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January 19, 1919

Sunday January 19, 1919   Cloudy dark damp & drizzles rain   we arose late & near Eleven Oclock AM   we all except Mother went to the depot with Max going back to his camp   his arm is nearly well & Leslie Schwimley went to school which has been closed on act of the Flu   it drizzled rain as we walkd back from the Depot   to bed aftr 9 & still raining

January 8, 1919

Wednesday January 8 1919   heavy frost this morning   recd Advance of Jan 2   we are both feeling well   Roosevelt is Buried to day[1]  died mon  [Monday]  went to funeral of Chester Locke at Lockford & took a long ride & brot Leslie home   past over new way at Cemetery   a canopy was raised over the grave with seats furnished by & belonging to the undertaker & the congregation was seated with mourners at the front  Allie preached an eloquent & forceful sermon

[1] Wikipedia, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theodore_Roosevelt

January 3, 1919

Fri 3   frost & cool all day & clear   All the people are telling this the coldst spell   never saw any as cold   Allie came from down town & said we are all invited to joint installation of GAR post & WRC   (I had been invited before)   we all put on our best clothes & went   found a goodly assemblage  20 or more GAR & 65 to 75 WRC & all very friendly & social  had a good dinner   then Allie Mother & Nora left as Allie had a church business meeting   I staid to all the services & it was real good   I was asked to occupy the Chaplains Chair as he was absent   the WRC was especially interesting & the president asked me to make remarks which I did & came home 3 or 4 pm   Leslie faild to get home   a wrong with his auto   he phoned for money

January 2, 1919

Thurs 2   Still & cold   below freezing   recd a good letter from Sylvia & I see by this morning paper the cold is general in the US even in S California   in Sacramento colder than had been known before at this time of year   after dinner Leslie took Max back to his camp 100 miles in the auto   his wound arm is doing well   Allie went 12 ms [miles] to conduct a funeral   I took a walk west a mile or more & saw onions & cabbage just set out   I saw Eucalyptus trees   a beautiful tree with body resembling sycamore & long narrow leaves & plenty of them   I saw fig olive almond & pepper trees   the PM was cool & fine for walking & I enjoyed my walk

December 31, 1918

Tues 31   Cool & clear   no wind   we are all feeling well & Slept well   Max phoned this morn from the hospital 75 miles where he has been over 2 weeks from a gunshot in his arm that he is able & wants to come home for New years & Allie sent Leslie with the overland auto   I took a walk & ate almonds cutting the shell with my knife   PM I went with Allie down town & met Several Peopple   was in 2 prosperous looking Banks   in a store I got a hair net for mother 10c   we went to the SP depot & Agt told me our round trip ticket needs no validation   Max & Leslie came at 9 in the eve  Max feeling good   his wound doing well

December 29, 1918

Sunday December 29 1918   California at Noras   Clear cool frosty this morning   Slept well   feel good   I put on Sunday Clothes & we all went to Church which is close by the parsonage   Allie preached a very appropriate & interesting sermon on the close of the year   west wind   we all went again to Church in the eve & heard another good Sermon & Leslie Carr Schwimley sang a Solo  Wonderful Country & he sang it well   we enjoyed a good lunch afr Church   I took walk & saw 2 Japs sowing speltz[1]

[1] Spelt is a subspecies of wheat used to feed livestock and animals in place of barley or oats, see: http://www.gardenguides.com/100752-tips-planting-spelt.html

December 28, 1918

Sat 28  at Noras   Cool hard frost but pleasant day   we Slept well last nite & feel good & ready for 3 meals   Allie went 45 miles to Marry a couple teachers in a college for which he recd a fee of $15 & returned at 8 in the eve   I took a walk a.m. & Saw many semitropical trees & shrubs   palms Eucaliptus oranges & lemons on & under the trees along the streets   fine paved streets & walks   towards eve Leslie run the auto out & took a ride around the town   nice paved Streets with Stately long rows of palms & other strange trees to me on each Side   sent Card to Coffey to send the Advance to Lodi Cal

December 27, 1918

Fri 27   On the SP [Southern Pacific] train in the Sieranevada Mts & Cold  7 deg below zero & lots of snow   past thru 42 miles of Snow Sheds & well built   took breakfast 2,50 for both & about 10 am commencd going down grade & the Snow disappeared & warmer weather came & we had passed from an altitude of over 7000 ft to 30 ft at Sacramento when Allie & his son Leslie met us with auto & after riding around the city & viewing the Sights we took the road south to Lodi   30 miles & a hard surface road  a fine pleasant ride   arrivd at Lodi at 3-30 & Nora cam out to meet   is feeling good   Nora has nice place to live  orange tree in the yard with oranges on   I pict one   was not extra

June 30, 1918

Sun 30 & last of June   cool clear NW wind   It raind most of last nite & much water fell & we didnt need it   we all went to church AM   had communion & home to a good dinner corn bread &c   Leila & Marjorie both away   I wrote to Leslie Schwimley AM   graduation card sent   draft for $2,50   we all went to Church this eve & our presiding Elder preached Rev Gilbert   home 9,18

September 24, 1901

Tuesday September 24th 1901  pleasant warm & Sunny  Messenger & I worked all day at tile plumbing &c & he dug a tile drain north of kitchen & my bedroom & we will put tile in to carry off the Surface water of the north hill in a wet time  Craig & his man Weiser came & both worked all the AM putting iron pipe & Craig finished in the Eve & we got the ditches partly filled  I am very tired this Eve  I worked to long & too hard tho I havnt done much  we recd a letter from Mother & a Birth Card from Nora & Allie announcing the birth of a fine black headed boy named Leslie Carr Schwimley born yesterday about 9 AM  Mother & child doing well  I paid Messenger $1,25