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May 28, 1920

Friday May 28, 1920  At Ollies [1]  Dark cloudy  looks like rain  My 84 birth day & I begin to feel much like an old man   have Neither strength nor activity   my lame back is some better  am taking Harlern oil tablets  they help   my general health is fair   my hand is trembly & I can hardly write with a pen but get along fairly with a pencil   we arose rather early as Alma Izor is going away   Virl took her to Minburn  I went along & tried to find a way to get from here to Guthrie Center to see Capt Lemon but I got no satisfaction   we are visiting with Ollie & she does all she can to entertain us & she is sure a wonder to manage

[1]  Olive Taylor Carris is the widow of Albert Carris who died in 1918.  Olive is the daughter of Benjamin Holden Taylor and Laura C. Izor, Margaret Taylor Carr’s brother and sister-in-law.

December 25, 1903

Friday Dec 25  Christmas  Stormy blow from S & turned to NW & Colder all day  Cora & kids came with Frank Florang  Roy is not well  we arose about 6-30 & the boys were astir & found many presents  Mother  Silver teaspoons rocking chair dishes & many things  I got hdkfs & ties & hdkf box  the girls got Slippers bread box bonbons laces ribbons boxes & fine things & Candy  we sent old Comrade Hastings a mince pie & buns & Holdens ½ bu nice apples & 1 bu potatos  Bell Maude Ralf & Otto here also  Holden & Laura & Frank Florang  in the Eve Otto took Vic to Chester to go to Des moines to visit Sylvia a week  I gave him $8 & he had $4  they will have a cold trip

December 25, 1899

Monday Dec 25  Christmas  Colder cloudy & froze all day  I killed 2 dux [ducks] Roy gave & we had them roasted for dinner  Bell & Ralf were here for dinner  our girls took dinner over for Holden & Laura  Holden is about the same  he improves very Slow  I am better to day  this has been a rather Slim Christmas day for us & our home will be apt to have fewer children each returning Christmas till they are all gone  we miss them  Even now Maude got home late last night from Keota & left Nellie there for a week’s visit with Sylvia

September 21, 1899

Thursday September 21st 1899 Thirty four years ago to day Mag & I went to Washington in my two horse wagon with a board for Spring seat & were married by Judge B F Brown Alice Leighton Wolf & Sister Amanda & E Bradford went along & to day our daughter Bell was married to Ralph B Hull only relatives were present a most delightful day & all went off well W A Schwimley performed the marriage Ceremony & Willard Deyoe prayed & we had a fine dinner & the young folks got Several fine & appropriate presents Mother & I gave one hundred dollars in gold which I drew from the bank this morning I have taken five more Shares of Stock in the Wellman Savings bank & now have ten Shares worth $140,00 a share Rach Hull & Wife went home Early most of our guests Stayed later & Holden & Laura spent the Evening Jap went home about 9 in the Eve & left Sylvia & baby here Martin Scranton girl & boy will Stay all night

June 16, 1899

Friday June 16  A very fine pleasant day  Vic passed a very restless night & is no better AM but we think is better this PM  the Dr called twice & said this Eve that Vic has appendicitis  I guess he will hit it after a while  Leslie & I hoed awhile in the morning  Holden & Laura called in the Eve & brought us a small tin pail of Cherries  real nice & old Mrs. Diker brought us a Small can of Cherries  I got 3 oranges for Vic

December 25, 1898

Sunday December 25 Christmas & an Extra fine day  Sun Shone all day  thawed only a little  Jap & Sylvia here & all the Children arose Early to see their gifts  they were numerous & pretty  I got a hdkf a pr of nice gloves a pr of nice Slippers 2 neck ties one from Nora & one from Bell  a book from Nora  Roy & Cora Came & they also were remembered by Santa Claus & altogether we passed a very Enjoyable day  Bell & Maude had Ralph Hull & Otto Klokenteger here  Holden & Laura were here  Jap & I took a mince pie & Small basket of nice apples to Lyman Bradfords this morning  Jap went home PM but Sylvia will Stay a week  her Mag & the boys have gone up to Amandas this Eve  My cold is at least no better & I thought I had better keep in doors  I am taking Weeks’s break up a cold tablets bought of Longwell & Watters 25c no cure no pay

August 31, 1896

 Monday August 31st 1896  A real nice day  I went to Keota  Holden went along & we met Harriet from Washington  we all got home to dinner  I got 4 baskets peaches for $1,00  real nice & PM I went to Wellman & tool Holden & Laura home  I got well bucket irons at Kings 20c  home in good season  Harve hauled manure  Mable Carris went home & Ollie to Carris’s also Hervey

December 25, 1894

Tuesday Dec 25th  Christmas & a nice day  we arose Early & Sylvia found a nice large ornamental lamp   after chores I went to Wellman & brought Holden & Laura & Roy & Cora came  we baked a nice turkey & had a nice Social time  ground not froze could plow right along  Holden & Laura came to Stay a week  I got Mag tissue paper 42c & I got Elixor Lactopeptine 30c  Harve went home  rode Jim  I am using my new pen holder & inkstand for the first this evening

January 14, 1893

Saturday Jan 14  A cold raw blowy NW drifty day  the boys hauled 4 loads of hay from other place  Luther brought Maude home & Mag is still mad & went away with Luther to go to Wellman  I am glad she is gone but she came back in the Eve & Holden & Laura & Dave & Evaline [Margaret’s brother & sister-in-law] came with her Clarence Carris brought 3 big loads of rather poor corn & too much snow in it  Harve has worked 198 days drew 56,00  Roy has worked 287 ½ days & drew 155,35

December 27, 1892

Tuesday Dec 27  Cold but pleasant & Sunny  V W Carris called by appointment  Also Si Miller & wife & Si gave me a Mortgage on 80 acres of land for 1500,00 payable $500,00 in each of the years 1896, 97 & 98  they all stayed to dinner & then I took Holden & wife to Wellman & I borrowed $1400,00 from the Wellman bank 60 days  8%  I got it in a draft on Chicago & will use it to get the Mortgage on Si’s land  he has been owing me a long time & I will pay off a Mortgage he has in Washington for 1200,00 & take one for $1500,00 at 6%  I lent Vic Carris my ice saw & tongs & in the Eve he sent Guy [Vic Carris’ son] over with Sled to borrow my Boar pig & I let him have it  I would have lent him to no one Else