kindness doesn’t half Express it   the roads were blocked with Snow drifts in many places & very hard traveling  yet our friends persevered & traveled in the Cold to Show their good will & we highly appreciate it  Our Sisters Ellen & Amanda were the Main ones in this pleasant & long to be remembered Occasion  following were present on the occasion: 

Mr & Mrs V W Carris, Ez & Amanda, Dave & Evaline, Ellen & Fred, Mr & Mrs J C Jones & Dan, Mr & Mrs J C Jones, Mr E L Jones, Mr G W Weller & Edith, Mr Henry Foster & Hila, Mr W A Foster & wife, Mr Marion Foster & wife, Mr. Harlan Hodges & wife & B [baby? – Floyd Hodges was born in 1893][1], Mr & Mrs Luther Bradford, & Cora, Roy brought Cora [Anna Cora England – Roy’s wife] over to stay all night, Mr Geo Sigler & wife, Mr H H Wilson & wife, Mr Tom Moon & wife, B H Taylor & wife, Chas Grassel & wife, Wm Downing & wife 

& in the Eve Many young folks came in & we heard Singing Music & playing till midnight & Malachi Newland brought me $5,00 that I over paid him on corn

[1] Ancestry.com, Iowa State Census Collection, 1836-1925, 1895 Iowa Census, Wellman, Washington County, Iowa, pg. 449

February 2, 1893

Thursday feb 2  A cold Wintry Cloudy day  we only done the Chores & it Snowed some & looked very Stormy  Jim Wishard called to look at my Steers but didn’t buy  Aug Lindauer Called to see me about getting the Hall for church purposes PM & he got his dinner  later C. Durien & Hamilton Called & I Sold them my 41 Steers by the lump for ($1693,00) Sixteen hundred & Ninty three dollars & they gave me a check for $50,00 on the Wellman bank  Roy & Fred Brewer went rabbit hunting  Wes Taylor went to Luthers

February 1, 1893

Wednesday feb 1  real Cold & Stormy from NW  12 deg below zero  Roy took Sylvia to School & it was a tough trip  none of the Children went to School  after dinner Roy took Adds [Addison Taylor] kids & Lucys [1] 2 kids to Luthers but Wes Taylor Stayed here  we only done the chores  it was too Stormy to do any work

[1]  There were two ladies in Washington County who were relatives of Isaac’s through his wife, Margaret Taylor Carr.  There were of the age to have small children.  One was Lucy Squires, born ca. 1860 who was the daughter of Perrin and Mary (Goss/Gross) Squires.  The other person was Lucetta E. Squires, the daughter of Joseph Warren and Nancy (McDonald/McDowell) Squires.

January 24, 1893

Tuesday Jan 24  rainy Sleety & very gloomy & unpromising in the morning & moderate but it cleared off & was a very fair day  we arose early & Dave took Sylvia to School & we killed 2 very nice hogs  they weighed gross about 580 & then Ed Jones & wife & Mr. & Mrs Daugherty came & then all menfolk went to Luther Bradfords sale  I bought 3 boxs wagon grease 15c a box of Irons Jewelry 35c an iron Slant tooth harrow 7,25 & 4 heifer Calves $20,00 & then all came home to dinner  had a good visit & Jones & Daugherty went home about 4 & I cut up & salted my 2 hogs  Dave & Ev went with Jones to stay all night  Harve & Roy worked

May 3, 1891

Sunday May 3   a very fine warm day   Nellie & Maud went to Luthers to hear from Old Mrs. Leighton   She was just alive last Eve & was expected to die hourly   I put grease & Kerosene on the Jim Colt to kill lice & turned him & Kit and her colt in the root   our pear[s] are up nice   plums are in full bloom   our currants are blooming very full later   Mrs Leighton died yesterday Eve between 8 & 9 oclock   this passes away about the last of the Early Settlers of this Ct [county?]   A good kind motherly woman with many friends