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November 20, 1918

Wednesday November 20th 1918   at Harriets Olathe   Dark & Cloudy this morning   Willard arose early & went to KC [Kansas City]   took a hand to do some work at Willards house there   Mother & I slept later   a couple came to be married at 10 am   it looks like rain   Willard was called home from KC   Harriet had a time getting him   they came again 2-30 pm & Willard was here drest in his clerical prince Albert & tied the knot & Harriet recd $5   We were rejoiced to rec a letter from Leslie written on board ship ready to sail for France   No date   we all 4 wrote to him in France

Dr. Leslie Lewis Carr


November 15, 1918

Fri 15   dark cloudy cooler  In the PM it turned to mist & was quite dark   I went with Willard to the church & he tinkered [with] the pipe organ & got nice pork tenderloin for dinner   I took a dose of Salts   Mother & Harriet sat in their nice large room & talked long   this PM we got a large photo of Leslie by mail but think it looks too old   the epidemics is bad around here   it rained awhile this eve   a girl 18 named Nellie came & spent the eve  we had apples

November 14, 1918

Thursday 14   A very fine fall day   we arose a little early & Willard had a funeral at 8-30   a boy 17 hunting rabbits   his gun bursted & he was killed   we then all went to KC over fine roads & splendid scenery & farms & fine house   Especially the buildings of KC are many  & fine   we went to rr office & found about our train &c to Grand Junction & I think we ought to end our visit here & go to Sylvias but mother & Harriet want us to stay to Thanksgiving   we took dinner at Caffeteria   a very fine meal  I pd $1,84 for the 4   then we lookd around the city & went in car around the cliff drive   a very fine drive & scenery   home by dusk & it rained a little   a letter from Lavanda said Leslie started over sea Mon [Monday]

November 13, 1918

Wed 13   A very fine day   this AM we got the 3rd Wellman Advance of Nov 7   will soon know it by heart   I went with Willard   several short rides  a lady Mrs Kirkpatrick called & wanted to meet mother & I   an old soldier of 11 Kas [11th Kansas Infantry] I met down town a Mr Fenn told her we were here   I sent a card to Leslie  Hoboken NJ

November 12, 1918

Tuesday November 12th 1918   Harriets in Olathe   A fine cool clear day   I went several places with Willard   we had beefsteak & onions for dinner  we recd a card from Leslie   date 10 [possibly November 10th] NY city   I slept well last nite & feel well to day   also mother is feeling good   all is quiet & enjoing the thot of a world peace once more   I am glad Leslie writes often & Keeps well   we all past a pleasant eve & had most excellent apples

November 8, 1918

8 Fri   Cool clear   a fine morn   we arose on time  ate a good breakfast of pancakes   slept good last nite   Willard pollishd his fine car & we all went 25 miles to KC & took dinner in very crowded restaurant   Cafateria style  had fresh halibut & evrything   then went across the K river to KC Kas to the funeral of Mrs Parsons   a very estimable woman 58 who we had met once before   Willard conducted the funeral   home at sundown   letter from Leslie in NY City Hotel McAlpin   he is just embarking for over the sea & will be very ancious til we hear again   Harriet & W went out this eve

November 5, 1918

Tues 5   at Johns in Corydon   Cool S wind   Cloudy   looks like rain   John & I went down to PO   got no mail   I bot a paper & John voted as this is election day   I helpd mother pack our suit cases & aftr an early dinner we bade John & Elen good by & I pd a taxy 50c to take us to the depot   I bot 2 tickets for Kansas City   pd $10,36   the day has cleared exceptionaly fine & warm   we had a long wait at depot & finally got to Alerton [Iowa] & waited & waited   finally found were waiting for 4 cars of soldiers going to Camp funston [located at Camp Riley, Kansas]   they came & we started for KC at Sun down & traveld slow   stopt often   finally got to KC at midnite   After midnite Willard & Harriet met us in KC Depot   we found them thru a red cap & I tipped him   we got lunch for which Willard paid & we then started for Olathe in Willards fine new car  delightful drive   25 miles   roads fine   we soon made it & arrived at 2 Wed morning   visited a while   read a letter from Leslie in DC   he is well  & is ordered over the sea  starts soon   to bed at 2-30