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December 19, 1922

Tuesday December 19 1922   on the train & at Sylvias   Cold fine day   we arose at 8 at Leadville  12000 ft high & I feel very weak Short of Breath & poorly   we Stoptd 20 min for breakfst at Minturn [Colorado] & had an extra good meal   I pd 50c   Mother 1,00   at Glenwod Springs snow was less & altitude less & by 3 pm were Speeding along Headwaters of the Colorado or Grand river & Snow all gone   we arrivd in Grand Junction at 4 pm & found Sylvia & Jap & the 2 girls there to welcome us & we Surely was glad to see them & were soon at their Nice Comfortable Home & in due time a good Supper & then Jap went & got our Suit cases   we visited awhile & after 9 went to bed in an extra good Bed


January 1, 1922

Sunday January 1st 1922   We arose late on this the first day of the New year & the Sun shone bright & pleasant for an hour or So & then clouded over & comes out a little by Spells   Near eleven Jap took us to church in his auto & came after us when church was out   we listened to what Seemed to me a rather poor New years Sermon   this is the 19th day of gloomy & cloudy weather & only one day of sunshine & that only in part & this in sunny Colorado with the Bluest skies when we can see the skies  this PM a Mr Ridley called an hour or two & we had a social visit   aftr supper Jap & Sylvia took Leila to the 7 oclock train & She Starts back to her school in Fort Collins & this eve seemed long   I gave Leila one dollar

December 30, 1921

Friday December 30, 1921   At Sylvias in Grand Junction   dark damp foggy   we arose late & had a good breakfst of Pancakes   in the morning  mail we recd letter from Dave in Stilwater telling how well he was rememberd Christmas   also letter from Nora   a Miss Sellers came to visit with Leila & at Noon Jap brot Dr Fred Luke home with him for dinner & he was raised in or Near Wellman   we knew him well & had a good visit with him   I read some this PM but callers came at times & disturbd my reading  this day has been dark & gloom from early morning til the Sun went down   if there is any Sun I haven’t seen it lately

December 25, 1921

Sunday Christmas Dec 25 1921   at Sylvias in Grand Junction Colorado & moderate [temperature]   we all arose late & found Santa Claus had been here & was very liberal   Sylvia & family were so well remembered   I cant near enumerate them   I recd 2 Nice shirts from Leslie & Sylvia   fine worster sox from Isabel   Book Border Legion [1] [from] Leila & Ray & a picture of Leila & a picture of Lois   also a very fine box of fruit & Nuts from Nora & Allie   Nice pkgs of Stationery from Maude & Otto   Mother was also well rememberd by all our children Except Roy   we have not heard from him as yet   the Christmas cheer took our time   So we had a late breakfst   I gave Mother 5,00 Sylvia 10,00 Leila Ray & Lois each 1,00   I gave a total of Christmas money $69,00   we all but Jap went to Church & heard rather poor Christmas Sermon   Ray took us in the Auto  Next came our Christmas dinner with the 20 lb turkey as the largest if not the chief attraction   Sylvia & the girls had prepared a wonderful Christmas dinner   2 kinds of pie   2 kinds of cake   Cranberries & many other fruits with much candy & Nuts   towards eve Jap took us all a ride out NW on a New Smooth cement road   then over the Colorado river on a fine long steel bridge   we were home at dusk & supper servd at 7   I didn’t eat supper thinking I would be better with out

[1] Grey, Zane, The Border Legion, Grosset & Dunlap, 1916

November 1, 1920

Monday November 1st 1920   dark & cloudy   rain a little & last nite  quite a Shower   I put a tile in where Leslie brok a 10 inch tile last spring backing out of the barn yard   I took the dirt out of the Isabel flower box & put the box in the East cellar   I split some wood & Kindling in the Barn   I got mail at Noon   Card from Dave & a letter from Leila at School & I got 2 lbs PB coffee 70c   last I got I pd 90c for 2 lbs  before that I pd $1,00  Evrything is getting cheaper   tis turning colder this eve   we hav a good fire in the grate

December 26, 1918

Thursday December 26 1918   At one oclock this morning we bad[e] Jap & Sylvia good bye & Ray took us to Depot in auto   Isabel Leila & Marjorie went with us to Depot & at 2 we bade them good bye   climbed into our lower 8 berth & had a good sleep   had breakfast on diner   pd 1,05 & past a pleasant day   at 2 pm at Ogden Utah where we changd cars & I pd 4,95 for Pullman to Lodi Califor   we dined on diner this eve   pd 95c & past thru the most desolate mt rox [mountain rocks?] & tipt the porter for an extra blanket & went to our Berth with a prospect of a good nite

December 16, 1918

Mon 16   dark cloudy as usual   moderate   I slept well last nite & feel good to day   about 10 Mother & I took our satchel &c & went to Isabels    aftr dinner I went down town to Japs office & bot 6 or so Christmas cards 75c Marjorie most well   I found Leila & Lois in town   I bot Candy 25c   went to the Bank & got 5 dfts [drafts] Maude $6 Nora $8 Lavanda $6 Roy $6 & Nellie $8 & I sent Dave in St Paul $5 by letter   all Christmas presents  we got a letter at last from Leslie on board Ship in the Atlantic Ocean near France   is well & was some sea sick   said the trip wasn’t for pleasure   we were sure glad to hear from him