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December 25, 1903

Friday Dec 25  Christmas  Stormy blow from S & turned to NW & Colder all day  Cora & kids came with Frank Florang  Roy is not well  we arose about 6-30 & the boys were astir & found many presents  Mother  Silver teaspoons rocking chair dishes & many things  I got hdkfs & ties & hdkf box  the girls got Slippers bread box bonbons laces ribbons boxes & fine things & Candy  we sent old Comrade Hastings a mince pie & buns & Holdens ½ bu nice apples & 1 bu potatos  Bell Maude Ralf & Otto here also  Holden & Laura & Frank Florang  in the Eve Otto took Vic to Chester to go to Des moines to visit Sylvia a week  I gave him $8 & he had $4  they will have a cold trip


December 25, 1899

Monday Dec 25  Christmas  Colder cloudy & froze all day  I killed 2 dux [ducks] Roy gave & we had them roasted for dinner  Bell & Ralf were here for dinner  our girls took dinner over for Holden & Laura  Holden is about the same  he improves very Slow  I am better to day  this has been a rather Slim Christmas day for us & our home will be apt to have fewer children each returning Christmas till they are all gone  we miss them  Even now Maude got home late last night from Keota & left Nellie there for a week’s visit with Sylvia

September 21, 1899

Thursday September 21st 1899 Thirty four years ago to day Mag & I went to Washington in my two horse wagon with a board for Spring seat & were married by Judge B F Brown Alice Leighton Wolf & Sister Amanda & E Bradford went along & to day our daughter Bell was married to Ralph B Hull only relatives were present a most delightful day & all went off well W A Schwimley performed the marriage Ceremony & Willard Deyoe prayed & we had a fine dinner & the young folks got Several fine & appropriate presents Mother & I gave one hundred dollars in gold which I drew from the bank this morning I have taken five more Shares of Stock in the Wellman Savings bank & now have ten Shares worth $140,00 a share Rach Hull & Wife went home Early most of our guests Stayed later & Holden & Laura spent the Evening Jap went home about 9 in the Eve & left Sylvia & baby here Martin Scranton girl & boy will Stay all night

June 16, 1899

Friday June 16  A very fine pleasant day  Vic passed a very restless night & is no better AM but we think is better this PM  the Dr called twice & said this Eve that Vic has appendicitis  I guess he will hit it after a while  Leslie & I hoed awhile in the morning  Holden & Laura called in the Eve & brought us a small tin pail of Cherries  real nice & old Mrs. Diker brought us a Small can of Cherries  I got 3 oranges for Vic

December 25, 1898

Sunday December 25 Christmas & an Extra fine day  Sun Shone all day  thawed only a little  Jap & Sylvia here & all the Children arose Early to see their gifts  they were numerous & pretty  I got a hdkf a pr of nice gloves a pr of nice Slippers 2 neck ties one from Nora & one from Bell  a book from Nora  Roy & Cora Came & they also were remembered by Santa Claus & altogether we passed a very Enjoyable day  Bell & Maude had Ralph Hull & Otto Klokenteger here  Holden & Laura were here  Jap & I took a mince pie & Small basket of nice apples to Lyman Bradfords this morning  Jap went home PM but Sylvia will Stay a week  her Mag & the boys have gone up to Amandas this Eve  My cold is at least no better & I thought I had better keep in doors  I am taking Weeks’s break up a cold tablets bought of Longwell & Watters 25c no cure no pay

August 31, 1896

 Monday August 31st 1896  A real nice day  I went to Keota  Holden went along & we met Harriet from Washington  we all got home to dinner  I got 4 baskets peaches for $1,00  real nice & PM I went to Wellman & tool Holden & Laura home  I got well bucket irons at Kings 20c  home in good season  Harve hauled manure  Mable Carris went home & Ollie to Carris’s also Hervey

December 25, 1894

Tuesday Dec 25th  Christmas & a nice day  we arose Early & Sylvia found a nice large ornamental lamp   after chores I went to Wellman & brought Holden & Laura & Roy & Cora came  we baked a nice turkey & had a nice Social time  ground not froze could plow right along  Holden & Laura came to Stay a week  I got Mag tissue paper 42c & I got Elixor Lactopeptine 30c  Harve went home  rode Jim  I am using my new pen holder & inkstand for the first this evening