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February 6, 1923

Tues 6   Cool but Sunshine fine day   I lay til near Eleven & arose feeling Poorly   I ate some dinner at Noon   Mother & Isabel knotted a comfort[er]   Dave & Ruth Came after dinner   We got mail   No letters  Dave Read awhile in the Advance 2nd Edition of the Lew Gardner & Coffey fite   J H Romines Obituary   I laid down awhile   Florence Hull called   I wrote to C M Livezey & sent statemnt of monies & Credits


May 27, 1922

Isaac is back home in Iowa.

Saturday may 27 1922   Sun Shining & warm   we arose at 7   I Shaved & tied up some grape vines & Hay are growing very fast as is all vegetation  I wrote & mailed a letter to Capt Connie Lemon [at] Guthrie Center Ioa  our mail is an hour late   I got it after dinner & got meat for Sunday 45c & got loaf bread & rolls 25c   I talkd with J H Romine & T Fleming   both are opposed to Surrendering our GAR Charter at present & Romine returned to me one dollar I sent him last winter for gar dues