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October 15, 1920

Friday October 15 1920   Partly cloudy & warm   cooler towards eve  raind several times last Nite but not much water fell   I workd around the barn a while Sweeping Sawing & pounding   I got mail at Noon   No letters  I got bacon 25c   PM we wrote to Leslie in Clermont & I maild the letter  also one to Isabel in Pomona Calif & mother took fruit juice to the church to make frappa [1] for to nite   after Supper Mother & I went to ME church to a reception & get acquaintd meet for our New Pastor Rev Moore & wife & the Wellman teachrs   a goodly crowd present   the opening address by C C Gardner folowd by disgusting singing Howling or barking   some fair recitations & in a few remarks Rev Moore thankd some body for the meet  a huge bowl of frapa was in evidence & all had plenty   I took 1 small glass   I don’t believe in nor favor drinking such Stuf   home at 10   I gave C C Gardner a chk for $45 for Pastor salery & will give $20 more Next spring if not prevented

[1] Dictionary.com describes one definition of frappé as a fruit juice mixture frozen to a mush, to be served as a dessert, appetizer, or relish.


September 21, 1920

Thursday September 21 1920   A very fine warm day & Our 55 anniversary of our wedding & we celebrated the day by going with Mr & Mrs Perry Ayers to our Co [County] Home to the annual picnic   we took our dinner   started at 9 AM & we Surely enjoyd the day   an interesting program was carried out   Rev Henry Millice pronounced an appropriate Invocation   then good Band music & Speaking & at Noon all enjoyd a picnic dinner with free good strong coffee with singing speaking reciting & a flying machine in the pm & Mr Beatty & his good wife deserve the sincere thanks of the whole Co for the good care & management they give to this public institution   Evrything has the best of care & the large Orchard excited the wonder & admiration of all   it was sprayed 4 times & every tree loaded with fine large healthy apples   no worms or other pests worked on these apples   all smoothe & Nice   we got home before sundown & we thank Mr & Mrs Ayers for giving us this very enjoyable day   we got mail at the PO as we came home   letters from Leslie Ellen & Mrs A L Palmer   Mother is sick since coming home   something don’t set with on her stomach

August 19, 1920

Thurs 19   warm & mostly cloudy   I finishd mowing my lawn & cut much with sickle   I also ground my sickle   I got mail at Noon   rcd a letter from Leslie & got 25c steak for dinner   at 2 pm we went to Chaut   some girls sang or cried   I harly knew which   very poor if singing & very poor cause if crying   a midle agd woman talkd on Russia & the women & children   a fair talk but I am little interested in Russian afairs   Bert Steninger talkd about buying my Zimerman House   I geathered up some grass & weeds   I cut & put in the Barn  we went to Chaut this eve   I felt rather bore[d] the whole eve   a Chicago boy livened things up some & a Mexican played well on his horn but 3 or 4 girls were bores to say the least

July 30, 1920

Fri 30   A warm sunny day   I got 17 ears sweet corn & our first ripe tomatos for dinner   I went over to Rupes & he will go to Goodwins for Blk berries   Jap & I Split some wood & I carried some down   Rupe brot us 2 boxes blkberries & I pd him 40c   we got mail at Noon   letter from Dave & I got good beef steak 60c  loaf bread 15c bonami 10c soda 10c   this pm thermometer reg 93 in wellhouse   Sylvia washd & irond 3 ties for me   we wrote to Leslie in Clermont

December 26, 1919

Fri 26  A fine moderate Sunny day we arose late & had breakfst at 9  the first we have seen the Sun for one week  we are all feeling good & wrote to Leslie  the boys went with Willard down town  I pd Willard 1,50 to pay for cleaning my Brown Clothes  Mother & Harriet Called on Mrs. Woodberry PM  I ate no Supper this eve  I wrote & sent a card to James Aggson in Wellman  Dave gave me this lead pencil

December 25, 1919

Thursday December 25th 1919 Christmas at Harriets Another dark cloudy dismal day & I am allowed the blest priveleg of spending another Christmas day with my Children Harriet & Willard Mother Dave Roy & Paul & we are sure having a merry Christmas & recd letters & cards from Florilla Longwell Sylvia Jap & Lois  card from Woodberries Hattie Darbyshire our Harriet is most sick & Willard & mother cookd the turkey & we had a most Splendid dinner which we all enjoyd & Harriet ate some & seems better & we all got many presents  I gave Each a $5 bill to Mother Harriet Willard Dave Roy & Paul one $  I got from Leslie an Electric warm pad & Hdkf from baby Lavanda  from Jap & Sylvia a Book & Hdkfs from  Dave a fir hat? & Hdkfs from Harriet & Willard  a very nice pr of grey dress Kid gloves  after dinner we visited & ate some apples in the eve & none wanted Supper  Mother & I went to bed after 9 Willard Dave & Roy visited til 10-30 or more

December 11, 1919

Isaac and Margaret are on their annual trip out west, first stopping at  their daughter, Harriet’s home in Olathe, Kansas.

Thursday December 11th 1919  Colder & growing colder yesterday & last Nite we thot it was going to moderate but it was of short duration & Now we must endure another Cold Spell but to day papers say the Coal Strike is called off & that will help some Willard went to KC this morning & brot a Mrs Sheppard wife of Bishop Sheppard who is in Europe Recd  letter from Leslie