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September 3, 1913

I found copies of GAR records for three of Isaac’s comrades in arms who were also Isaac’s life-long friends.  I thought I would add their GAR card files at this time.  Thomas McReynolds’ card includes his date of death – September 3, 1913.   Jesse Longwell died on August 15, 1909.

These, and more, GAR card files can be found at http://www.FamilySearch.org –  database “Iowa, Grand Army of the Republic Membership Records, 1861-1949”






January 1, 1903

Thursday Jan 1st 1903  An Ideal New years day  the finest I can remember & Mag & I went by invitation to Jesse Longwells to New yrs dinner  were late getting there as R. R. Craig Called to do Some plumbing repairs & I Staid with him too long but we had an excellent dinner & an Extra good Social visit  E. F. Smith & wife & H. B. Kreger & wife also there  we got our mail at dark tis Eve  too busy visiting to get it sooner  we commence the new year with good health all of us for which I am very thankful  Bell has been Staying at home most of the time Since Early last fall  I have Spent much money this last Summer & it has been one of the worst Seasons I Ever knew  rain rain & more & storms  I bought 14 ½ acres land joining town on South & paid $1400,00 cash  I built a nice new Square house on my Adams lots 11,70 house & 170,00 for barn  cellar under all  26×26 cistern well  barn walks &c  built by Contract by O. T. Taylor for $1340,00 & I paid Bill Rhoades Extra for well & cistern & he done a very poor job on both  the cistern leaks bad & the well caved in & cost me $10 to fix & much trouble work & anxiety  we took a trip Mag & I to see Harriet & Sylvia & John & Ellen Brewer  I went 9th June & came home 27  Mag went before to Harriets & in Oct we Started the 2nd & returned the 14th  we went to Washington DC to National Encampment GAR & it was a most delightful trip & is described in this book  in Oct the oat crop was midling fair but in wet places couldn’t possibly be cut & much of it Spoiled in the Shock  I got 214 bu midling oats from the Hughbanks place  14 nice Shox corn at Larew place  9 Shox Sweet corn at Maudes & 3 at home & about 20 bu soft corn at Larew place & 35 bu fine potatos & 29 from Hughbanks place & at least 12 at home  there is 50 acres corn on Hughbanks place  I get 2/5  it will go 35 bu to the acre  is not husked yet  I have 3075,00 at intrest mostly 6%  I owe 1887,00 at the W S Bank [Wellman Savings bank] & have time certificates to the Amt of $4490,00 drawing 6% & very little on Sight deposit  I have been close run for money for sometime  we have 10 or 12 bbls fine apples  45 bu good potatos  plenty turnips in the cellar  my cave in well fixed & I feel in good fix genly [generally?]  I Sold Larew home for $200 6% one yr to H. Mantz  I have no Complaint to make & am very thankful to the giver of all for my good health & prosperity

December 18, 1902

Along with Isaac’s journals were personal papers and documents that he saved because they were important to him.  Isaac served as Grand Army of the Republic Post Commander, Ed Hamlin Post #112, Wellman, Iowa, at different periods of time.  The Post would send representatives to Encampments held in different parts of the state of Iowa.  Typical of an encampment, the 1900 G.A.R. Encampment schedule and activities,[1] was held over three days.  Activities included speeches, meetings, a parade and special outings all designed to honor the Civil War soldiers and help them renew old friendships.  

On December 18, 1902 at a meeting of the Ed Hamlin Post, delegates and alternates were selected to represent the Post at the 1903 Department Encampment.  A copy of the document that records this selection follows

Credentials of Representatives to Department Encampment, 1903
Credentials of Representatives to Department Encampment, 1903

[1] See Iowa in the Civil War, http://iagenweb.org/civilwar/other/gar/times-1900c.htm, for a full description.

November 13, 1901

Wednesday Nov 13  Clear Cool & very pleasant  I mended worn out Stable floor nearly all the AM  I turn my Colt out Evry day & give all the 3 horses a hand full of Longwells Stock food once a day  PM I hitched to the old buggy & got Holden & went to see Chas Myers  found him up around & in a very fair way to get well  home near Sundown  I went for Jes Longwell to go with me to Myers but too busy  went for Petrow  too busy  Holden is a little better has been nearly bedfast lately  I run a nail in my knee this Eve 

September 28, 1901

Saturday September 28th 1901  A very pleasant warm Sunny day  we arose Early & the boys helped hitch up the team to carriage & I went to Washington to Rep Convention  C C Gardner Jese Longwell & Mel Logan rode with me  Longwell is running for Co Supervisor  I put team in McElwais Barn & then I called on Joe Scrantons  found Joe improving a little of his paralysis  Can walk a little with the help of a cane  the Convention organized before dinner with John Alex Young Chairman  I took dinner by invitation with Miles Bradford  a Splendid dinner but I was nearly Sick & Could Eat but little  PM Convention Nominated Barnes Treas C J Wilson Rep  Miss Hughes Co Supt  John Wilson Sheriff & Jesse Longwell Co Supervisor unanimous no opposition to Speak of  I bought 2 boxes peaches to bring home  C C Gardner paid for feed of team & at 4-30 Started home  roads good no dust no heat  home a little after dark  boys ready to help unhitch & found all right at home & I feel better & Eat a good Supper of bread & Milk & cheese

January 2, 1900

Sunday January 2 1900  A cold nice winter day  had a fire in the grate & I take comfort Setting by it  Jesse Longwell came & fixed my light plant  pumped Some water out of the Carborator & they do better to night   I Sent letter to E Maule[1] Ioa [Iowa] City  I wrote to Billy Oldaker  [his] note due  I called at Mrs. Jesse Longwells on GAR & WRC business  Roy Called   he is going to putting up ice

[1] Edward Maule was a carpenter who lived in Iowa City, Iowa according to the 1900 & 1910 U. S. Federal Census returns

December 27, 1898

Tuesday Dec 27  A nice winter day  I went down town awhile  AM & PM we got oysters peaches crackers &c&c for our GAR supper  I drew $60 from the Bank & paid insurance   Note left at bank by the Hawkeye Insurance Co for $44,07 & tore my name off the note  the boys went Skating both AM & PM & Came back most tired out  I got Jesse Longwell to Come & fix my Hall light up stairs & he put in a lamp in the butry  I lighted Evry light this Eve & they burned very fine  left them burn an hour  the boys & I went down town & got 3 lamp flues at Longwells for which I paid 30c  he would take no pay for one as he Said he broke it