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March 31, 1907

Sunday Mar 31 & Easter Sunday  a very fine sunny Cool day & we had a big Easter dinner as of old  only Joe & Maria Farley were not here  Bell Maude & Nellie & their husbands & Roy & Cora & Mr & Mrs Joe England & Zunie Hofert  Roys girl & Cecil Steminger Bells girl & we had a good dinner & a good visit  we went to Church AM & Eve & had Easter Services  our girls & Vic sang in the Choir  Mr John Yoder died this PM at his home in town  Leslie has the mumps & no mistake  he don’t Suffer much but don’t move around any more than he has to  had a fire in the furnace all day


March 13, 1907

Wednesday March 13th 1907  dark cloudy damp dismal drizzly  Some snow but melted when I first arose at 6-30  Cora C [Carr] phoned us that her father Joe England had Suffered during the past night a Stroke of apoplexy or paralysis or both after breakfast   we both went over & found Joe bad Enough  I staid til noon  Amanda called & Sent Keys to the PO & Ezra is not able to go to the office to day

November 19, 1898

Saturday November 19th 1898  A real nice cool day  light NW wind  Mag heard a mouse in our organ last night & we took the organ nearly all apart  took Evry key out  found quite a nest but no mouse  Near 10 AM we had got all ready (Mag & Joe & I)  & Started to Keota to to vist Sylvia  arrived Safe about noon & found them well & dinner ready  roads good  we looked around Keota after dinner & I got Shaved & hair cut at Shermans & Carris 35c  in the Eve Called at Ralph Hamiltons drug Store & other places & finally got to bed after 10  Harve has worked 350 days & drew $150,50

October 22, 1898

Saturday October 22nd 1898  Cool Cloudy & damp but Cleared off towards evening & the roads dried Some  Vic has rode my Millie Mare a few times to Exercise her  My horses are getting to feel Extra good being kept up all this bad weather  PM I drove up to my old farm with Joe who was very glad to get back to the old place & said he would rather live there than in Wellman  we got a Sack of apples the sowing machine squash punkins turnips & Roy lent us a fresh Spare rib & backbone  Bell came from her School over north to Roys & we brought her home  also a Bohemian girl working for Roy rode to town with us  quite a load  Mr. Jess Longwell & Mrs. Sade Topping called & Spent the Evening, Harve 326 & $142.50

October 3, 1898

Monday Oct 3 A nice Cool day & Extra good roads we arose Early & Joe & I went to Washington drove to Walthers & Beamer Co & they loaded my furnace before dinner and I had Beamer draw up a heating contract and sign it Put up team and dinnered at Benz hotel Started home at 2 PM come by Wellman at dark left the furnace at the house Holden & Ike Bradford helped me un load it Also Rufus Whetstine who was here watering my lawn home after 8 & tired we posted some sale bills Also Willard

October 2, 1898

Sunday Oct 2 Cloudy & partly misty nearly cleared off in the Eve & Jap & Sylvia came & Joe England called & brought a Sack of flour for Mag to bak him some bread Roy & Frank Hicks called I got my wagon ready to go to Washington tomorrow we salted all Stock & they are doing well grass is very plenty Harve got Maj colt to work him tomorrow I fixed crout cutter

September 30, 1898

Friday, September 30, 1898 Harve went & got Joe England to help haul corn & Harve Hauled Sod for Crawford & they finished Sodding my lawn I helped Harve load his first load of sod & Roy & Sam hauled corn & Roy now owes me 4 days I went to Nira & took Vic & we both throwed back corn in the Car & PM I went to Wellman & brought Maude Mag stayed in Wellman at Amanda’s I got Sale bills [1] 60 & paid Reeds boy $2,00

[1] Isaac had farm sale notices printed to post around town and on the major roads.