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January 1, 1906

Monday January 1st 1906  A partly Cloudy pleasant winter day  the boys & I are invited to Nellies to dinner  we arose late at 8 AM & breakfast at 9 & Nellie had a good dinner but I was not hungry  I visited awhile with her & old Mrs. Stinchcomb & then went to Holdens awhile & visited with them & Alma Scott & came home hardly realizing that it is New years  we have had nice weather this fall & mostly good roads  My health has been Extra good the past year & I & the boys raised 125 bu of fine potatos at digging time  a good garden  plenty of Sweet corn of 3 plantings beans in great plenty  near a load of punkins & Squashes  plenty of Strawberries  a light crop of Raspberries & blk berries  Carl raised me a Slim crop on the Hughbanks place  I got my mow nearly full of fair hay & 5 tons I Sold to Ooll Taylor for $23,35 on $4,50c a ton  about 400 bu good corn & 200 bu of good oats  I concluded to change renters & rented to Finly Hicks  he pays 2/5 rent delivers my Share in Wellman & gives me half the hay in Wellman  My place is all fenced now with barb wire Except ¼ mile on the East Side  I have moved my old store bdg [building] from Nira to Wellman & made a dwelling of it 28 x 28 – 18 ½ ft high & cellar under all with a good 16 in Stone wall  a good & well built house with a drilled well 62 ft deep  good pump & 2 cistern pumps in the house & cellar  Rented to James Bidwell furniture dealer at $12,50c a month  I raised 2 bbls nice turnips here at home  my corn up at the pasture was nearly a failure  about half was Sweet corn & I cut it all up & the Sweet Corn moulded & rotted in the Shock  I want no more Sweet Corn fodder  I Saved some nice yellow corn to plant to cut up & plenty of nice Sweet Seed corn  a very heavy long rain Came on my Shock Corn while laying in bundles after husking & it made it nearly worthless  our last girl Nellie was married this fall to Warren Palmer  we have long talked that Soon our last girl would go & now it is a thing of the past but we ought to be thankful  6 sons in law & neither one Swears drinks intoxicants nor uses tobacco & all Church members but one  I have very little if any money in the bank & have 3490,00 at intrest & 3000 time deposits at 6% & I owe at the bank $500,00 at 7 %  we have our cellar the furnace room nearly full of wood  good & dry  Stove & furnace & a good big pile of both outside  plenty of wood & plenty of Evry thing & I am truly thankful for it  we have kept our resolve to have family worship the Entire year & would now feel lost without it & I have faith that our prayers are answered  may we in Evry way be as blessed in the year to Come