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December 16, 1918

Mon 16   dark cloudy as usual   moderate   I slept well last nite & feel good to day   about 10 Mother & I took our satchel &c & went to Isabels    aftr dinner I went down town to Japs office & bot 6 or so Christmas cards 75c Marjorie most well   I found Leila & Lois in town   I bot Candy 25c   went to the Bank & got 5 dfts [drafts] Maude $6 Nora $8 Lavanda $6 Roy $6 & Nellie $8 & I sent Dave in St Paul $5 by letter   all Christmas presents  we got a letter at last from Leslie on board Ship in the Atlantic Ocean near France   is well & was some sea sick   said the trip wasn’t for pleasure   we were sure glad to hear from him

December 14, 1918

Sat 14   A nice cool air & clear   I feel midling well this morning   I shaved & at 10 am Mother & I walked to Isabels & spent the day   dinner & Supper extra good   I took a book but only read the papers   aftr Supper Leila & Lois came to return to Sylvias with us   Ralf visited awhile   ate dinner with us   we got home after 9

June 30, 1918

Sun 30 & last of June   cool clear NW wind   It raind most of last nite & much water fell & we didnt need it   we all went to church AM   had communion & home to a good dinner corn bread &c   Leila & Marjorie both away   I wrote to Leslie Schwimley AM   graduation card sent   draft for $2,50   we all went to Church this eve & our presiding Elder preached Rev Gilbert   home 9,18

June 29, 1918

Saturday June 29th 1918   Warm & partly cloudy   I mowed some lawn the E & No park & the alley & weeded some in the S Berries [strawberries] Leila got the mail at noon   I went down town after dinner & got meat 45c a sak 49 lbs flour & same lbs of substitutes oat meal 10 lb rice flour 10 lb corn flour 20 lbs & 2 10 lb sax corn meal & gave my Chk to Oldaker for $7,74   I went to depot after supper & met drayman bringing box 24 qts Blk Raspberries from S W Harve Riverside   Leila went away for the nite

June 28, 1918

Fri 28  Warm & mostly clear   I tied up some grape vines & made another Cat hole in the barn house stable floor & now I think the cats can get under the barn all round   we all 4 wrote to Leslie in Clermont   Ralf got the mail by going the second time   him & Isabel are at Amos H for the nite I went to PO & maild 3 letters this PM & got 2 lb sugar 20c & salt 10c & mowed some lawn   Sylvia & her girls came from Keota this eve   I hoed a row of Navy beans

June 7, 1918

Isaac writes a short statement about how the war in France is going.

Fri 7 A fine temperate clear dry da  Our Strawberries are doing fine Isabel & Marjorie were all day at Amos Hulls   we wrote to Leslie   so did Sylvia & Leila   I hoed my late sweet corn & some in the barn garden but tis mostly too wet to hoe   mail was 2 or 3 hours late  here at 1-15 PM & Eve [evening] came at 9  our Soldiers in France are holding the germans level about now & I am very glad to know  it we went up to Ezras this eve & visited with him saw his well cultivated garden & Leila played his Victrola & we enjoyed the eve til 10 oclock & found Isabel & Marjorie home in bed   I finished piling manure