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August 6, 1918

Tues 6   Another hot dry day   I mowd a little lawn   Mother is sick most all da   I baked 3 pancakes for breakfast & dint want them   Mrs Wanrus calld & brot a basket of good cow feed   Mrs Dutton calld   also Mrs Newt Gardner   Carter boy brot 2 boxes strawberries   I pd him 50c owd 40c  this has been a long lonesome tedious day   I got mail at noon   letter from Roy   crops burning up   John Lindsey put horse in Pasture $2 a mon

July 14, 1918

Sun 14   A fine partly cloudy da   we arose a little early & at 7-30   Leslie took Roy to Washington to go home   Leslie was out back at 10 & he put on his 1st Lieut Uniform for the first & we all went to church & Leslie & Lavanda went to Lexington to Dr. Gardners PM & we visited with Dave & the girls in the eve   we all went to ME church to a steropticon lecture by a Rev Brigham of riverside showing German crimes & atrocities   a foolish mess of misrepresentation & ought not to be patronized any where especially in a church

July 13, 1918

Sat 13  A very fine comfortable da   we went Early Roy Leslie & I went to the Taylor Cemetery & fixt Vic’s grave & leveled all the dirt  we then went to the Wellman Cemetery to see how graves were fixt   aftr dinner I went down town & got beef 9 1/2c coffee 60c & for dinner I bot 50c ham & 10c weneys  I dug a bucket of new potatos   old ones all gone   I gave Roy $10 to help him home   Dave Roy & Leslie went to see Rach Hull & later Effie & Rach called an hour & I rode down town with them & got shaved

July 12, 1918

Fri 12  A very fine day & I only visited   done no work   Dave & Roy here all day til eve   Roy went out to Pery Ayers in Leslies auto   Leslie & Lavanda came from Clermont this PM & Lavanda went out to Dr Gardners at Lex [Lexington, Iowa]  Mame Store called this eve & mother & I went out to the auto & saw her  Rierman folks from Oskaloosa

April 19, 1918

Friday April 19th 1918   Considerable cooler   a real cold NE wind   I kept good fire in the grate   Maude got the mail   we 3 wrote to Leslie & I went PM & Maild the letter & got draft cashd from Nellie & Roy 1,50 each for Vics picture   I got tea coffee soap oleo   too cool to stand around   the streets were deserted   Maude came from Lewis’s last nite after we had gone to bed

March 23, 1918

Sat 23  partly cloudy & cooler lt E wind  we arose at 6-30 & soon Ellen Gardner came with her auto & took Roy to Washington to go home & Clem Greig left middle AM to visit friends up west  I made a fire in the furnace & burned the many many flower boxes  our 3 girls Nora Harriet & Maude with Dave are having a good visit & with their Aunt Ellen  Mother is feeling more reconciled to day & was around the Kitchen some  I finishd spreading manure on my garden & I think all the time of my Dear Boy Vic & why oh why must he do this rash act  how lonely we will be & oh how he must have suffered while contemplating this sad ending of his bright & promising young life  a week ago this PM he clerkd a sale there in town & now lies cold in the Taylor Cemetery  farewell Dear Vic  Mrs Myrtle McReynolds & family sent us a fine boquet of hot house flowers